Month: August 2015

Glamping we go….

For our main holidays this year we decided to stay within the UK, dust off our immense camping kit and head away Glamping.  We used to go camping quite a lot, starting with a smallish tent and working our way up to our mammoth tent that we have now that I still love!   An Outwell Montana. It’s a 6 birth but really we think it’s perfect for us two and the dog off course.

 We haven’t been as much over the last few years, only camping for one long weekend last year. I suppose that’s my doing, it can be quite a challenge preparing all the bits for heading away, picking somewhere to go and then there is the fitting it all in the car! But when we get there and the tent is up its like a home from home.

I will only camp because we ‘posh camp’ large tent, electric hookup for the heater, kettle, electric cool box, campbed & tent carpet! Yip I did say tent carpet.

  It’s lovely to have a big space to relax in and because our tent has a sewn in ground sheet it makes sure *nothing manages to rip it *the dog!

We are really looking forward to going away for 12 nights, the longest we will ever have camped and the furthest away we have driven to do so. We have both really wanted to go to Cornwall so we are all booked up to make the long drive down south.  To make things a little easier though we are going to stop on the way down, there is no way I could face pitching the tent after a 9 hour drive.

I found this lovely little place about 5hrs away, near Ludlow that offers dog friendly Glamping pods perfect for a nice relaxed stop off on the way down and the only thing that we will need to do is unpack the bedding. pod2bistro
Image Credit

We are then heading to Bude in North Cornwall and are going to base ourselves there for a week.  I picked North Cornwall as I also wanted to go to North Devon and pay a visit to the English Riviera if we can.  There is so much to see and do though in this area that I am not sure we are going to fit it all in in a week!  I am really looking forward to staying here at Wooda Farm.The site itself looks lovely, with sea views, large dog walk, bar and restaurant and not far out of Bude, it’s within around 1hr to 1.5hrs from everywhere we want to visit and I have been busy looking up dog friendly things to do so we will be kept busy and hopefully have an exhausted dog!

On the way back up we decided to stop off in North Wales, another place that we have never visited.  We are again going to do one night in the Glamping pods after packing up and leaving Cornwall – the thought of taking the tent down, driving 4.5hrs then putting it up again was just too much.

We are basing ourselves just outside of Colwyn Bay colwyn
Image credit – Visit Wales.

From here I am hoping to go up to the summit for Great Orme, venture around Snowdonia National Park and make the trip across the bridge to The Isle of Anglesey again there is so much to do and some of it will be weather dependent but hopefully we will manage to squeeze in a good few sights that we have never seen before.

I am finally looking forward to getting away and enjoying a good old British Staycation. Please though let the weather gods be at least a little kind to us!

See you all soon.

Claire xx

Weight Loss Wednesday ~ Monthly Update


It’s that time of the month again for my monthly Weight Loss Wednesday update. I didn’t quite achieve my goal I set from last month of losing 6lbs but I am happy to report a loss of;  

I’ve reflected a lot over this last month and I am more than happy to set myself a goal of losing 1lb a week. Losing 1lb a week from now until Christmas will get me to my target weight and a bmi under the elusive figure that I want. I don’t overall feel that bmi is a good indicator of health but seeing as my main motivation for weight loss is IVF, bmi plays a factor in all clinics and therefore bmi is where I need to be focusing on in my run up to target. 

I have noticed some major changes in how I look recently, I know I only lost 4.5lbs this month but for some reason my body seems to be changing shape and I like it.  

 I tried on a size 14 slim fitting trousers when my current work ones were beginning to get too big and I couldn’t believe that they actually fitted! Now they may be a generous 14 but I don’t care, I’m owning that they are a blooming 14!! 

Overall I have lost just over 3 stone. Amazing!! 

Next month we will be away for two weeks, so my monthly update will be a little later. I’m setting the goal of 5lbs to lose. 

Claire xx 

Three stones gone forever – Slimming World

This week saw me achieving three stone weight loss with Slimming world. I am over the moon to be able to post this and even more impressed with myself that despite it taking a while to get to this point I have not fallen off the wagon or gained weight apart from my IVF cycles.

I am I suppose well in the zone now with it. I am .5lb off losing 1stone since starting the Slimming World group 10 weeks ago and hopefully next week will bring my shiny new sticker and certificate in group.

I am a real visual person, so I like to see things in front of me to see how I am doing.

This was in the front of my daily diary and I love colouring it in when I return from group.

I have set myself an interim target which I am only 10.5lbs away from but last weekend I sat and thought about what I want my actual target to be.  I know that BMI is not the be all and end all, but for me to go on and have another round of IVF I really want to get my BMI not just into the healthy range but to drop down into it a little and get it under 24. So I have in my head set a target weight that will get my BMI to 23.6.

And conveniently it worked out at losing 1lb per week from now until Christmas. That should be achievable even with a couple of weeks holidays booked in between now and then.

And not the greatest pictures but I wanted to put in a three stone lost comparison picture. The one on the left was taken 2 years ago and the one on the right was yesterday.

The countdown to Target is on!

Claire xx

It’s the small things ~ July Edition 

It’s all the small things that have made me smile in July.  

 Tiny cuddles with our tiny houseguest.  

 Hedgehog spotting. 

 Getting back into exercising and feeling good.  

 Two pooches finally lying side by side after two weeks together.  

 Seeing these results on my monthly measurements!  

 Fitting all our immense camping kit into my new car and heading off for the weekend. 

 Managing to get tent set up without too many cross words.  

 Sitting outside as the sun started to set.  

 Being teased by the campsites geese.  

 Refreshing my soul with good seaside views.  

  Taking seaside family selfies.  

 Drinking coffee and admiring the view.  

 Letting someone get comfortable.  

 Discovering Northumberlands national park.  

 Being a little underwhelmed by the waterfall we climbed miles to see.  

 Getting ready for the most special little man in my life turning two.  

 Laughing in the face of summer! Once I lowered the umbrella. 

Now let’s see what August brings. 

Claire xx