Month: March 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday ~ Week 21

Gosh Wednesday really does come round quick! It’s Weigh in day again.

This week I’ve been out on a few long walks, it was my weekend working though so I always miss out on some walks due to being on shift all day Saturday & Sunday. I did still manage a nice,


I’m back to the norm with my fitbit stats after the huge amount on our week away getting a respectable


Food wise I’ve stuck to the plan 100% and I’ve been feeding my new found addiction to Green tea, have you tried the new Salted Caramel or Gingerbread flavours?! Even if you don’t like Green tea which I don’t, you may like these. I love them and with some links for Green Tea with weight loss and fertility I’m hoping I’m onto a winner, either way I’m enjoying drinking it and that’s all that matters. These week I’m pleased to report another loss


Bringing my total loss up to,


Claire xx

Chickpea Dahl Muffins ~ Slimming World


I have seen lots of versions of chickpea Dahl loaf on slimming world so I thought I would attempt to make my own but as muffins so they would be far easier to bring to work.


Extra Easy ~ Free

Makes around 24 small muffins or 12 large.

1 pack batchelors curry flavoured rice
1 tin Chickpea Dahl ~ you need to check the syn value of this as not all are free. I used the Mazadar brand from Morrisons
1 tbsp curry powder
1 onion diced
3 eggs beaten


Cook rice as directed and leave to cool.

Meanwhile in a bowl mix the chickpea Dahl, onion & curry powder. Add rice and beaten eggs, mix well.

20140324-211530.jpg Transfer to silicone muffin cases (trust me paper ones don’t work!) bake at 180c for around 35mins or until egg cooked and brown.



Claire xx

Weight Loss Wednesday, the post holiday edition ~ Week 20

So we are back from holiday and my week off weigh in last week, which also turned into a week mostly off plan. I ate & drank mostly what I wanted. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t go completely crazy and tried to make sure I was putting into practice some of Slimming World principles but I did struggle with doing it away from home. To get me back on track I did weigh in on Saturday and was pleased to have only had a gain of 2 3/4lbs which I was happy with. Having a sneaky go on the scales put me straight back into the zone and from Saturday I have been 100% back on plan.

I’ve also managed since Saturday a very healthy:

20140318-215743.jpg I did over 4 miles going along a gorgeous walk right on out doorstep on Sunday and really enjoyed it.

Last weeks stats for the Fitbit came by email today too and I was blown away by the amount of walking we actually did when we were away and how many floors (big blooming hills in the lakes)

20140318-220053.jpg 32 miles!! Say what?!?!

I think the fact I walked so much when we were away coupled with stopping alcohol as soon as we got back and back on plan 100% has really helped me this week. I am amazed that I have not only lost the couple I came back with on Friday night but I’ve added another 1lb to it! I’m so surprised, I know it’s probably all the alcohol coming out of my system though!.

And today I’m also skipping round the room as I have hit the two stone lost mark.

I’m loving Slimming World!

Claire xx

Spicy Chicken and Arborio Rice ~ Slimming World


Adapted from a recipe I found here on Slimming Eats if you haven’t checked out that site already I totally recommend you do. They have loads of amazing recipes!

Serves 4

Extra Easy ~ free


350g chicken breasts sliced
2 garlic cloves, crushed
1 red chilli, deseeded and finely chopped
1 red onion, finely chopped
100g frozen peppers
1 carrot chopped
800mls chicken stock
400g tin chopped tomatoes
1 tsp paprika
220g Arborio rice
Salt & black pepper
Fresh basil to serve

Spray pan with Frylight, add chicken and cook until brown. Remove chicken from heat.

Add garlic, chilli, onion, carrot, peppers and paprika and stir fry for a few minutes with some of your stock.

Return the chicken to the pan, add the arborio rice, tomatoes and rest of the chicken stock, bring to the boil. Reduce heat, cover and simmer for around 30mins, serve once all the liquid has been absorbed.

Serve topped with chopped basil and cracked black pepper


Claire xx

And as the months turn to years – Still trying to conceive……

And so as the months trying to conceive trundle on and slowly turn to years, I feel in some ways I manage so much better than I did before, especially the day that my period shows. My expectations are lowered that’s for sure so I’ve no doubt that helps. I still have hope though, if I didn’t what would be the point in some ways of continuing on on this road. But in other ways, though I pretend I’m coping I’m so bloody frustrated.

I can’t help some anger building, I try and not let it seep in and take over but some days yes I’ll admit it, I’m blooming angry. I’ve read so much about infertiles being angry with others, like those who have what you want, irrational? Yes. Honest? Yes. I have to admit at times some of that is there but for me I’ll openly admit that’s jealously. I’m not proud of that and I have to work damn hard to make sure it doesn’t consume me. I know it’s not that persons fault but I want this blog to be truthful account of my infertility so yes I have to admit that these can sometimes be my feelings each time I hear this news and sometimes they are not pretty.

