Month: July 2013

Weight loss Wednesday – Week Four

Another Wednesday and another weigh in. Though it’s not going so well. I managed to stay the same this week which is good as its not a gain but it should be better.

I eat when I’m stressed and I’m stressed and fed up with the goings on in my life so it’s not currently a good mix.

I really need to get my head in the right place this week!

Claire xx

Nappy Cake Tutorial

I have been looking for a nice gift for my new niece or nephew for a while now and have seen adverts for nappy cakes at work so I decided to have a little look at what they are and attempt to make my own. They seem to range in price depending on what you get with them but the cheapest that I have seen was £20 for a one tier with just nappies on their own and up to £50+ for three tier ones with extras like toiletries, babygro’s etc.

I thought that it would be a project that I could take on and I am pleased that I did, this is my first attempt and I am very impressed with the finished article.


I looked online for tutorials and came up with quite a few, there are a few different ways that you can make them dependent on whether you want to fold the nappies or roll them, rolling requires lots of elastic bands so don’t forget them if you are wanting to make one yourself.

I started with a 13′ cake base board, superglue and a partially used kitchen roll and of course nappies, I went for size 2 and bought two packs with 60 in each when they were on offer and used 95 making three tiers, which I think is a lot but I wanted to fill up the full base of the cake and there was no point leaving loads over as I am sure they will all be used.

I secured the kitchen roll with a band and then glued the it into the middle of the cake board. I had seen one or two made this way and it seemed the easiest way to help build the cake.

Then let the rolling commence! I wasn’t sure when I first started which method I was going to use and the rolling does take a little time, but the nappies I used had a pattern on them so to make the cake look nice I decided the rolling method would be best.


You then build the nappy up in layers, securing the tiers with larger elastic bands is the easiest way to keep them together and get the shape right.


On my second tier I had decided to add the extra items I had bought. I had picked up some Mum & Me toiletries for baby, 2 babygro’s, 5 vests, and 5 muslin cloths so I filled the cake out with these. I had been collecting the items when things were on half price which worked out really well.


I wasn’t happy though once I had added the extra bits and pieces I felt that the cake had lost it’s shape and on looking at it, it was because the second tier was now the same size as the first tier so I decided I needed an extra row of nappies and took the whole cake apart again to do it! It was worth it though as I think the finished product looks so much better now.


To hide the elastic bands I placed ribbon round each tier and seeing as we don’t know the sex of the baby, I went with Yellow. I am going to wrap in cellophane gift wrap and tie with curling ribbon, my plan is also to make an ingredients tag to add to the outside.

All in, it only cost me £28, I would never have been able to get one the same size for that price if I had of bought it and I also get the pleasure of knowing that I made it with love. I can’t wait to see the reaction of the parents!

C xx

Weight loss Wednesday – Week Three

Well this week has been better than last week at least and my 2lb gain has been taken off again

So now the focus is on dropping a few more each week and no more gaining!

I’ve totally ditched wine as it really wasn’t helping and I found I was drinking more in the sunny weather so no more for me. This week I have had a few vodkas with flavoured sparkling water instead which have been really refreshing so I’m trying to stick with that.

I’ve still not totally managed to curb the snacking though, it’s better but not quite there yet so that’s next on the list!

Claire xx

How did I not know about this?!

Okay I may be late to jump on this bandwagon but I only actually found out about this the other day and was so surprised with it I really needed to share just incase any of you were like me and have not seen it yet.

Introducing my new favourite day time fragrance…..Suddenly Madame Glamour


It is gorgeous, really florally with underlying citrus notes, just perfect for me for wearing to work. And what makes it better is that is smells very like Coco Mademoiselle but is is a fraction of the price, in fact if you will believe this is, it is £3.99 from Lidl of all places!

Honestly just read these reviews:

Smell The difference

Chanel Beaten by Lidl

And if you google for reviews you will see hundreds of other blog posts talking about it, I mean seriously how did I not know about this?? I love Coco Mademoiselle but at £65 it is not a fragrance that I can afford to wear every day, now though I can wear something similar for a fraction of the price. Yes, it doesn’t last just as long as Chanel but I can still smell it a few hours after putting it on and for £3.99 I’m not going to complain if I need an extra few squirts during the day. It obviously still sells really well too as it took me to visit 2 different shops before I found it but it was worth it.

Really, get yourself to Lidl and give it a try yourself, sure you can’t lose at that price.


Claire xx

It’s the small things

It’s the small things…

Since coming back from our tour of Ireland (which I still need to blog about) I have been busy with the small things in life and some big things too. I don’t seem to have much time to blog and now we are in the middle of a heat wave a rarity for the UK and somewhat of a miracle for Scotland I have been mainly spending my evenings outside.

I’ve taken to writing this post outside on my iPhone for uploading later.
So how have I been spending my time? Not by crocheting the many things I have on my list of want to do, that’s for sure! I did post before my aim was to do them when we were away but that didn’t happen.

There has been some me time over coffee.


And bright pink nails

I have been reading quite a bit too, something I go through phases of and can read loads for a while then I don’t pick up a book at all.

My favourite one so far has been The fault in our stars by John Green. It took me a little while to get into it but once I did I was so invested in what happened. Enough to have to make my excuses to head upstairs to finish it due to the many tears. I suggest everyone reads it.

My weekends have also been full, a few weekends ago it was one of my friends at work weddings and it was quite far away so we made an overnight of it which was lovely. Everything went really well and the sun shone.

Then the weekend just past I flew back to Ireland to surprise my Dad for his 65th birthday/retirement. It was lovely to get home without him knowing I was coming and even better to spend a weekend with my family just chilling out.

And I’ve been spending quality time with my hubby and doggy. I’ve been loving it and it’s been so nice to be together. His work has been stressful recently so it’s been good for us to switch of from the world and just be together.

I will hopefully have some crafty stuff I will be doing in the next few weeks that I hope will make the way to gracing these lovely pages and of course I really need to start (and finish) a crochet project before my new niece or nephew appears in August.

Claire xx

Weight loss Wednesday – Week Two

I’ve had a lovely weekend away but I have had to pay for it.

I didn’t manage my aim of staying the same and to be honest was a little embarrassed to have to post a gain in here, especially only on week two. But then I thought actually that was a good thing, being public about it means I need to make sure I don’t allow myself to have to post gains too often.

So back to it today, I’m working this weekend so it makes it a lot easier to stay on track. I really need to stop drinking wine though, I can never lose weight when I drink it so I will need to find a less calorie laden drink for these summer nights. I’m sure I’m not the only one that thinks because the sun is out that it’s a excuse to have a wee glass. Especially when the sun very rarely comes out in Scotland!

Claire xx