It’s National Infertility Awareness Week in the U.S. #niaw

This week sees National Infertility Awareness Week in the U.S. The UK will be running their own in November in the run up to the fertility show at Olympia.  Infertility is a international issue and any way that we can raise awareness to it should be used in my opinion, so here I am blogging a little to raise awareness this week.

The theme is ‘you are not alone’. My one hope from being open and honest and blogging about how tough it has been for us and the challenges that we face with infertility is that I help someone feel that they are not alone.

One in 8 couples suffer from some form of infertilty, stop for a second, look around you, that’s a lot of people and most go through this in silence. Infertilty knocks away at you, you live your life with the hope of a different future, often only able to talk to your partner about it, sometimes not even being able to do that.

You are not alone though, I am one of those 1 in 8 people too.


Let’s talk about infertility, support each other, remind ourselves that we are not alone.

Claire xx

#walk1000 miles in a year challenge ~ update month 2 & 3

I decided back in January to try to complete the #walk1000 miles in a year challenge. It works out at 83 miles per month and I’m pleased to sit down today and work out I’m still on target! 


I use my Fitbit to measure my weekly miles and am still finding it really motivates me to get those extra few steps. 


It still amazes me when I see the monthly figures, I never believed that I actually walk that much. There is definitely more than one bonus to having a dog. 

Claire xx

Weight loss Wednesday ~ monthly update

I have to put my hands up and admit I have really struggled these last few weeks. Since the IVF failed I’ve just bounced around, gaining, losing, gaining again. In the back of my head is the want to lose at least 1-2 stone before the end of the year but my motivation has been poor. I struggled to do any meal planning or in fact any cooking in the first few weeks after and just ate crap. Self destruct mode I suppose, which I know I’m good at. 

I started a new meal plan on Sunday, and have got back on plan this week. I know it’s only been a few days but I feel better now I know I’m taking control back. 

Overall over the past 6 weeks (since my last Weight post) I’ve gained, 


There have been weeks it’s been much worse than that but I’ve pulled it back. I know I probably sound like a stuck record, I always have done where my weight is concerned so sorry about that but putting it out here is trying to make myself accountable. 

Fingers crossed it works! 

Claire xx

Crocheted Jar Jackets


I picked up my crochet hook this week in what feels like forever and decided to ease myself back in gently with this lovely Pattern from Lucy at Attic24. It has been saved on my Raverly favourites for months so it is about time I attempted it. 


The pattern itself is easy to follow using UK crochet terms, only using treble crochet throughout, finishing with a line of Double crochet to give it an edge. 


I made two different sizes and my plan is to use the jars for holding my utensils and cutlery on our upcoming camping trip. I was even the saddo who has matched the colours with the colour of the tent! 


They are by no means perfect but as a newbie to crochet and not having done any in a long time, I’m more than happy with them. 


Claire x 

A sunny bank holiday walk

We were blessed with sun on Easter Monday and I didn’t want it to go to waste, the only diffcult thing was choosing where we should go. We are so lucky where we live to have beaches, forests, castles and bridges so close along with The Helix Park and Kelpies right on our doorstep.

I wanted to do something different though and had often seen a signpost for Blackness Castle when we used to live in Linlithgow and thought it would be nice to plan a walk there. The castle itself stands on the Firth of Forth in the Burgh of Linlithgow. There is a walk that you can do from Bo’ness to Blackness and I decided to do that.

I went onto Walkhighlands to get the details of the walk and off we set.  The walk itself is lovely, going in between walking along the banks of the forth, to through some forest with the forth to the side of you peeking out through the trees.


The paths are well laid out but you do need to be aware that it is part of the cycle pathway so you will meet a few cyclists along the way. 


We stopped in the castle grounds for a breather, thankfully there were a few benches doted around and even though it was busy it didn’t feel too busy. 


And from the bottom corner of the castle grounds you get a lovely few of the Forth Road bridges. 



