Month: April 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday ~ Week 26

There has been more eating out this week with my in laws being over, a girlie day out with food and alcohol and a lot less walking!

20140429-205603.jpg clocking up 11 miles on my long walks and compared to last weeks 30 miles on my fitbit this weeks 22 seems very lazy.

As for eating, as I said at the beginning of my post there has been too many eating out situations, the first alcohol drunk in 7 weeks, not enough water being drunk and a general feeling of allowing healthy eating go to pot. I nearly didn’t weigh in this week as I knew it would be a gain, but then who would I be kidding? It’s only me that sees my weight each week and there is no point kidding myself. So I weighed in and as I predicted it’s a gain.

20140430-074856.jpg So line drawn, back to no alcohol (I’ve really enjoyed & not missed not drinking) more water and following plan to the tee. Let’s hope that gain plus some comes off next week.

Claire xx

Weight Loss Wednesday ~ Week 25

Hope everyone has had a lovely bank holiday weekend. I’ve had a great one! I was off for the full four days which is basically unheard of in my job so we really made the most of it. We were also very blessed with good weather (for once) so got out and about quite a lot.

Some of my long walks I forgot to measure but for the ones I did I managed a good.

Thankfully I had my fitbit on and I was amazed when my stats came in this week at just over 30 miles.

I also managed the most steps in one day so far on Friday with just over 15k

However with bank holidays, comes eating and especially Easter bank holidays where I have to admit to indulging in chocolate and fish & chips (which were to die for and worth every syn!) the only thing that’s saved me this week is all the walking that’s for sure, though I’m happy to report that I stayed the same this week, it could have been a lot worse!

I decided to do some measurements this week as I knew I would be lucky to stay the same never mind lose any weight and I thought they would spur me on seeing the inch loss. It sure has.

I can’t believe how many inches losing 35lbs has given me.

Claire xx

Fertility Focus Telesummit


27th April – 4th May 2014

Sunday sees the beginning of this year’s Fertility Focus Telesummit there is still a chance to register online here if you haven’t already. It consists of 16 of the world’s leading fertility experts sharing their knowledge and insights. It’s free as well so if you are interested I would suggest you sign up.

I listened in last year and found some really invaluable information, this years line up looks excellent and I’m really looking forward to listening in. My top five I will be tuning into are:

Emma Cannon– Leading fertility acupuncturist and author of best selling books ‘Total Fertility’, ‘You and Your Bump’ and ‘The Baby-Making Bible’. Emma is doing a talk on, Optimising & Preserving Fertility Through Chinese Medicine, Lifestyle Adjustments & Self-Care.

– Preserving fertility – the importance of taking steps to preserve fertility whatever age
Chinese medicine theory and evidence
– Lifestyle changes evidence regarding alcohol, smoking, exercise etc – how to achieve a balance
– Optimising fertility over 35

Listen to Emma speak LIVE on Monday, 28th April at 12pm Pacific | 3pm Eastern | 8pm UK time

Molly Nichols – Leading Fertility Visualization Expert and Mind-Body Fertility Coach. Molly is speaking about; How to Mentally and Emotionally Reclaim Your Life and Your Fertility

– Discover why the thoughts you have about your fertility may be impacting your chances of having a baby far more than your diagnosis.
– Learn the importance of reconnecting with and trust in your bodies fertility, especially when you are over 40 or have experience one or more miscarriages.
– Experience a simple technique that when practiced daily, can improve your fertility and quality of life while trying to have a baby.

Listen to Molly speak LIVE on Monday, 28th April at 2pm Pacific | 5pm Eastern | 10pm UK time

Dr Marilyn Glenville – The UK’s leading nutritionist specialising in fertility and women’s health, will be speaking about Using nutrition to boost fertility either for natural conception or IVF and to reduce miscarriage

– No two couples are ever alike in terms of what may be preventing them from getting pregnant, which is why it is so important to have all the information that addresses your needs.
– This integrated approach can be used by any couple who want to have a baby, from those who are thinking about it for the first time to those who have been trying months or years without results. You can also use it if you are going for IVF as it will prepare your body for that treatment cycle, giving you the best chance of success.
– It is important that you are taking all the right steps and in the right order – the aim is to find out what is preventing you from getting or staying pregnant. If we can find the cause we can treat it. It may be a nutritional or lifestyle issue and making changes in those areas will be enough; or it may be a combination of medical and nutritional factors in which case all of those need to be addressed and corrected.

