Month: January 2016

Resolutions…goals…new leaf…whatever you want to call them! 

I wasn’t going to make a resolution for New Year, I have some personal goals that I want to work on this year but I’m not going to bore you all with my mundane lists for life (though some may appear in blog posts through the year!) 

Over the last few days though, I’ve had a bit of internal revelation. There is something I’ve been doing, particularly over the last year. I knew I was doing it, knew I needed to stop doing it, I kept telling myself to do something about it but I didn’t. 

I had become selfish, not my usual way at all. I used to describe myself as thoughtful, caring, always wanting to do things for others, taking an interest in them. Over the past year I’ve allowed myself to be slowly stripped of those qualities, forgetting important things in my friends lives, not texting, even if it’s only to say hello. 

Well today I’ve put a stop to that. I’m making a conscious effort to get re involved with my friends, re involved with life. Thankfully they have all stuck by me and I love them for that! 

Claire xx

It’s the small things ~ December edition 

And this was December…. I had worried I was going to struggle this month but I made sure we had lots of good times. 

  Christmas mugs dusted off. 
  Christmas trees decorated. 
  Christmas movie list made. 

  Edinburgh at Christmas. 
  Schnauzers sitting on the Christmas duvet. 
  Presents wrapped. 
  Frosty dog walks. 
  With gorgeous frosty berries. 
  Baileys by the tree. 
  Christmas party nights. 

  Christmas jumper days. 
  Plenty of cocktails. 
  Couples Christmas Eve box. 
  Smooth Christmas soundtrack to driving back to Ireland for Christmas. 
  Christmas Eve spa days. 
  Christmas Day selfies. 

  Doggy present time. 
  The parents Mr & Mrs Clause chairs. 
  Hot mojioto time. 
  Hogmanay spent with our favourite people. 
  And the last night of 2015 with this man right by my side. We may not have had the easiest of years, we still have lots of hurdles in front of us but we have each other and for that we have to be thankful. 
Wishing you all health and wealth for 2016. 

Claire xx