Medication and Me – MS Diary

Medication and to take it or what to take has been a thing that was pushed to the back of my mind when I discovered I was pregnant. There was no licensed medication at that point that was safe for pregnancy so the decision was made to wait until I was later on in my pregnancy and relook at it then for planning for post birth.

My MS team were great and we discussed at length medications that I could start post birth but these were only if I was not breastfeeding. We decided that we would arrange a prescription that could be filled if I was to stop feeding and decide to start the medication.

Roll on 4 months post birth and I’m super proud to say I’m still breastfeeding but unfortunately I am also experiencing a relapse. I’m unfortunately not one of the lucky ones that get protection from exclusively breastfeeding though I do still feel that this one is milder than the significant one I had last year.

Due to feeding myself I can’t opt for steroids to try to manage the relapse so it’s been a case of just trying to adapt and get on with things. Having Oran has made me have to do it rather than dwell on how rubbish I’ve been feeling but it’s also meant that I’ve not put myself first either and I feel that that may be working against me and prolonging the relapse.

This week I had another appointment with my MS team and they discussed medication that earlier this year was licensed for pregnancy, they weren’t sure if it was the same for feeding but it turns out it is. So after much discussion and soul searching I have decided to start it. The reason for the soul searching was mainly due to the fact that this medication is only available in injection form and will mean I need to self inject three times a week.

We are going to use it as an interim medication, so that I’m on something now which will hopefully help me to not relapse again – unfortunately MS medication does not stop you from your current relapse nor does it help with any residual symptoms you’ve had from previous relapses but works to stop your lesions from being so active in the future.

Here’s hoping it helps and I get on well with it.

Claire xx

MS diaries

I have decided to do some new posts on my blog. I’ve been neglecting things on here for far too long but am hoping that I now have a little extra time to focus back on here again.

I’ve wanted to write a little about my MS and pregnancy, labour and delivery and life with my son for a while and thought it would be good to write some MS diaries, so look out for them coming to the blog soon.

Claire x

It’s the small things ~ November edition

Better late than never, finally here are my small things that made my November.

Family walks.

First laughs

Mummy cups

Christmas cups

My boys name forever etched on the wall of his Dads favourite football club.

Rocking children in need ears

Star baby

Single swans a swimming

Holidays are coming

Picking Granny up from the airport

Loving having is Granny visiting

Big wheels and carousels

Enjoying Edinburgh At Christmas

Spending quality time with my Mum

Making memories

Enjoying some last walks in the autumn leaves.

Laughing so much at the face my boy pulled when he was made to dress up at music group

Sparkly nails preparing for a special day for our little boy.

Maybe next month I might be more on time! Lol

Claire xx

It’s the small things – October Edition 

It’s time for the small things that have made me smile this month.

Smiles that melt your heart.

Beautiful, thoughtful gifts.

Halloween decorating.

Never a truer word spoken.

Time spent with new friends.

Stumbling upon a real life quidditch game.

A boy who only has eyes for his Daddy. 

Six years together celebrated.

With a boy who was super happy it was Mummy & Daddy’s Anniversary.

And got all dressed up for the occasion.

Autumn river side walks. 

Celebrating first ever Halloween.

And those where some of the things that made me smile in October. 

C xx 

It’s the small things ~ September Edition 

Oops! Who forgot to hit publish on September small things!

Here are a few of the things that have made me smile this month.

Such a thoughtful gift that made me cry. A special star to look down on my boy.
Doggy baby bums

First we had each other, then we had hope, now we have you. 

Celebrating one month of this little man being in our lives.

Best friends.
Plenty of walks with my boys.

Heart bursting moments 

Husbands dreams coming to life

Capturing the most beautiful little face

Wearing my heart on my wrist.

Enjoying the first ‘fall’ of the autumn 

Hanging out with my boy.

And that was September, well only a little bit of the actual amount of baby photos I took! 

C xx 

It’s the small things – August Edition (Special Announcement Edition)

 Wow this is a very late it’s the small things! But someone appeared mid month and life changed forever!

This post is going to mostly be pictures of the little thing that’s turned our world upside down and made our lives complete.

