Month: December 2014

Will 2015 be the year?

This day last year I posted this blog post  ‘will 2014 be the year?’  I can’t quite believe that I am writing a post a year later still asking the same thing.  I never in my wildest dreams thought that we wouldn’t be at least sitting here pregnant now, or if I am really honest with you, I thought that we would have just celebrated our first Christmas with our baby.  But things in my dreams have not become a reality and I’m faced with wondering again if 2015 will be the year that we finally become a family of three.

IMG_1020.JPGWe started the year off with fertility drugs and full of hope and optimism but it wasn’t meant to be.  By August we were embarking on our first round of IVF which also wasn’t meant to be.  And by Christmas we were lost and didn’t really know how to move on from a year that was filled with so much hope but in relation to infertility, gave us nothing but disappointment. There were points in the run up to Christmas that I just really couldn’t see how we could carry on, I had thought I was coping so well but honestly there were some very very dark days where I felt so overwhelmed I couldn’t see how we were ever going to move on from the failures of 2014.  But move on we must and somehow we got through Christmas, we allowed ourselves to feel happy and sad and the hope for New Year started returning.

I’m writing this now with that hope continuing to return, with thoughts of our next and final NHS IVF cycle coming up in the next few months, dreams slowly coming back to me, wishes and hopes that 2015 will be the year that we have been waiting for.


Yes 2014 wasn’t kind, it didn’t come up with the goods that we wanted but it did show me that my marriage is solid, it showed me that through shared pain we have become even more of a team than I ever imagined we could be.  Infertility is an evil, soul destroying illness, one I would never wish on anyone, it may give me dark dark days but it will not ruin me.

Bring it on 2015!

Claire xx


Snowman Soup

I came across Snowman Soup when I was browsing Pinterest – the invention of Pinterest has a lot of answer for in this house that’s for sure! Though a quick google of Snowman Soup, brought up hundreds of links to different versions of this so I suppose I’m just late to the party.

I found a link to a lovely printable to attach to the ingredients over on Ginger Snap Crafts


* Brown paper bags – I picked up 10 in Home Bargains for 80p
* Hot Chocolate packets
* Candy Canes
* Hershey Kisses – I got a packet of these in Tesco in their international aisle for £3
* Mini Marshmallows
* Ribbon
* Printable Snowman Soup poem found here

I cut the handles of the bags I had as I thought they looked better without, folded the top over then punched two holes in to be able to tie with ribbon and added the Snowman Soup poem.

I think they look really cute and they were cheap and easy to make so a winner all round.

Claire xx

Christmas Printable O Holy Night Print

O Holy Night is my favourite Christmas Hymn of all time and when I came across this printable last year I knew that I really wanted to make it.

It is available via the lovely Emily Hope over at Hope Ink . Emily has very kindly set up the print to be downloaded and printed as an 10×8″ PDF print so it is really easy to print out at home. I decided that I would like to frame mine too so that I would have it for every year so I picked up a cheap 10×8″ white frame to put it in to match my living room.

I also decided that I would like to add a little bit of sparkle to it so that it would reflect when my Christmas lights were on. I felt the design really lent itself to adding some small gems which I had at home already

I loved the end effect of adding them, I didn’t put too many on, I just wanted a few to help set it off and to draw your attention to it.

I then put it into a plain frame so I could put it in the living room for Christmas.

It now takes pride of place on our fireplace and I am so happy that I finally got round to printing it off.

I couldn’t blog about making a print from my favourite Christmas hymn without linking into my all time favourite version of the song. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Claire xx

Coping or not?!?

This infertility lark catches you unawares, coasting along thinking I’m coping fine. Telling everyone I’m coping fine, putting a smile on, believing I’m coping fine.

Then bam, it hits you like a slap around the face, the feeling of being so overwhelmed, that maybe you’re not coping, maybe you’re just kidding yourself…. What’s the truth? Am I coping or I’m I just kidding myself on?

To be honest with you, times like this morning, I’m not actually sure. But what I do know, the coping face needs to go back on, it’s the only way I know how to survive.


Claire xx

Quick Christmas candle crafting

I had seen a picture of candles covered with cinnamon sticks on Pinterest a while ago and thought it would be a really easy Christmas craft that would look great on our dining table so I thought I’d give it a try.

You really don’t need much to make them.

* candle
* cinnamon sticks
* glue
* string or ribbon
* small decorations of your choice

I picked up everything I needed in Hobbycraft and set to work.

All you need to do is glue the cinnamon sticks on around your candle, tie with the string and allow to dry then add your decoration. Easy peasy!

I had a few cinnamon sticks left over from my bag so decided to make a cinnamon stacker.

IMG_9107.JPG I just cut enough string to gather them together then tied them up leaving one out to glue to the top and added some decorations.

Overall I’m really happy with the end results.


Are you planning any crafts for Christmas?

Claire xx

It’s the small things ~ November edition

The small things that have made me happy over the last month *disclaimer, features lots of sunshine pics to start. Sorrynotsorry

IMG_8912.PNG There was comparing the weather forecast whilst lying by the pool.

IMG_8931.JPG Cocktails by the marina.

IMG_8934.JPG Beautiful marina views.

IMG_8955.JPG Cloud watching.

IMG_8969-0.JPG Anniversary cocktails at the end of the pier.

IMG_8988.JPG My first viewing of the ‘holidays are coming’ ad!

IMG_9003.JPG Beautiful sunrises

IMG_9022.JPG Scotland excelling itself with beauty at sunset.

IMG_9037.JPG Memories of my beautiful Granny.

IMG_9054.JPG 5th Birthday’s celebrated.

IMG_9066.JPG Hearts filled with hope.

IMG_9086.JPG First red cup of the holiday season enjoyed.

Claire xx