My anger is really directed at me though, all of me at times but mainly my stupid body.
Yet I know this is irrational too. I have unexplained infertility, there apparently is nothing wrong with my body so why do I blame it? I suppose it’s because no matter what tests they run that say my body is fine, it’s my body that should be doing this job, my body that should be producing that egg this month (which of course all tests says it does) my body which should be allowing that egg to fertilise and settle down for 9 months (the part it sucks at) my body that should be allowing me this opportunity, the one thing I want more in the world, the one thing that apparently there is no flaming reason why it can’t happen and it’s not. Still never even a sniff of a second line on a flaming pregnancy test.

I hate my body

I hate you unexplained infertility

I’m scared

Syn Free Crisps – Slimming World


Saturday nights in this house are normally all about sharing a big bag of crisps. I had carried on doing this until a few weeks ago, deciding to just not bother looking into the amount of Syns they were. But since getting serious about losing the last bit of weight to get to my first target I thought I would look to see if there were any alternatives.

That’s when I came across the amazing YouTube account of SW Junky and in particular this tutorial on Syn Free crisps.

They are gorgeous, they really tasted like crisps and were nice and crunchy. I did worry that they would be a bit soggy or tasteless but they really aren’t. I just did mine with Salt and Pepper and I will definitely be making them again.

Why don’t you give them a try.

Claire xx

Weight loss Wednesday ~ Week 19

So for any of you reading who didn’t see my post on Friday, this happened!

I was chuffed to bits to finally lose that 1lb to be able to make the call to the sub fertility clinic. Now my next challenge starts.
I have set myself the goal of losing another stone, losing the weight for IVF only just put my BMI to under 29 so I still have a way to go to actually be deemed the correct weight. I don’t like BMI though, I feel that it doesn’t take into account your shape etc and I feel if I actually slimmed down to where they want me to be I will not be myself if that makes sense? I will never be a size 10 and I am fine with that, I feel that another stone will just be nice to get me down another clothes size and I know I will be happier with how I look there. I’ve been there a few times before! The major problem for me is keeping it off, I am really hoping that Slimming World is the answer this time. It really is more of a lifestyle change, no counting of things, which in turn used to add to me making bad choices and using checks or points on the less good for you foods. Slimming world has ensured that I change the way I think and plan food and it has got me cooking from scratch. I recently shared a picture of one of my cupboards with my sister and she was amazed! I would have been lucky before to have had a few jars of spices, now I have had to buy a spice rack for my door just to hold the amount I have.

I’ve said it before but something needs to change and I think that through this process it has. Slimming World needs to be a lifestyle choice and I believe that because it is just that, simple and easy to adapt to your daily life that this will be my turning point. It needs to be, I need to get out of this yoyo weightloss world that I seem to keep finding myself in. My target weight this time is a stone heavier than was set before so I am hoping that that gives me the ability to stick to it and manage to find my happy weight around that amount.

So anyway, after that long ramble, here are the stats for this week.

Dog walks have gone well again, managing a nice.


And over the course of the week I’ve managed a very respectful 25 miles:


I’ve continued being good over the weekend and I’ve also started drinking green tea. I don’t know if this has helped but this week I am over the blooming moon to report a loss of.

Making my total lost so far 1lb shy of 2 stone!


There won’t be a weight loss Wednesday next week as we are off to the lakes for a little cottage holiday. Now my challenge will be to put some of my Slimming World approaches into practice there too.

C xx

Top 5 Simple Pleasures – Listography

The lovely Kate from Katetakes5 has revived her Listography and this time it’s all about the Simple Pleasures in life.

I suppose this post really adds on my regular feature of It’s the small things.  I think it’s really important to allow ourselves to stop and look around us and appreciate those simple pleasures in life and here are my top 5.

1. My best pal

20140302-102940.jpg no simple things post could be complete without a reference to this little man. He asks for nothing, well apart from being fed! But gives back so much. Feeling down? Not for long when he jumps on top of you with the excitement that would make you think he hasn’t seen you for years.

2. Lazy Sunday morning coffee

I work one in three weekends so when I have a Sunday morning off I love to sit back with a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

3. My kindle

I have really tried to get back into reading this past few months and I’m using a mixture of my kindle and good old fashioned books. I love my kindle though, so simple to use and you can have so many books loaded at once. Perfect for holidays!

4. Flowers or tulips to be precise!

20140302-150843.jpg I love this time of the year as tulips are well and truly in season. There is not a week that will go by where I don’t have a bunch of tulips and they never fail to make me smile. Simple.

5. Candles

20140302-151046.jpg I love candles, especially in the winter months when I light loads and only have my bunch of fireplace lights on. It makes me feel so content.

What are your favourite five simple pleasures?

Claire xx

It’s the small things ~ February edition

Some of the small things that have made February.

There was a meeting of lots of noisy Schnauzers.

20140228-112922.jpg Followed by sharing a bed for the first time ever with doggy cousins.

Feeling very grateful to live so close to these.

20140228-132723.jpg Enjoying lovely sunsets on our dog walk.

20140228-132806.jpg Chasing rainbows.

20140228-132851.jpg Market shopping.

20140228-133006.jpg Then there was snow.

20140228-133247.jpg There has been lots of cooking & trying new things.

20140228-133633.jpg And a birthday weekend filled of family, fun and plenty of cocktails.

Beautiful gift with so much meaning.

And ending the month on a high by meeting my IVF target weight!

Claire xx