Month: June 2015

Weight Loss Wednesday ~ Monthly Update

It’s time for another Weight Loss Wednesday monthly update. This month I joined a local group, I was hoping that it would get me motivated I would see consistent weight loss each week. Well the first part has been true, it has managed to get me motivated but I’ve not seen the numbers go down the scales the way I had hoped. 

The first week at group I only lost 1lb……, the second was better with a 2.5lb loss. This week I wrote everything down, tried three days of the new Extra Easy SP plan and MAINTAINED!!  To say I was gutted was an understatement. I didn’t change anything eating wise from the week before apart from doing the SP days so I still can’t understand what went wrong? Maybe my body actually needs carbs to loose weight, God only blooming knows! 

Overall though I’m happy with my weight loss for this month. I had set myself the goal of losing 5lbs and getting into the next stone bracket and I’m proud to say I managed that.  


This month I’m going to set my goal at 6lbs for the month which will also get me my 1/2stone award at group and a nice little shiny sticker. 

Claire xx 

Salt, Pepper & Chilli Chicken ~ Slimming World Friendly

 Serves 2


350g diced chicken breast fillets
1 green pepper ~ sliced
1 yellow pepper ~ sliced
1 onion ~ sliced
1 chilli ~ sliced
1/2 teaspoon crushed chilli flakes
1 teaspoon sea salt
1 egg
1/3 pack of smash

1 ~ Place smash on a plate & mix with the teaspoon of sea salt. Beat egg lightly, dip chicken into the egg mix, roll in the smash and place on a baking tray that has been lightly sprayed with frylight.  Place in the oven for 20mins at 200c.

2 ~ Meanwhile, spray a frying pan with Frylight and gently cook the peppers, onion, chilli and chilli flakes until softened.

3 ~ When your chicken is cooked through, add to the peppers mix and toss before serving with rice and a dash of light soy sauce.

I served with Slimming world friendly Egg Fried Rice which was gorgeous and dare I say it…….even better than the Chinese!

Now, technically in Slimming World terms you should by syning this as it is considered a ‘tweak’ because you are using the Smash in a different way. I don’t syn it as I feel I’m actually using less than I would if I made it up as a full packet. If you want to syn it a single portion would be 2.5syns.

Claire xx

Weetabix Muffins ~ Slimming World Friendly

  I had seen a lot of Instagram photos with people making breakfast muffins with Weetabix and one of my amazing friends on there who has lost an awe inspiring six and a half stone! Shared her recipe with me. I’m sure she won’t mind me sharing it with you lovely lot. 


2 Weetabix crumbled {healthy extra B choice}
2 eggs
A Muller light of your choice
Sachet of options hot chocolate
1tbsp sweetner

Makes 6 muffins ~ 2 syns for full recipe. 

  Mix all ingredients together in a bowl, divide into muffins cases, cook at 180c for 20mins or until brown. 
And enjoy!! 

Claire xx 

Joining a Slimming World Group

So last week I decided to join a Slimming World group. 

I’ve been following Slimming World online initially, then at home since October 2013. I first started it to lose weight to be eligible for IVF, well if you’re a regularly reader you will all know what happened there. I have lost 30lbs since that initial start date, I’ve gained and lost, gained and lost through two treatments but overall I’m very proud that I didn’t allow myself to regain it all what with my tendency to emotionally eat. I’ve been doing good doing it myself but since the last IVF I’ve not really managed to get back into it properly and to be honest I’m not happy with how I look so I started thinking about joining a group. It took me a while to get to the point of actually putting it in my diary to go but on last Wednesday night I put my big girl pants on and went.  


I’m really hoping the group gets me motivated. I’ve been successful in losing weight at a slimming group before (not so successful at keeping it off!!) Though being able to look back and see that with Slimming World I’ve managed to keep my initial weight loss off for nearly a year is giving me the hope that this is the plan I need to follow and something that has become a good basis for my eating habits. 

Why join a group though? I questioned this quite a few times, I mean I had been very successful doing it at home and with a successful drop of nearly 2.5stone it has worked for me but I just felt that I needed something else a little gentle push that I wasn’t giving myself at home. 

One week in and a few motivating text messages from my group consultant, a private Facebook group and access to lifeline online, I think I’ve made the right decision. I’ve made more conscious food decisions and been more mindful of what I am eating, plus I’m loving cooking new things again. 

I’ve bought a 12 week countdown pass and my aim is to drop around another 2 stone. 

I want to be in the best possibly place weight wise for when we attempt IVF again.

Wish me luck 

Claire x 

It’s the small things ~ May edition


It’s the small things that have made the month of May. 

Booking an extra annual leave day to give me a lovely four day weekend. 

Spending the afternoon repainting my garden bench which was in such need of a makeover. 

Spray painting plant pots ready for some planting this month.  

  Yet more painting of garden furniture! 

  Digging my gloves out and holding on to the heat of my coffee cup in bitterly cold windy walks. 
  Cornwall trip planning. 

  Afternoon prosecco in the sun before a work day out. 

  International Nurses Day – recognising all the nurses out there. 

 Getting back into Slimming World. 

 Finally planting some bedding plants in my new updated plant pots.  

 Prosecco in the sun with the bestie. 

 Enjoying a much needed alcohol filled afternoon with the bestie.  

 Afternoon park walks. 

 Sunshine and bluebells.  

 Bullets bitten and a Slimming World Group joined. 

  Lovely Saturday afternoon new places for a dog walk found. 

What will June bring? 

Claire xx