Month: November 2015

Christmas ideas for Couples

There are so many blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts and God only knows what else posts about a family Christmas, traditions with your family, things to do with the kids, mainly things that revolve around your family including kids. 

But Christmas shouldn’t be just about the kids, we are big kids at heart even though we don’t have them ourselves. Shouldn’t we have Christmas traditions and activities too? I think so and just because we don’t have kids doesn’t mean we can’t get into the Christmas spirit and have some fun! 

I decided this year to come up with some festive things for us to do as a couple, to stop putting off doing things as we wait to see if we will ever be parents, so let’s get our Christmas on! 

This is what I’ve come up with so far: 

  • Decorate the tree – This one is something we always do together, heating on, our favourite Christmas Yankee Candle burning and the Christmas tunes on repeat.
  • Visit Edinburgh Christmas – there is so many different things going on in Edinburgh this festive season. New for this year is the street of light a synchronised light show set to music from different choirs. I’ve booked us tickets to go and see it and can’t wait! We will also be mooching around The Scottish market and not forgetting the European market. Making it a lovely Christmassy night out together. 
  • Christmas movie night – We have always done a Christmas movie night and ‘it’s a wonderful life’ is the one that we always make sure we sit down and watch together. This year though I’m making a Christmas Movie night checklist, obviously with a list of all the Christmas movies we own or have access to and my plan is we watch as many of them as we can in the run up to Christmas. 
  • Christmas Eve Box – I have seen the Christmas Eve boxes loads over the last few years and I have them saved on my love to do for our kids Pinterest list. However this year I’ve decided that I should go ahead and do a couples one instead. My ideas so far are a Christmas movie, ingredients for Mulled cider, personalised Christmas mugs, Christmas themed pjs, cinnamon popcorn & homemade cookies and then I would like to add the next thing on my list into it to complete each year. 
  • Our year in review – I found these year in review printables online and thought they were a lovely idea to look back on, to look at our memories, victories and changes in our marriage over the last year.

Anyone have any other ideas? 

Claire xx 

    4 years of infertility

    Four years have come and gone since we decided for me to get my implant out and for us to try for a baby.  Having a baby has been something I have wanted with my now husband since not long after we met all those years ago, but we waited, waited until we were married, until we both had good jobs, you know, we waited until everything was the way we thought it was supposed to be….

    But for us it’s not supposed to be that way is it?  It’s certainly not supposed to be easy, that’s the one thing the last four years has shown us.  You have all these dreams, all these views on how things are supposed to be, but you have no power over them,

    Sometimes things just aren’t how you thought they were supposed to be, and that hurts.

    Claire xx