It’s the small things – December edition 

It’s time for the small things that made my December.

Raising £220.90 for the MS Trust through a bake sale at work. So happy to be able to give a little back.

Making a light up box for our hallway for Christmas.

Getting our Christmas on.

Throwing a surprise birthday weekend for my gorgeous hubby.

Visiting the Kelpies at nighttime.

Receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my husband to thank me for his birthday celebrations.

Christmas jumper wearing.

Indulging in Christmas movies.

Enjoying dairy free baileys.

Getting my Christmas nails on.

Long drive back to Ireland listening.

Chilling in front of the in laws open fire. 

Enjoying cocktails with my Mum & Sister.

 Enjoying beautiful sunsets as our boat set sail to return to Scotland.

Loving my new rose gold coffee set.

Celebrating Hogmanay with our close family.

And that was December. Looking forward to seeing what 2017 brings.

Claire xx 

And life takes another unexpected turn… 

It’s taken me a little while to get my head into the right place to write this post.  Those of you who follow me on Twitter or Instagram will already be aware of the unexpected turn my life recently took and that life has been a little bit up and down over the last 4 or so months.  For those of you who just follow my blog, in November I got diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis after experiencing numerous neurological symptoms, mainly the inability to walk far, lift my left leg without using my hands and lots and lots of numbness.  I went back and forward to my GP twice who then sent an urgent referral to neurology who then did an urgent MRI to confirm their suspicions and we were sitting in November, still experiencing lots of left-sided weakness, numbness, tingling, pain and muscle spasms, facing a neurologist who said the words ‘you have relapsing and remitting MS

Thankfully things have improved a lot since that horrible day on the 21st August when my life changed as I knew it. My MS team are not sure if I have fully came out of the exacerbation or not yet, which they said could take 6 months or more.  I have been left with lots of residual symptoms which mainly manifest themselves in my left side.  I suffer daily from numbness, balance issues, MS Hug (which contrary to its name is as far removed from the actual loving hug you have in your mind when you see the word!) and extreme fatigue, these may or may not get a little better but the nature of the illness is that no one ever knows.  So I just need to find my new normal, listen to my body and become a little bit selfish when it comes to my own health.

Life has changed for me that is for sure, it is has been at times scary, frustrating, exhausting and all-consuming but slowly, day by day, bit by bit I am learning how to live with this chronic illness.  There will be good days, there will be bad but I will not let it take over every aspect of my life.

Claire xx

It’s the small things – November edition 

It’s time for the small things that have made me happy in November. 

Amazing post received from a beautiful lady.

Dogs in winter jumpers

 Beautiful Sunday walks. 

Christmas coffee cups.

 Beautiful sunrises on frosty mornings.

Swan family spotting

Planning days out. 

Buying new calendars.

Favourite deliveries! 

Kindle time and chill out playlists.

Beautiful walks as the sun began to set.

Holidays are coming! The first showing of the Coke ad always makes me smile. 

Feeling the chill.

Heading to Ireland for pre Christmas delights. 

Mules, markets and girlie family times. 

Mulled ciders, Georgian market day and light shows. 
Wine, alternative nativities and family meals out. 
First red cup of the Christmas season.

And that was November! 

November has been a tough month, I’ve had a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis formally given so finding joy in the little things has never been more important. Let’s see what December brings.

Claire xx 

It’s the small things – October edition 

It’s time for the small things that have helped me smile in October.

Gorgeous Autumn days at Loch Lommond

Dog walks and Coffees from this gorgeous Airstream.

Pulling off a great stand on World Mental Health Day.

Signing up for a Christmas Cake Off!

Keeping strong.

Rocking the lounge wear look. 

Enjoying some down time with the hubby before he headed away to America for a break.

Never underestimating the power of online friendships when this gorgeous card arrived on my doorstep. 

Loving a Spotify playlist to brighten up my day.

Updating my wall of positivity.

Loving the Autumn colours.

Smiling at the amazing ‘fall’ photos being shared by my husband from America.

Making time for ‘raw healthy’ cake and coffee.

Having a lovely week with my Mum & Dad visiting Scotland.

Stopping to remind myself of the little things.

Celebrating fifth wedding anniversaries.

Laughing as usual at the crazy upside down dog.

Herring spotting on our dog walk.

Nothing beats an autumn walk through the crunchy leaves. 

Not letting MS beat me and finding new ways to work out.

Treating myself to some Christmas Yankees……holidays are coming!

Belated anniversary breaks away.

Highland Coo spotting and being in awe of the beautiful autumn colours.

Having a feeling that someone was watching over me.

And that was October!

Claire xx 

It’s the small things ~ September edition 

It’s time for the small things from September that have made me smile.

Starting the month as I mean to go on with coffee and raw cake.

Loving how this cutey pie slept with his new toy his Daddy gave him and on his slippers whilst he was away.

Feeling poorly but still eating well.

Loving seeing the first leaves falling. Autum is my favourite time of the year by far.

Enjoying yet more raw cake….

Chilling and reading on a Saturday afternoon.

Enjoying slow walks to the Kelpies.

And little bits of me time.

Finally going home and visiting family.

Loving Belfast and time with my Mum, Dad and sister.

Coffee and brunching with my sister. 

Spending time at my favourite craft market.

Enjoying a little bit of bubbly.

Visiting the Beacon of Hope.

Getting some positivity back into my month.
Loving my new tea.

Chasing rainbows.

Getting my Halloween on.

Finishing the month with a doggy play date… When Hamish met Albert.

And that was the little things that made me smile and got me through the month. September has been an awful month for me health wise. These little things have taken on more importance in grounding me and helping me get through.

Claire x 

It’s the small things ~ August Edition 

It’s time for the small things that made me smile in August.

Coffee deliveries.

