Well the first week of returning to healthy eating has gone quite well.

I lost 3lbs which I am pleased with, I didn’t fully follow Slimming World, had a lunch out, an all day wedding and a slight carb seeking hangover to deal with so all in all I don’t think I’ve done too bad.

My main change has been to cut out snacking during the day, only allowing myself to pop into the shop for a drink if I need it when out and about. I’ve also tried to get in more walking and have been mapping the distances using the Mapmywalk App. It’s amazing the motivation that gives you when you can actually see how far your local walks can be.

This week I need to try to use all my skills to healthy eat all weekend. I am away on Friday until Sunday which will involve lots of eating out and drinking and not much exercise so I’m already not expecting a loss next week. I will though aim to stay the same and not to let myself go off the rails because of one week.

Claire xx