Month: November 2013

Chilli Beef Noodles – Slimming World


Extra Easy – Free

Serves 2


150g Beef
150g noodles
1 red chilli (deseed) finely chopped or frozen chilli
1/2 red pepper finely chopped
1/2 green pepper finely chopped
1 small onion, finely chopped
1 teaspoon grated ginger or frozen ginger
1 clove garlic crushed
2 spring onions, finely chopped
3 tablespoons light soy sauce
1 tablespoon of dark soy sauce
1 teaspoon sweetener

Brown the beef, add the garlic, chilli, ginger and stir fry for a few minutes. Add the onion and peppers and stir fry until cooked.
Meanwhile cook the noodles, once cooked add to beef and veg, mix together and stir in soy sauce and sweetener.
Serve and top with spring onions.

Easy, quick filling and free!

Weight Loss Wednesday

Week five of slimming down is here. As I thought last week, I wasn’t able to get as much walking in this week as I have been doing the last few and then yesterday I felt really poorly so only managed a short one.

I still managed to do ~

Which is still a lot more than what I was doing before I started my healthy living plan.

This week I have managed to lose ~


I’m really pleased with that, especially as we had takeaway on Saturday followed by a 3 course lunch on Sunday after the christening. I did try and follow the plan though whilst eating out and it has paid off. That’s the thing with Slimming World, seeing as it’s based on healthy good choices rather than counting calories etc it feels easier for me just to implement it in my life.

So after week 5 of Slimming World I’m pleased to report ~


Claire xx

Clomid I’m coming to get you


So here we are, still trying. On the day a new nephew arrived into the world my period turned up. Sod’s law!

We are now 2 years and 1 month since I stopped all birth control and we stopped not trying to not get pregnant. Cycle 19 from when we class ourselves as actively trying, meaning really thinking about cycle timing etc. numerous blood tests, scans and an HSG later and still no sign of an elusive positive pregnancy test and absolutely no reason why we haven’t had one yet.

So the thing I’ve been really trying to not think about, the thing I never dreamt we would be needing to do is now fast creeping up on me and I’m not really sure how I feel. I know I’ve been losing weight these last few weeks in preparation for it but I’ve never believed that we would actually be going.

Where to you may ask and what the heck is she talking about?!? The Fertility Clinic. Our last appointment was June, we were meant to go back in November but I rearranged it. Partly because I needed to lose weight but partly because I still didn’t believe we would be needing to go, but here we are today, period is in the house and the appointment card is glaring at me from the fridge door.

So the next step that was discussed in June was starting Clomid whilst going on the waiting list for IVF. There will need to be a change to that plan though as my BMI is still slightly too high for the IVF list, I presume I will not be able to go on it until I lose some more. I’m hopeful for starting Clomid though, I’ve looked up the trusts guidelines for prescribing it and my BMI is fine for that so I will be going back to my appointment armed with that information. Though if I’m honest I’m not too sure what help if any it will be. Clomid was designed for people who don’t ovulate (which I do) but is used in cases of ‘unexplained infertility’, most of the research I’ve found though doesn’t seem to promote its use with any figures of success rates of using it in this way. There is a lot to think about before I go back to the clinic. I also need to eat my words on saying I didn’t want Clomid, that was said when I truly didn’t believe I would ever need it.

For now though I am going to go and research Clomid a little more before our appointment. There are of course numerous great stories and numerous awful stories of side effects/effectiveness of this form of treatment and I want to make sure that I know more about it before I dive head first into my first steps of fertility treatment.

Clomid, it looks like I’m coming to get you.

Claire xx

It’s the small things

It’s time for another ‘It’s the small things’

Here’s what I have been up to recently.


Finding new beautiful dog walks


Spending a beautiful week on the Island of Majorca, lots of sunshine and spending time with family.


Celebrating our 2nd Wedding Anniversary – it still feels like yesterday.


Starting to prepare for Christmas with ideas for some handmade bits and pieces.


Feeling very lucky to live so close to some beautiful places and enjoying crisp autumn walks.


Putting things into perspective.


Getting the crazy christmas loving Aunt vibe going and buying these gorgeous bibs for the two new nephews born this year.


Seeing the first frost of the season and feeling chilly.

What have you all been up too?

Claire xx

Weight Loss Wednesday

Week four of slimming down is here already.

