Month: October 2015

It’s the small things ~ October edition 

 It’s time for the roundup of the little things that have made the month of October. 

  There was visits to the Falkirk wheel
  Countryside hotels visited. 
  Champagne consumed. 
  Wedding photos posed for. 
  Beautiful cakes enjoyed. 
  Weekend cycle rides enjoyed. 
  Huffing jumper wearing Schnauzers. 
  Freezing starts to the day. 
  But followed by glorious autumn days. 
  Slimming World target weights achieved. 
  3 stone 12lbs lost! 
  Coffee’s enjoyed.
  Canal dog walking at sunset. 
  Holidays counted down to. 
  New Yankee candles lit. 
  Nails done for holidays. 
  Dinner out with the husband. 
  A trip to the Barrowland. 
  Christy Moore enjoyed. 
  New gym clothes purchased. 
  Suitcases packed. 
Hopefully November will be starting with some sun! 

Claire x 

Raspberry and Banana Tarlets ~ Slimming World Friendly 


I seen these on The lovely tillymints instagram account and thought I needed to try them. They turned out lovely! 


Makes 18 Tarlets at 1.5 syns each. 

Mini sweet pastry cases from Sainsburys 
1 x banana & custard Muller light
1 x sachet of gelatine
cinnamon to taste

  They are super easy to make. 

  • Dissolve the gelatine in 50mls of boiling water.
  • Add in the yoghurt and cinnamon to your taste and stir well. 
  • Pour into pastry cases, leave to cool and set. 
  • Top with your favourite speed fruit. 


Claire xx 

Slimming World ~ an update. 

Goodness it’s been a long time since I did a Slimming World post, I stopped doing weekly weigh in posts as I thought they would end up boring and I had all intentions of doing monthly ones but I kinda got lazy. However I did still keep going to group and do you know what? It paid off! 

After 19 weeks at the group, this happened!  

 I am over the moon. My BMI is now classed as ‘normal’ which was one of the targets I had set myself (mainly driven by my wish for more IVF)  


I have lost a total of 3 stone and 12lbs, now granted 1 stone odd of that was to get me on the IVF waiting list way back last year so it has taken me a lot longer than others but that doesn’t matter, I’ve done it, I’ve got to target, I’ve lost a massive 54lbs! 

I’m wearing clothes size 12/14 which was the target I set myself before I started. I’m learning to be happy with what I see in the mirror and the pure happiness of just picking something up of the rail and it fitting is something I won’t tire of anytime soon. 

Obviously I’m not naive, I know the hard work is only just starting. I’ve been successful with losing weight before but I’ve never managed to keep it off. Slimming world feels different though, actually I’m quite confident to say it is totally different. I managed to not regain all of what I had lost despite going through one of the most emotional times in my life…..twice…. So I’m hoping that what I have learned through Slimming World will now be the basics of my every day life. 

The one major thing I am going to do is to keep going to the group. When I’ve lost weight before I got my target then never went back, obviously that approach doesn’t work for me so it’s seems obvious what needs to change this time. 

Now I need to learn to maintain, or there is always the possibility in the future of lowering my target weight if I feel my body is better at a different weight, we will see how the next few months pan out. At the minute I just need to get my head around being at ‘target’.

Claire xx 

Infertility limbo 

  Looking for the answer…..

I realised it’s been a long time since I did any blog updates about our infertility and I suppose this picture says it all, we are currently still in limbo land. There is nothing much to report after the two failed cycles of IVF, we haven’t got that elusive positive test because “we just stopped trying/thinking about it/relaxed” *delete appropriate stupid comment
We got through the anniversary of our first cycle, I tried to not overthink it but it was hard to think that this time last year we were full of excitement & hopes and dreams. It’s even harder to think we are sitting here another year down the line, still childless.  

