Month: March 2013



We are off on a little holiday to here. We head away this afternoon for a week, just me, hubby and the dog and I can’t wait. A nice relaxed week just the two of us is just what the doctor ordered.

See you all when we get back.

Claire xx

How to make a Crochet Heart Bookmark – Mother’s day



I had seen a tutorial for making small hearts here Hearts and had tried a few at home to see how they turned out. It was a really easy pattern to follow so I decided to try my hand at making a heart bookmark.

I had seen a smilar idea in a crochet magazine but to be honest I couldn’t really understand the pattern ( I am still struggling with crochet patterns) so I thought I would adapt these ones and try and make my own bookmark for my mum for Mother’s Day.

I find it helps when trying to understand a crochet pattern that it is easier for me to write in down on a piece of paper in long hand rather than the short hand that patterns come in as it then becomes easier for me to understand.

photo 3-4 photo 2-4

I chose the colours of wool then stitched them together from the back with spare lemon wool so that they were easier to attach to the ribbon.
The ribbon I used was just plain ribbon that I had in my craft box, I ironed it first to make sure it was flat then stitched it onto the back of the hearts using white thread, this was then virtually invisible.

It was a really simple project and my Mum loved it as part of her Mothers Day present with a new book.

Claire xx

Home made gift tags

Source: via Claire on Pinterest



I really like the idea of adding handmade gift tags to my finished crochet projects (once they are actually finished that is!) but I couldn’t really find ones that were a reasonable price, the ones above I found via Etsy from America but they came in at around £11 + postage which I thought was a little step, so I decided to make my own.  I used to make cards all the time and made all the stationary for our wedding here so luckily I have a few craft items stored upstairs which meant I didn’t have to buy much to make these..

I found some letter clear stamps so thought that I could use those to stamp onto plain luggage tags myself to get the desired result.  I have various ink stamps too but I always end up using these ink pens anytime I want to use stamps, I feel they give a better finish as you colour onto the stamp directly so the finish is better. They are quite expensive to buy initially but I have had them for around 8 years and they are still brand new so they don’t dry out which some of my ink stamps have done.

photo 1

The only problem is that these letters are actually quite big, my initial plan was to make ‘Handmade with love’ but once I laid out the letters on the holder I realised that I wouldn’t have enough room for that.

photo 3           photo 4

So I had to go with printing ‘hand’ first then putting ‘made’ underneath it.  I’m quite happy with the results though and all it actually cost me was £1.25 for the luggage tags from a local stationary shop.

photo 2

I can’t wait to finish some of my crochet projects and add these labels to them.

Claire xx