Month: December 2016

And life takes another unexpected turn… 

It’s taken me a little while to get my head into the right place to write this post.  Those of you who follow me on Twitter or Instagram will already be aware of the unexpected turn my life recently took and that life has been a little bit up and down over the last 4 or so months.  For those of you who just follow my blog, in November I got diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis after experiencing numerous neurological symptoms, mainly the inability to walk far, lift my left leg without using my hands and lots and lots of numbness.  I went back and forward to my GP twice who then sent an urgent referral to neurology who then did an urgent MRI to confirm their suspicions and we were sitting in November, still experiencing lots of left-sided weakness, numbness, tingling, pain and muscle spasms, facing a neurologist who said the words ‘you have relapsing and remitting MS

Thankfully things have improved a lot since that horrible day on the 21st August when my life changed as I knew it. My MS team are not sure if I have fully came out of the exacerbation or not yet, which they said could take 6 months or more.  I have been left with lots of residual symptoms which mainly manifest themselves in my left side.  I suffer daily from numbness, balance issues, MS Hug (which contrary to its name is as far removed from the actual loving hug you have in your mind when you see the word!) and extreme fatigue, these may or may not get a little better but the nature of the illness is that no one ever knows.  So I just need to find my new normal, listen to my body and become a little bit selfish when it comes to my own health.

Life has changed for me that is for sure, it is has been at times scary, frustrating, exhausting and all-consuming but slowly, day by day, bit by bit I am learning how to live with this chronic illness.  There will be good days, there will be bad but I will not let it take over every aspect of my life.

Claire xx

It’s the small things – November edition 

It’s time for the small things that have made me happy in November. 

Amazing post received from a beautiful lady.

Dogs in winter jumpers

 Beautiful Sunday walks. 

Christmas coffee cups.

 Beautiful sunrises on frosty mornings.

Swan family spotting

Planning days out. 

Buying new calendars.

Favourite deliveries! 

Kindle time and chill out playlists.

Beautiful walks as the sun began to set.

Holidays are coming! The first showing of the Coke ad always makes me smile. 

Feeling the chill.

Heading to Ireland for pre Christmas delights. 

Mules, markets and girlie family times. 

Mulled ciders, Georgian market day and light shows. 
Wine, alternative nativities and family meals out. 
First red cup of the Christmas season.

And that was November! 

November has been a tough month, I’ve had a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis formally given so finding joy in the little things has never been more important. Let’s see what December brings.

Claire xx