I’ve stopped counting how many cycles/months/years it’s now been, too blooming long for there to be “nothing” wrong with us that’s for sure. Stopped tracking my cycles, stopped temping, stopped ovulation testing… 

We are trying something though, still giving it our best shot each month but now we are currently trying a new male fertility product called Androferti which we are hoping might help if there is more of an issue with hubbies sperm and with the suggested potential issues with dna fragmentation. We were very lucky to be picked for a free trial with the fertility journeys feature over at Fertility Road Magazine so that is currently our focus. 

If that doesn’t make a difference though, where will that put us? Staring down the barrel of IVF #3 with our only option to go abroad. That is a minefield within itself too, so many questions that will need answered before we go ahead with that,  so much money needing to be found from somewhere, so much emotional investment. 

Why is this so bloody hard??? 

Claire xx 

Our glamping trip in photos ~ Part two

We had enjoyed our first bike ride so much we decided that we would do another one. This time in Cornwall going from Wadebridge to Padstow along the Camel Trail  

 We really enjoyed Padstow and once we had parked the bikes up we enjoyed a coffee overlooking the bay, a lovely walk up the hill towards the beach and the husband enjoyed an original Cornish Pasty before cycling back to Wadebridge to drop the bikes back.  

 Enjoying an Al fresco wine watching the sunset after a busy day cycling. 

We decided that we really wanted to visit Lands End, it was a two hour drive from where we were staying but I’m really pleased we decided to make the trip. The views from down there were just breathtaking. It also helped as it was quite quiet despite being a Sunday so we didn’t find it too touristy.  

   Lunch with the most amazing view! 

After a walk around the costal path we headed to St Ives. We decided to do the park and ride (which is actually a train) as I had read that the parking in St Ives was quite difficult. Add to that it was fast turning into a gorgeous afternoon I think the train from Lelant was the best choice. The train comes in along the coast so you get some amazing views over the different bays on the way in. 

I must admit, we loved St Ives, from the different bays and beaches, the seafront walks, the harbour and the coastal path we could have spent much longer there.  


For our last day in Cornwall we decided to take it easy and just go for a nice beach walk. We headed along the coast to Watergate Bay which has a gorgeous beach and is dog friendly.  

We all loved Cornwall so much and will be returning that’s for sure! 

To break up our return journey we planned to stop off for a few days in North Wales, though the thought of taking the tent down then putting it back up again was far too much so we heading back to the wood pods for one night visiting Ludlow on the way.  

We then made our way to North Wales for a few nights before heading home. 

We were really lucky with the weather and enjoyed watching the sunset with a glass of wine back at the campsite.  


Our last day was another lovely walk around the Welsh coastline.       

Before heading back to pack our home from home up.     

We had a great trip and didn’t stop the full 11 nights we were away, which was proven when my Fitbit stats arrived!  

This trip showed me that I can camp in complete comfort for longer than 3 nights and now the quest is on to find somewhere just as good for next year! 

Anyone been to any amazing dog friendly Cornwall campsites? 

Claire xx 

It’s the small things ~ September edition

I’ll try and not make this months post too top heavy with photos but trying to only pick a few of our recent road trip is so hard! All of them make me smile. 

September seen us set off a road trip to Shropshire, Cornwall & North Wales.

There were bridges.  Beach huts  Castles explored.    

   So many beaches!  
 Clear blue skies.  

 Al fresco wines. 

 Time to think.  

 So much time with my two favourite men.  

   Coffee’s with amazing views.  
 Then time to come home (though the traffic jam did not make us smile!)  

 Blackberry picking.  

 First signs of Autumn appearing. 

 Great dog walking shadows.  

 Beautiful evening walks along the canal.  

 First signs of Christmas approaching!  

 Bikes dusted off.  

 Schnauzers getting cuddles.  

 Lots of Schnauzers meeting up.  

 Amazing sunsets.  

   Reflections enjoyed.  
 Slimming world certificates achieved and I’m in awe of this bringing me up to 3stone 8.5lbs loss in total! 

Bring on October.

Claire x