The walk on Walkhighlands was advertised as being 5.25miles.  We clocked it up at 5.8miles from start to finish.  The thought of doing the 3 miles back to the car again from the castle was tough but once we got started again the walk was actually quite nice.  I love being near the water so think that that helped me loads!

We all really enjoyed the walk and it’s definitely one that we will be doing again. 

What a lovely way to spend the bank holiday. 

Claire x

A girlie break away

Every year for the past few years, my Mum and Sister have been amazing and planned a little trip over here. It’s great for them to get away and for me to be able to meet up with them.  This year it was Edinburgh and as we were going to be there for three nights we decided to get an apartment rather than a hotel. It worked out great and I would definetly recommend if there are a few of you going away somewhere for a few nights. 

Edinburgh has a good pick of apartments at good prices, we decided to go for a three bedroom so we all had our own room and decided to stay central/new town so as to not be in the overly hilly part of town for my mum. We ended up choosing to stay here at Princes Street Suites and were pleasantly surprised. They have a selection of apartments and our three bedroom one was huge! 





The apartment was a little tired in places but overall I think we were impressed and it was nice to be able to sit and chill out in between being out and about. 

We didn’t have many plans, more just chilling out, drinking wine and a spa day visit. 


We enjoyed a lovely glass of wine with a view at the fourth floor bar in Harvey Nichols. It was just a pity that it was too early in the year to get out on their terrace. 


We had booked ourselves in for a spa day and bubbles at The Scotsman Spa, it was the first time I’ve been into the hotel which was lovely though the spa is hard to find as it is in the lower levels of the hotel through lots of different levels and corridors. When we did find it though it was lovely and we had a lovely time using the pool, sauna, steam room and jacuzzi before our treatments. We had all booked in for a facial which was so nice, by the time we got to the relaxation room after we were all majorily chilled out under our duvets, yes you did read that right! Comfy beds and duvets, you nearly didn’t get us out of there. The pull of a glass of fizz managed it though! 

We finished our break away with a view of the Castle turning green for the first time ever on St Patrick’s Day.  


Pity it was a little misty that night but you get the idea. Oh and a Mexican Cosmo to end the night! Delish. 


We had a lovely few days and it was so nice to see my Mum & Sister. It helped take my mind off the few weeks that came before that’s for sure. 


Claire xx 


It’s the small things ~ March edition

March has been a difficult month for us. But despite all the heartache it brought, there still has been some small things that have made us happy.


Surprise deliveries.


Yummy doughnuts


Our constant companion 


Schnauzer shadows never fail to make me smile


Edinburgh visits to see my Mum and sister


Wine with a view


Spa days and bubbles


And the castle turned Green for St Patrick’s day (with my Mum & Sister) 


Mexican Cosmos 


There were solar eclipses 


Spring days with first washing of the year hung on the line


Human sun clocks 


 Never ceasing to be amazed by the walks on my doorstep. 


Schnauzer meet ups. 


The most amazing reflections. 

Claire xx

Some bunny hopes you have a sweet Easter

I made some Easter bags for my nieces and nephews last year and I thought I would do the same this year. They are so quick and easy to make and the bonus this year was I only needed to pick up the chocolate and print some new labels.

This year my littlest nephew is nearly 2 so instead of the soft toy he got last year I got him a small buttons egg and some small smarties chicks to go alongside. For the others I used the bunnies from Aldi again and mini eggs. 

I wanted some different tags for this years ones and good old pinterest came up trumps again with these lovely ones from

I think they finish the bags off really well and hope the kids like them.

Claire xx

Empty arms on Mothers Day.

Today is Mothers day in the UK.  A day where my arms are empty of my own child, a day where my infertility seems to scream from the rooftops, a day where I am not yet a Mother.

But one day I dream that my baby will still come and one day I will be a mother in the true sense of the word.  For now though, on this lovely day of celebration, please don’t forget those ladies who are still waiting on their dreams to come true.

I found this poem on the internet a few years ago.  The words say it all.

Claire x

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