Month: February 2017

And just when you least expect it……life decides to throw you a curveball

I’m not even sure where to begin with this post, it is something that I have wanted to blog about for a while, something that I have dreamt about blogging about ever since I started blogging I suppose.  Something that I never believed after everything that I would actually be blogging about and that has made it very difficult to actually get words out.

On the 23rd December 2016, our lives were turned upside down with the most surprising, shocking, unexpected news that we could ever imagine.  After 5 long years, 2 failed rounds of IVF and a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis I got my first ever positive result on a pregnancy test.

You could have knocked me down with a feather, never in a million years did I expect this to happen to me, over the years I have read about people getting surprise positive tests, but sure that was other people, why would you ever believe that it would happen to you…. I know I never did.

But happen it did, for whatever reason, life decided to throw a curveball and Baby S will be coming in August 2017.

We are over the moon about this obviously, but it has also taken some getting used to.  In fact we were really just getting our heads around never being parents and putting our focus on other things so to say that this was surreal was an understatment.

The news is now all out, we have had two scans, one at 9 weeks and one at 12 and all is currently looking well.  Baby S certainly is not giving me an easy time with constant nausea and unfortunately some vomiting for 9 weeks.  Boy that was a long time!  Thankfully things seem to have settled now with that, with me only getting some passing nausea which is so much more manageable.  The level of exhaustion I have been experiencing though has been off the scale but both my GP and my neurologist feeling that this is more relating to my MS and reminding me that I need to treat this pregnancy on a slightly different level and reminding me that it is an MS pregnancy.  I hadn’t even managed to get my head around how the MS might affect me and now I’m trying to get my head around how having MS, being pregnant and then having a baby will affect me, as I say it has been a bit of a rollercoaster to say the least.

As for how the MS will affect me during this, no one can say for sure, however there is lots of evidence to support a lesser level of symptoms with MS throughout the 2nd and 3rd trimester so I am hoping for me that I fall into that category.  For now though, we are taking each day as it comes and feeling very blessed to be in this position.
Claire xx

It’s the small things ~ January edition 

A little late this month and quite a quiet post but it’s time for the small things that made me smile in January.

Starting the year at a fire and light show at our local park.
New diaries, new dreams, new hopes.

Tree down and my favourite Willow Tree figure back in place.

Spotify chilling mornings.

Reaching a year as a Slimming World target member!

Celebrating 15 years together.

Pride at keeping this alive. Longest time I’ve ever managed.

Freezing cold days but beautiful blue skies.

Canal reflections.

January has been a quiet, reflective month but lovely none the less. 

Let’s see what February has in store.

Claire xx