Month: July 2015

Weight Loss Wednesday – Monthly Update

It’s weight loss Wednesday monthly update time again.  I’ve had ups and downs this month but I am beginning to feel that, that is just the way things will always be for me.  Some weeks I have stuck 100% to plan and not seen the results on the scales then there was the week I changed nothing and got a 3lb loss.  My body just seems to do what it wants to do!

One thing I have focused on is trying to increase my exercise and to drink more water.  I really struggle drinking water over the course of the day at work as because I work in the community it’s never far from your mind when you might need the toilet.  I have been trying though to drink more especially as I have increased my exercise levels.  On top of my normal walking on average of 20+ miles per week I have also added in some arm Dumbell workouts and I am trying to do 1-2 elliptical workouts per week.

I have been to group every week though to be honest I have been wondering if it is actually doing what I wanted it to do, it was mainly to increase my motivation which it has done but I’m still not overly convinced on the ‘image therapy’ part.  I am sticking with it though – probably because I bought a 12 week countdown and there are aspects of the group that I like so maybe it will continue to grow on me.  I suppose overall I didn’t really know what to expect when I went to group and it still feels a little ‘different’ from things I have done before.  I did get my 1/2 stone award in group though so I was happy with that.  It was one of my challenges for this month so it gets a big tick from me.  My other goal was to lose 6lbs and I am pleased to say that I managed to achieve this too.

Overall I am very happy with this!  I need to learn to not be too hard on myself if I don’t see the loss on the scales that I was hoping for, but to look over the weight loss of the month to give myself a better boost in motivation.  I also took measurements last month so i will be looking forward to seeing how I am getting on with those when I remeasure. This months weight loss has now brought my grand total to – 

This month I am setting myself the goal of getting my 1 stone sticker in group and I am hoping for a loss of another 6lbs.  Fingers crossed!

Claire xx

It’s the small things ~ June edition

 Some of the small things that have made up the month of June. 

  Moving down a size in my work trousers. 

Making a new calendar for my desk where the pink marks disappear! No more regular weekend working for me.  

 Enjoying some well earned wine. 

Gala days in the rain. 

 Looking at a comparison pic ~ 30lbs down.  

 Beach walks.  

 With lots and lots of miniature Schanuzers.  

 And beautiful views.   

 Lots of amazing Slimming World friendly food.  

 Coffee at the Kelpies. 

Making the garden look pretty… all we need is Summer to arrive.  

 Canal side walking.  

 Pancake Saturday’s.  

 Coffees enjoyed.  

 New trainers delivered.  

 Orange is the New Black binged on. 

 Destressing with tea.  

 Vodkas and late evening sunshine enjoyed.  

 New toys purchased.  

 Herons spotted.  

 Loch side lunches enjoyed.  

 Suki tea found locally.  

 House guests arrived.  

 Tongues out Tuesday’s. 

What will July bring? 

Claire xx