Month: February 2016

Scan Bran Carrot Cake ~ Slimming World friendly 

My gorgeous friend from  Instagram shared this recipe a little while ago and I thought I would try it today. 

It works out at 10 Syns for the full cake or 4 Syns if using the Scan Bran as your healthy extra. There was no way I was planning on eating the full thing so I worked out each of my slices as 1 1/4 Syns each. 

Ingredients – makes 8 slices

For the cake. 
5 Scan Bran – blitzed to a grain (6 Syns) 
2 large carrots, grated
1 tsp ground ginger
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp ground nutmeg
3 tbsp sweetener
2 tbsp sweet mince meat (4 Syns)
3 eggs beaten
Drop of vanilla Essence
Drop of almond Essence

For the topping 
200g Quark
Drop of vanilla Essence
1 tbsp sweetener

  Mix all the ingredients for the cake in a large bowl then transfer to a silicone cake tin. Microwave for 3 1/2 – 4 minutes (the sides should come away a little) 
Leave on a rack to cool 
Once cool, mix all the ingredients together for the topping then spread over the cooled cake. 
I then sprinkled with further cinnamon. 

   Serve with some speedy fruit on the side and enjoy!

Claire xx 

Slow cooked Irish Stew ~ Slimming World


Serves 4

Syn Free


500g stewing beef
1 large onion ~ roughly chopped
2 garlic cloves ~ crushed
300g baby potatoes
5 small carrots~ roughly chopped
400g swede ~ roughly chopped
2 bay leaves
Tsp dried Thyme & Tsp dried Parsley
350ml of beef stock
350ml of vegetable stock
Salt and Black pepper

Add all ingredients to your slow cooker (I don’t brown the meat prior to adding to the slow cooker) give it all a good mix up and pop on low for 8 hours.


C xx

Revising my Slimming World Target Weight

I hit my target weight with Slimming World in October last year, what I like about Slimming World is that you can set a interim target and you can then revise it (as long as your new target is 7lbs less than the first one)

I got to Target, went on holiday, gained a couple of pounds then went back to group and kept on losing weight. I suppose though, deep down I was trying to do this, I had thought I had set my target weight too high once I started getting closer to it and when I did get there I knew deep down that it wasn’t where I wanted to be.

In the run up to Christmas I continued to lose weight but didn’t want to reset my target weight before Christmas, I headed into the holiday season 9lbs under my initial target weight. Post holiday I had a gain of 3lbs and I reset my target weight at that point. I reset it 10lbs less than my initial which I felt was not only achievable but a weight that I would be able to maintain at.

It was in a new stone bracket too, which anyone who is losing weight knows, feels so good. I also wanted it that even if I gained the 3lbs allowed on top of target that I wouldn’t be entering that other stone bracket again.

On January 13th I hit my new and final target weight! Now though it’s the even harder part of learning to maintain.

Can I do it??

Claire xx

Happy 3rd Blogiversary!


Yesterday my little slice of the internet turned 3.  I need to get back into the routine of blogging more.  I still love this little space of mine and I still love that people are still commenting on my posts and getting in contact with me especially regarding IVF.

There are not currently much updates in the whole infertility aspect of things. We are still plodding along, trying naturally with no success so far but hopefully at this point this year we will look at going for another cycle.

Slimming world wise, I am now at target, still attending group and still cooking away but I haven’t been blogging many recipes, again something I really need to be looking at again as they always go down so well.

One of the things I am consistent with is my monthly ‘It’s the small things post’ they may only be small things but they make me happy and having a log of them on here is so nice to look back on so I am really pleased that I have kept up with that.

Thank you all for continuing to support me on here.

Claire xx

It’s the small things ~ January edition 

It’s time for the small things that made me smile in January. 

  House de-christmasfied and back to normal. 
  Bright coloured travel mugs to brighten the dull mornings. 
  Kelpie Selfies
  Planning, planning, planning. 
  Stumpy teapots and new tea blends. 

  Enjoying glasses of my favourite wine. 
  Snowy walks with my two favourite men. 
  Ice and snow covered canals. 

  Plenty of coffees enjoyed. 
  Memories of 6 years ago picking up this little man. 
  Getting my craft on and making some cards. 
  Fitting into a size 12 trousers! 
  Getting ready to head away to celebrate my brothers 40th birthday.
Claire xx