Month: June 2013

Introducing Weight loss Wednesday!

photo-17So at our appointment with the fertility clinic the subject of my weight came up, this didn’t surprise me in the slightest as I know I am overweight but now it will have even more on an effect as it could affect fertility treatment if we did need IVF next year.

I have battled with my weight for years, going through that cycle of losing and gaining weight many times, though the good thing seems to be when I put my mind to losing weight I am usually quite successful.  My problem is keeping the weight off, I wonder if any of you lovely readers have any tips for how to keep your motivation going to maintain weight loss.  I don’t seem to be able to keep it going once I hit target I seem to just think that I can eat what I want even though I know that I can’t and I know that I will gain all the weight back but for some stupid reason I can’t seem to bring this stupid cycle I have allowed myself to be on for years.

Now though I really need to reconsider my outlook on what I eat, if we need to go down the route of IVF I will not be eligible on the NHS unless I lose at least 1.5 stone. To be honest I would like to lose more and I know I look and feel so much better weighing a lot less than I do now plus it would be best to try and lose some weight before we manage to fall pregnant even if that wasn’t through IVF.
So from today, which will be now be called Weight loss Wednesday on these lovely pages, I will be getting back to basics with slimming world, upping my exercise and making myself accountable yet again for what I eat.  No more excuses, no more telling myself it’s okay to have a treat here and there because for me it doesn’t seem to just be here and there, one treat leads to another and I need to go cold turkey this week to get myself back into the weight loss mojo.
Wish me luck……….

Claire xx

Initial fertility appointment with NHS clinic – Trying to conceive



Today we headed to our first fertility appointment with our local NHS fertility clinic.  In our area we have a sub fertility clinic which works as a satellite clinic to the main assisted conception unit which is actually based at a hospital in Dundee (which is no where near where we live!)

We both attended the appointment today as I wasn’t sure if they would need us both there or not, it turns out it was a good thing as they want to recheck his sperm too.

The team are really friendly and very proactive, it seemed that nothing was too much trouble and they spent lots of time explaining things to both of us which was really good.  You are also given a contact telephone number to bring you through to the sister of the unit if you have any further questions at any point in your treatment.

Today I had another transvaginal ultrasound, they wanted to have the images held on file so even though we did one before, it was best to get it repeated.  Again it was fine, a little uncomfortable but bearable and I must admit I find it fascinating to watch the screen and try and figure out what it is I’m seeing.

So we have a bit of plan anyway which with me being the queen of planning suits me down to the ground.  Hubby has to redo his sperm sample which is booked in for mid July.  I have to be booked in for a Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) which is a procedure to assess the uterus and whether my fallopian tubes are open.  This can only be booked on day one of your cycle and needs to be completed within days 5-10 so it may take a while before this can be fitted in at the right time.

Once we have the sperm analysis done and the HSG we will automatically be placed on the waiting list for IVF…….. I was surprised by this, though thinking about it now I am not really sure what I was expecting.  The waiting list for IVF in this area is around a year so the team think if we did need to go down that route that we would be looking at around Autumn of next year.  They don’t just leave you though, if I am not pregnant by February next year then I will be started on Clomid, although I do ovulate on my own it is used when you are on the waiting list for IVF in this area for a maximum of 6 cycles.  I suppose this would be a far cheaper way for the NHS than IVF but because I ovulate on my own it will not be offered until we are 6 months from starting IVF.

I am happy with all of this, there are no answers and we are still under the umbrella of unexplained infertility which I have to admit is sometimes scary and frustrating but I feel that we are slowly getting there.  Of course I still hope that in between all of this we will fall pregnant naturally however the security blanket of now being under the care of the fertility clinic is nice to have.

Claire xx

We are going on a road trip to Ireland

Well our bags are packed and we are ready to go, we are off on a road trip round Ireland in a Motorhome for 2 weeks and I’m really looking forward to it.

We are starting off in Belfast to see my folks for the night and collect the Motorhome – we are very lucky that my Dad is lending us his for the two weeks as they are so expensive to hire.

Source: via Claire on Pinterest

From there we are heading down the East Coast of Ireland to Wicklow where we will stay for three nights. I have found a great campsite there that has a pub on site (bonus!) and an area especially for adults only which I have booked into.

Source: via Claire on Pinterest

We are then heading down to a little village in Co Waterford called Tramore for 2 nights. The site is 5 minutes walk from Tramore which is a seaside town, so plenty of walks and pubs!


We are then going to head over to Cork, my husbands family are originally from there so we will be camping up with them for a few nights.


We are then heading over to the other side of Cork where we will catch up with the other side of his family before heading to the pretty little town of Skibbereen for a few nights.

Source: via Claire on Pinterest

From Co Cork we are going to start heading back up inland towards Co Clare and the village of Mountshannon for 2 nights.

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Before heading right back up the West side of Ireland to our final stop in Co Leitrim for 2 nights


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We will be away for 13 nights touring, just me, hubby and the dog. Wifi will be limited (((eeeeep))) so I will pop on and off where I can. I have downloaded lots of books and magazines and hopefully will be returning with some crochet that I can share with you all.

Look forward to telling you all about it when we get back.

Claire xx

Twitter and the power of friendships made.

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Following on from my best friends post I wanted to talk about twitter and the amazing people that I have met through there.

I have to be honest with you, I didn’t ‘get’ twitter at the start. I joined it and felt really overwhelmed with no idea how you spoke with people or got to know them but that all changed when starting to plan our wedding. I slowly started following people via the hash tag #ww which once I found out what that meant (Wedding Wednesday by the way) meant that I could link in with others planning their weddings. I have met so many amazing ladies who were all getting married around the same time as me and we all still tweet each other now!

From there and getting the confidence up to follow new people and chat with them my follow list got bigger and bigger with real life people, not just celebrities or companies. I followed friends of the friends I had made and joined in conversations, soon I felt that I had made some real friends and I believe I have.

I have shared my friends lives, been their through ups and downs, had people support me through mine and shared secrets (ahh the bonus of Direct Messages) Twitter is never a lonely place when you have so many thoughtful caring people on there. Yes you can come across those who annoy you or even worse offend you in some way but that’s where twitter has the power and the magic unfollow and block buttons!

Some people don’t get twitter, don’t understand how you can call someone a friend when you have never met but I know that you can. I have been lucky too though and have had the pleasure of meeting up with some of the girls I have met through Twitter, actually quite a few of them through joining a book club which was organised on twitter, I’ve been for afternoon tea and to the Zoo, all with people I’ve met from twitter and followed through their blogs. There are so many more that I would love to meet, but the downside to twitter is that your friends suddenly get spread out around the world. I would go as far as saying though that my friends on twitter know more about me than my real life friends!

I count too many people on twitter as being friends to list everyone on here but I know if you are reading this that you will know that it is you that I am talking about, all of you! Thank you all for being there, for sharing your lives with me and for sharing in mine. The power of Twitter and the friendships I have made on there is amazing. I’m just glad I stuck with it.

Twitter has come into it’s own this weekend and I wanted to come back and add to this post before it goes live. One of our very lovely friends has just gone through something so devastating and although most of us have not actually met her in real life our hearts are breaking for her like she is part of our own family. The shock that has gone through twitter and through our lovely group of friends is one I can’t describe. The reaction has been for us all to put everything we are feeling to one side, to join together and to show the power of true friendships. Yes we may not all have met, we may be scattered round all parts of the country but we are together, together for our friend and for each other. Thank you twitter for helping me find some amazing ladies.

Here’s to friends….

Claire xx