Here are the small things that made my August.

Finishing the nursery all ready for our little man and now finally being able to reveal his name! 

Enjoying last bump and dog waking days

Taking my final bump pic.

Making the final hospital run….
Waiting patiently.

He’s here!!! Welcome to the world Oran 💙

Coming home.

Our welcome home.

Our first family walk.

 My world in one picture.

Let sleeping babies lie.

Being spoilt with personalised jewellery with my boys initial and birth stone.

Getting amazing handmade presents. 

Sitting back and taking it all in. So many times over the last five years I dreamed of this exact picture.

Enjoying our first bath.
Making the little man all official.

Finishing the month just chilling out!

And that was August. A month that our lives changed forever. After 5 long years our dreams came true and this little man made our lives complete.

C xx 

It’s the small things – July Edition 

It’s a little late however finally it’s time for the small things that made me smile in July.

Crazy upside down toy playing Schnauzers.

Beautiful flowers from a beautiful friend.

The cutest wardrobe organisers arriving.

My two boys sitting side by side.

Good hospital appointments and coffee dates with the hubby.

The nursery starting to come together and seeing my Disney stuffed toys getting a new home. 

Dog walks to my favourite spot. 

 Last break away as our little family of three! 

And last day at work!! 

Amazing parcels delivered by amazing friends.

Amazing talented friend making me cry with this for the nursery. 

And that was July! I’ve a feeling August may be dominated with a certain someone arriving…. watch this space!

Claire xx 

It’s the small things – June edition 

I’m very late this month but here are the small things that made my June! It’s been a very quiet, mainly baby related month for me as tiredness and nesting takes over!

Reaching the third trimester.
Receiving a huge parcel from my amazing American sister in law. 

Gazing at a sight I never did believe we would see.

Loving when the flowers bloom.

Getting some Schnauzer love when resting up.

Making playlists for the little mans arrival.

Laughing and resting food on my bump while car park lunching.

Ending the month with an amazing sunset.

And not being able to resist getting the dog to pose with it!

And that was June. Quiet but just what I need at the minute!

Claire xx 

It’s the small things ~ May edition 

I’m a little late this month but here are the things that made my month of May.

Flying home to spend time with my family.

Girly afternoon teas.

Making prints for the nursery

Enjoying coffees and sunshine walks

Reaching double figures in our baby countdown!

Not being able to resist these cute mugs
Planting pots
Receiving the most beautiful handmade present
Embracing the bump

Enjoying Saturday mornings going old skool!

Sorting baby things

Finding the car a little hot after visiting a patient.

Partaking in a little mocktail

Being very very thankful 

Enjoying time with my two loves

Reaching the third trimester 

Loving surprise flowers 

Starting birthing classes.
And that was my May.

Claire xx 

World MS Day – 31st May 2017

Today the 31st May, marks world Multiple Sclerosis day.  A day to raise awareness of Multiple Sclerosis worldwide, to show people what it is like to live with this illness day in and day out, to try to get a little bit more understanding of life with an invisible illness.

As most of you know who read my blog already, I was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in the latter part of last year, though like most people, I have been most likely living with the illness for the guts of 10 years.  I count myself lucky that up until the 20th August 2016 any symptoms that I was experiencing, that can now be linked to the illness were not impacting on my day to day life.  That all changed on that day though when I lost the use of my left leg and slowly over the course of two weeks, the majority of my left side.  It was a scary time and I was very lucky to get an urgent MRI which resulted in a very quick diagnosis.

My life changed forever on the day of diagnosis and slowly I am learning a new way of life, life that has to be planned that little bit more due to the high levels of fatigue that I now live with.  My symptoms are mostly invisible to others, though when my legs decide to stop working everyone can see that part!

Mainly my MS affects my mobility, some of my more ‘invisible’ symptoms include: Numbness, weakness, spasticity, fatigue, bladder issues, bowel issues and fatigue.  When I write it down like that it seems like a lot!  
Multiple Sclerosis is an unwelcome visitor in my life but it is one that I need to learn to live with, please help me along the way by trying to understand it that little bit more.

Claire xx