Listen to Marilyn speak LIVE on Wednesday, 30th April at 12pm Pacific | 3pm Eastern | 8pm UK time

Gabriela Rosa – Leading Sydney based natural fertility specialist and naturopath, will be speaking about, The Ultimate Guide to Knowing When it’s Time to Change Conception Strategies and How to Increase Your Odds of Having a Baby Through Assisted Reproductive Techniques Like IVF/ICSI If Absolutely Necessary

– The 3 ultimate steps you must implement before even considering a conception strategy change.
Every option available in helping you have a healthy baby—and some you didn’t even know about or considered!
– When to go and when NOT to go to IVF.
– The secret to halving the number of IVF cycles to achieve a healthy baby, if you absolutely need to go down this path.
– Gabriela will debunk the myth that IVF is your only option for conception if you haven’t had success getting pregnant at 35 or over; and much more!

Listen to Gabriela speak LIVE on Thursday, 1st May at 2pm Pacific | 5pm Eastern | 10pm UK time

and my final speaker in my top 5, is Sarah, one of the founders of the fertility focus telesummit and an expert in Emotional Freedom Therapy.

Sarah Holland – The World’s Leading Fertility EFT Practitioner, Host of The Fertility Focus Telesummit who will be speaking about how to turn Confusion and Overwhelm into Clarity and Ease on Your Fertility Journey

– At the end of this Telesummit week you may be feeling overwhelmed by all the new information. On this call discover how to turn overwhelm into clarity.
– How clarity and ease on your fertility journey can improve your chance of success.
– Discover the extremely effective technique of EFT for all the emotional aspects of your fertility.
– Use EFT live with Sarah to overcome overwhelm and take your next steps towards parenthood.

Listen to Sarah speak LIVE on Friday, 2nd May at 2pm Pacific | 5pm Eastern | 10pm UK time

Have you signed up yet?

Claire xx

Weight Loss Wednesday ~ Week 24

This week has been my weekend working so I always end up with less miles walked on my ‘long walks’ on these weeks. This week I only managed

I’m still in love with my fitbit and although my long walks haven’t been a huge amount of miles I’ve still managed an acceptable;

Eating has very much been back on track this week, back to plan 100% with making sure I write everything down that I’m eating so as to not cheat. I always find that making sure I write it down keeps me on track or else I ‘forget’ I’ve eaten something! I’m pleased this week to report a loss after last weeks gain;

I really chuffed to be able to say I’ve now lost two and a half stone! People are really beginning to notice now, even patients are commenting on it. I’m finally starting to feel good about how I look again.

Claire xx

Easter gift bags

It’s been a while since I got crafty at all. I go through stages of wanting to make loads or just not doing anything at all. I decided I wanted to make my nieces and nephews some Easter bags instead of getting them an egg this year.

Pinterest through up a few ideas like this

Image Source

I really loved these and thought they were really cute, however when I started looking I couldn’t find jars big enough for the chocolate bunny to go into so I had to rethink. When I was browsing I seen a lot of ideas done in cellophane bags and I thought that I could make it work that way instead. I gathered together all the bits and pieces I thought I needed and started putting them together.

I used:

Fake grass (Asda)
Baby chicks and easter themed bags (Poundland)
Mini Eggs and bunnies (Aldi)
Tags from this great website

They were very easy to put together, I wanted to take the bunnies out of the wrapping as I thought they looked great just plain chocolate so I did that and think the finished bags look great.


And I also did a little chick for my baby nephew.

I’m really happy with how they turned out and I can’t wait to give them to them.


Are you making anything for Easter?

Claire xx

It’s the small things ~ March edition

Oops, I more than a little late with my small things for March.

We had a week away so expect a few scenery shots!

There has been gorgeous burger making.

And lessons learned in hoping

And plenty of lake viewing on holidays, in you guessed it, the lakes.




There has been Schnauzers blowing in the wind

Horses heads and canal side beach huts

And lovely sofas finally arriving after a long 12 week wait.


It’s the small things that make me happy.

Claire xx

Infertility and contentment

Sometimes I stop and think about our whole crappy infertility situation, sometimes this can result in a good reaction, sometimes not. Who knows how I will react to something because I sure as heck don’t!

You would think I would know how to deal with this. Know the right way to work through my emotions to have the skills to deal with them. I mean I do it day in and day out with other people. Working in mental health I have all the training in all the different approaches and I can be hit by most situations at work and know what may help the person at that time but not so much for myself.

Sometimes I think I’m just too mentally tired to care about myself, I know that’s bad but how do you balance working in a very mentally draining job when you yourself feel mentally drained? Something has to give and it’s normally me paying attention to myself. I have the tendency to just try and block how I’m feeling. I do challenge it, I won’t let it take over or to become so consumed and negative with it all but I don’t really allow myself to much time to really think about it, to look at how I can help myself day to day. I just really get on with it.

