Month: July 2014

IVF the next step ~ Ninewells Dundee

So we are still hurtling towards IVF, feeling somewhat out of control but somewhat in control now we have a start date.

We got our start pack through the post the second week in July, only three weeks after our initial appointment at Ninewells which I was very impressed with.

Included in the pack was the Nasal spray Supercur I will be using this for 2/3 weeks from Day 21 of my next cycle to suppress my hormones. The information from the assisted conception unit says

Supercur is a nasal spray that suppresses the hormones controlling the ovary. This is referred to as down regulation.

Also in the pack was a treatment schedule

20140726-215627-78987090.jpg So we can have an idea of how things will pan out. We are on the standard protocol for Ninewells which is estimated to take a minimum of five weeks from starting Supercur to the date of egg collection, though of course the cycle of treatment can take longer for a variety of reasons.

At least this gives us something to plan for and we have been able to work out approximate dates for starting and the week of possible egg collection and transfer, which will help me to vaguely plan my caseload at work and plan for some time off. I’m not going to do anything about time off though until I see how I respond as obviously it depends on the first step going to plan to get the second step in place.  I still haven’t really figured out how I am going to manage work if I am honest, my line manager knows about the IVF and she will need to know when we are heading for treatment as my clinic is 2.5hrs round trip I will need to have time off to attend appointments, they are great though and have said I can have the time off with no issues.  My main issue will just be how to manage my caseload, especially if I have to do any extra hospital appointments/scans etc at the last minute which is highly likely.  I also would like to take time off for egg collection and between that and transfer date as my job can be very stressful I don’t want to be worrying about my patients and worrying about myself.  I am not sure though if I shoud attempt to book this as a holiday or to self certify for 5 days illness.  The issue with using holidays is the dates may change at very short notice and I’m not too sure how accomodating my work will be for that.  God I wish this was easier, you think that you have got over one hurdle to only be met with another and we haven’t even got to the hurdle that is the actual treatment yet!

Looking at all of this information has been a bit overwhelming, hence me not blogging about it for a while as I got my head around it and still now I can’t figure out how I am going to manage balancing work with IVF but I am sure that I will find a way.

Even though we have the pack, have the treatment plan, looking through it all, thinking about it all makes you think about how there are so many variables to even managing to get to egg collection point and that is scary. The control is being handed over to my body and science from here on in.  That gives me a little bit of relief in a way, no more counting the days waiting to ovulate on my own, checking my temperatures each morning, constantly on knicker watch, counting the days wondering if my period will arrive.  Although of course I realise that I will still be doing some of these things during IVF, it is a bit of a relief that most of the run up to it will be handled by the clinic.  After this long trying to conceive,  that feels very strange!

Claire xx

Weight Loss Wednesday

Not as good a week fitbit stats wise as last week as I’ve been working this weekend so missed out on a few of my long walks.

I haven’t fully returned to Slimming World ways yet though, despite talking to myself about it every morning and telling myself today is the day I have probably only had 2 days where I actually stuck to it 100%.

I did still get a loss though which I am chuffed with.

This weekend I have my sister visiting from Ireland so I am not expecting a perfect Slimming World week at all, especially not with cocktails planned for Saturday!

Claire xx

It’s the small things ~ June edition

July already! Here’s some of my small things from June.

20140701-075238-28358269.jpgThere was football sweepstakes.

20140701-075331-28411572.jpg First BBQ of the year.

20140701-075406-28446163.jpg Sleeping on knee Schnauzers (this never happens!)

20140701-075454-28494475.jpg Exciting/nerve racking books bought.

20140701-080018-28818550.jpg Job interview prepped for and completed.

20140701-080136-28896983.jpg A new job offered.

20140701-080206-28926104.jpg And a new job celebrated.

20140701-222129-80489393.jpg Queens Baton Relay watching.

20140701-222210-80530100.jpg Important waiting rooms sat in #ivf

20140701-222309-80589646.jpg Temperatures Rising.

20140701-222349-80629335.jpg Tents camped in.

20140701-222417-80657904.jpg Gorgeous scenery admired.

20140701-222500-80700057.jpg Cakes decorated.

20140701-222555-80755303.jpg And a fun afternoon with 20 Schnauzers.

So that was June.

Claire xx

Weight Loss Wednesday

Wednesday weigh in time again!

I managed a good amount of miles over the week which I am very happy about.

But…. there always seems to be a but recently. I still am struggling getting my eating back on track and am craving sugar like no ones business. Most days I have given into it and had bars of chocolate or nipped to the bakery (bad Claire) yesterday I had to work so hard at not giving in. I did manage it but I’ve no idea why I’ve been like this recently. I was hoping for a good loss after my 4lb gain last weigh in but that would require me not to eat the cakes! Anyway I did lose by some sort of a miracle.


I really want at least another half stone or more off before we start IVF so I really better do something more about the sneaky treats!

Claire xx