Working on my fitness goals.

Coffees and raw cakes. 

Gorgeous meal out with my most favourite man.

Local fitness nutrition shop finds.

Flowers for no reason from the husband.

Spending time with my little family.

Trying my first ever iced coffee.

 Tongues hanging out dog walks in the sun.

Surprise cards and parcels in the post from my amazing Mum.

Enjoying a little bit of extended family time.

Catching up with the ever growing Schnauzer group.

Ordering more blooming amazing raw cakes.

Upping my home workout strength training.

Loving organising the coffee pod drawer.

Organising a special birthday trip away.

And that was August! 

See you next month for a little snippet of what has made me smile.

Claire X 

It’s the small things – July edition – part two

Not being satisfied with just a special edition it’s the small things post for July, here is my random July things that have made me happy.

Coffees and car journeys.

Schnauzer meet ups.

Blue skies

And roasting hot cars sitting in the sun all day.

26 degrees when work is out for the day.
Ice lollies in the sunshine.

Coffee and finding a new ‘raw’ cake shop to try.

Waking myself up nicely on the journey to work.

Planning, planning, planning.

Being proud of what I have achieved! 4 stone 11lbs lost and maintaining for 6 months. 

Watching canal life go by. 

Flat out exhausted dogs!

Unexpected gifts.

Enjoying a taste of home.

And that was July!

Claire xx 

It’s the small things – Cornwall July special edition

I decided that our recent Cornwall trip deserved it’s own it’s the small things post!

Long journeys and sleepy Schnauzers.
Overnight stops at peaceful spots. Thankfully the sun came out for a little while. 

Campsite set up….a girl has to have home comforts, so huge tent, wardrobe space and proper height bed it is then! 

Straight to the beach with a visit to Perranporth with my two favourite men.
Turo cathedral and Gorran Haven bay.

Pop up cocktail bar and visiting wood fire pizza company back at the campsite.

Coffee and cake with a view over Newquay and a visit to Holywell Bay.

Another night, another pop up bar on the campsite.

Beautiful St Ives.

Getting a little windswept at the beautiful Lizard Point.

Enjoying salted caramel Cornish ice cream at Fowey.

Seal spotting at Mevagissey harbour. 

Stepping back in time at St Mawes.

Coffees with views, schnauzers in wild flower meadows and beautiful beaches at Padstow.

Time for more cocktails from the pop up cocktail bar! 

Long walks to find the sea, amazing fish and chips and giant deckchairs at Falmouth.

Getting lost in the gardens at Heligan.

Spending the last day walking some of the south coast coastal pathway, rest stops and a final coffee with a view.

And that was Cornwall 2016! 

Claire xx 

Maintaining weight loss ~ 6 months on

This week marks me getting to 6 months of maintaining my weight loss!! Wow, you don’t know how good that actually makes me feel seeing that in black and white. To be honest with you all, I never thought it would be possible. I didn’t think deep down that I would be sitting here 6 months on, not having gone out of my target range, actually overall sitting just below my target weight for those 6 months.

Like many people I’ve lost weight before, I’ve also got to ‘target’ weight before using both Scottish Slimmers and Weightwatchers, you could call me a serial target achiever! One thing though which I am sure is obvious is that once at target I’ve never been able to maintain it…..until now.

I finally feel like I have beaten my food demons, sitting 6 months on, still a target member, has shown me that I’ve got this.  I dared to believe in myself when I got to target with Slimming World that this time I could make the changes stick with me and so far I’ve achieved that.

Six months on from achieving my target, there has been lots that have stayed the same.  I still track all my food in a food diary and post all my meals on my Slimming World Instagram account and I try to stick to Slimming World principles. I still weigh in at my Slimming World group fortnightly but I’m getting to the point of thinking of changing this to monthly. Weighing in at group is something I know for sure that I need to keep doing, that’s the one thing I never did before…..I always felt that I could go it alone once I achieved the weight I wanted to be but I proved to myself that that approach doesn’t work for me.

However there has also been some changes. I am not 100% just Slimming World anymore. I have used these last months re educating myself further regarding nutrition, I’ve used Myfitnesspal to help me stay on track and particularly to help me build up the amount of calories I had been eating to a more sustainable level without gaining any weight. I’ve added in healthy fats, proteins, nuts etc without synning them but I still syn ‘treats’ to ensure I don’t go too crazy.

My focus is now on exercise and building muscle along with toning, I’ve fallen in love with HIIT training and I love how my body is changing. It’s by no means perfect but it’s come so far.

Some things I have learned being a target member is that, maintaining weight loss is harder than I imagined. Finding a balance is hard, learning what your body needs is hard, getting your mindset to change to feel happy with no longer seeing losses on the scales is hard. But once it clicks with you, it feels so good! Whether you mix it up like me, stick 100% to plan or have weekends off or treat plates, you need to do what is right for you!

Thank you Slimming World for helping me to get to this point in my life, thank you for letting me dare to believe that I can do this.

Bring on the next six months!

Claire xx

It’s the small things – June edition 

A little late this month but it’s time for the small things that made me smile in June.

Frothy coffees enjoyed in the sun.

Bike rides enjoyed. 
10k charity walks completed with the bestie.
Large glass of Rosy enjoyed after rocking the walk.

Long cycles enjoyed along the canals.

Hot Dogs!


Being reminded how bright it gets in June in Scotland!

A little non scale victory….

Become more and more comfortable with how I look and how my body is changing with exercise. 

Having a lovely little house guest for a week. 

New pretty phone time.

House guest selfies before she left.

Getting the best thank you card ever.Heron spotting.

Perfect Sunday morning forest walks. 

Enjoying the wild flowers.

Cornwall bound for two blissful weeks off. 

Expect a full on Cornwall filled next months it’s the small things! 

Claire xx