I had a really open chat with one of my friends the other day. I’m fairly open about my fertility struggles but I normally tend to brush off how I’m really feeling. You know the whole “no news yet but I’m sure it will happen soon” comments or “I’m fine with it all” comments not really letting them into how it feels. You see that’s because it’s so confusing, I’m content but I’m sad, I’m content but I’m angry, I’m content but I’m scared, I’m content but I’m frustrated, I’m content but I’m numb, I’m content and I’m happy, I’m content and I feel positive. Notice the only theme? Content. I’ve tried really hard to remain content with aspects of my life, to not let infertility taint everything I have because despite having this great big bag of crap to deal with there is still a great deal of my life that I’m very content with and this is what gets me through.

I need to work on this though, when we attended the Infertility Network information day on Saturday there was a great talk on dealing with stress and practicing Mindfulness  and it made me realise that I’ve not been paying enough attention at times to the here and now.  I dip in and out of it, yes, but I can also allow myself to become overwhelmed with the what if’s of infertility and it becomes difficult to see the little things.  This needs to continue to be worked on and need to continue trying to make the focus more on me and not on infertility. I need to stop and see the life that is continuing to go on around me and to find joy and hope in those things.20140410-105516.jpg

2014 will not be the year that we hold our baby in our arms, this was the last month that that could happen and unfortunately that was not meant to be.

2014 however can still be the year that we get pregnant and for that I am hopeful.

Claire xx

Weight loss Wednesday ~ Week 23

This week will be a short post, I went a little of the rails! Back to it today though 🙂

I still managed to get in a few long walks, clocking up a nice

For some reason my normal fitbit email summary hasn’t come through as usual today so I’ve tried to take a screen shot of my weekly stats.


None of the walking really matters, or I suppose it does, it probably has done some damage limitation at least because this week I went a little of the rails. I have had three meals out this week and didn’t always go for the healthy options! I did try at points but healthy options were not always want I wanted so I gave in. I fully deserve my gain this week.


But from today I’m back on it, food diary is out and meals are all planned. I do have a lunch out with my Sister in Law for her birthday tomorrow but I have already had a look at the menu and there are plenty of healthy options. The rest of the week I’m getting right back to basics.

Claire x

Infertility Network Scottish Fertility Information Day

So tomorrow we are being brave and heading here


It is being run by Infertility Network by the Scottish branch and is taking place in a local hotel in Edinburgh.
This will be the first Infertility based event that we have attended and probably the only chance we have to be able to gain information this way. Now that we are waiting confirmation of being on the waiting list for IVF I figured we better find out more about what might be on the horizon for us and this day looks like it will really give us a lot of information that will hopefully make this whole process a little less scary.

I am looking forward to it but have to admit to being quite apprehensive, I have this thing in the back of my head that we are frauds of some kind and that we shouldn’t really be going despite having being diagnosed with unexplained infertility and being referred for IVF. It’s weird I know and maybe once I’ve been to it I’ll feel better that our diagnosis despite it meaning that actually nothing is wrong is a valid infertility diagnosis.

I am hoping that we both find it interesting and feel better about the future if IVF is the only way we may get our dreams.

And quite timely just after writing this post, this came in the post.

Our confirmation of referral for IVF!! Let’s hope my body gets the memo, looks like you’ve got 6 months left to start playing ball!

Claire xx>

Weight Loss Wednesday ~ Week 22

I’ve had a lovely long weekend off this week and got some nice walks in. Unfortunately we have not had the nice weather that those in the South of England have had and there were a few walks where the gloves had to come back out! However I still managed a respectful 12 miles in my long walks.


I’m still loving my fitbit and can’t believe that I regularly get over 20 miles walked each week. Having the stats emailed each week is great and I look forward to getting it each Tuesday to see how I’ve done.


Slimming World is still going well, I’m beginning to believe that this could be something that I can stick to even when I don’t want to lose weight as such and especially something I can when I eventually do get pregnant. Once you get your head around it, it’s really easy to make it fit with your life. I’ve also stopped drinking for a while, I just decided after we came back from holiday that I didn’t want to drink, of course that may change depending on what we are doing but currently I’m quite enjoying it and I’m not wasting my Syns on wine. This week I am over the moon to report another loss and a fairly big one to boot,


How I managed that is beyond me! I’m going to go over my food diary from this week and the week before we went on holiday were I lost 3lbs and see if I can notice anything different about those weeks.
This weeks loss also means I can do a happy dance because I’ve just dropped down into the next stone bracket >