I didn’t get out walking just as much as the last few weeks, but I still managed a respectable:


Which along with continuing with the Slimming World plan resulted in:


I’m happy with this, I think I’m figuring out how much food my body needs each day to get a loss each week and after four weeks I’m so proud to have lost:


Next week may not be as easy, it’s my nephews christening and we are godparents, we are also having our nieces & nephew to stay on Saturday night which I know will result in eating out. I’ll also be missing one if my long walks on my days off so I won’t get all my miles in. I’m trying to prepare for it though and ensure I don’t go off the rails too much!


Weight Loss Wednesday

Week three and I’m still managing to stick to the slimming world plan and keep up with walking.

This week I’ve managed to walk another 17 miles. I’m really chuffed with myself, there has been some nights where I’ve really had to force myself to go out but I did and I feel good being able to put it up here.


I really think putting what I’m doing on the blog is helping, I have been thinking about it during the week and feel it’s really motivating me which can only be a good thing.

I’ve started writing down everything I’m eating since Monday. I was thinking about what I was eating but not monitoring it properly so I am hoping this will make me feel more in control.

I’m am pleased to report this week loss as:


I must admit to be a little disappointed with this, I know I shouldn’t be but I really wanted to get at least 2lbs off per week to be anywhere near the weight I need to be! Especially with all the walking I’ve been doing I was hoping for more. But a loss is a loss so I better just keep going.

I’ve also decided to add a total weight loss to the bottom of my Wednesday posts so I can remind myself how well I am doing. So far I’m please to report after week 3 –


Claire xx

Things to be thankful for

In today’s world it is easy to let things get on top of us and to focus more on the negatives we feel are in our life rather than the positives no matter how small they are. I wanted to get back to these and decided it would be good to make myself think of things I have in my life to be thankful for. I’m a firm believer in the power of postive thought and I hope that by focusing on this it will help me get through the difficult parts of my life.

Today I am thankful for:

My amazing husband, he is there for me no matter what through the ups and the downs. I am so pleased to have him in my life even when we are irritating each other we know we always have each other to rely on.

My family, they know how to keep me grounded, never let me allow things to get me down for too long and understand me totally.

My friends and my online friends in particular. I have never hidden the fact that I find my bunch of online friends to be the most supportive ever and I am very thankful that I found them! I am really looking forward to hopefully meeting up with a lot of them in March which will be so nice.

My doggy, he gives me so much joy and can make me smile even when I am having a really rubbish day. He is also really helping in my goal of losing weight as I need to get out and walk him and once you are out sure you may as well just go that little bit further.

My job, some days I have to admit that I am not thankful for this, it can be quite a thankless line of work that I am in but then I make myself think about it and I am very priveleged to get to be part of people’s lives to help them when they need it the most and this is something to be thankful for.

My home, I love where we live. We have great neighbours, are quite close to town but have loads of really nice walks around us that make you think we are not in town and are really close to both big cities in Scotland. That and the fact I love my wee house and feel very safe and settled there.

I have a good life, yes it has it’s ups and downs and at the minute it’s more challenging than I like it would it to be with the whole trying to conceive thing but overall it’s good. I have no dramas, a husband, friends and family who love me and am feeling settled and secure.

I have lots to be thankful for.

Claire xx

Weight Loss Wednesday

Week two of getting fit for fertility treatment has gone quite well. I’ve menu planned and cooked fresh meals every night, which I know doesn’t sound like much but sometimes when I get home from a long day at work it’s the last thing I know I want to do, so I am chuffed with myself for making sure I did it.

I’ve focused a lot this week on walking and have managed a very respectful;


I’m mostly sticking to the Slimming World plan but accidentally wasn’t counting something I should have but will do from now on. Overall though I’m finding it fairly easy to revamp my diet and follow the extra easy plan. I’m happy to report;


I think in the next few weeks I’ll redo my measurements and see if there is any noticeable difference. I’m hoping with all the walking I’m doing I will be toning up at least.

Claire x

Best trying to conceive advice ever!

Thank you

I recently got an email with what I can only call the best trying to conceive advice ever! Thank you so much to the author for sending it to me.

If I could offer some advise… I know everybody will tell you “just relax” and it will happen. Fuck that!!! You must be sick of hearing that. I will tell you ….. remain POSITIVE :), screw like bunnies and enjoy the wine while you still can.

I actually laughed out loud, what a good piece of advice! You can tell she’s been here, bought the t-shirt and just gets it.

Claire xx

Image credit – Avard Woolaver via Compfight