Month: March 2016

Working out and hiiting it hard

Did you see my little play on words there….hiiting it hard, or in other words HIIT training. HIIT training stands for High intensity Interval Training and it’s something that I have been trying to incorporate into my life since getting to my target weight with Slimming World. The only exercise I really focused on was walking when I was trying to get to target but I had long planned that when I got there my focus was to switch to fitness.

HIIT training seemed perfect for me, I’m not one for spending hours in the gym (though I did used to enjoy that) I wanted something that I could do at home, that was quick but made you work hard and boy have I found that with HIIT workouts. I have discovered a wealth of home workout videos on YouTube and have been chopping and changing my way through those.

My favourite YouTube trainer has to be the lovely Lucy Wyndham Read. Lucy gets training for women and tailors her workouts for a combination of HIIT and toning which is just perfect. She also has a website and blog where she posts Monthly workout plans that you can follow each month. I’ve not really followed the plans yet, though they do look good.  At the minute I seem to prefer to make up my own YouTube play lists using her selection of videos and each one makes me work hard.

So far I am loving HIIT training. I maintained my weight within the target zone last month and the big news was I still lost 1/2″ from my thighs which are my real problem area so it is getting the thumbs up from me as the perfect way to get fit not skinny!

Do any of you follow any fitness plans?

Claire xx

It’s the small things ~ February Edition 

It’s the small things ~ February Edition time! 

  There were trips away. 

 Amsterdam people watching.  

 Beers enjoyed.  

   Tourists sites explored.  

   Families reunited.  
 Crisp blue skies on freezing cold days. 

 Elephants cuddled.  

 Lots of dog walks to the Kelpies.  

 Valentine’s meals enjoyed.  

 Snow falling.  

 Lazy Weekends enjoying the little things.  

   Bubbling ladybirds, wine and candles.  
 Birthday presents to open.  

 Birthday pancakes to be devoured.  

 Enough cake to make you ill.  

 Bubbles to be drunk.  

 And birthday selfies to be taken!  

 Sunshine filled canal walks.  

 Saturday afternoon relaxation time.

  Peaceful reflections. 
   Resetting the soul for the week ahead with a waterside dog walk. 
I have had a lovely February. What will March bring? 

Claire xx