Month: March 2018

It’s the small things ~ February Edition

It’s time for the small things that made me smile in February.

Sitting by ourselves for the first time

Coffee dates with my boys

Followed by a visit to the fishies.

Moving into our own room.

Gently reminding myself.

Having the most precious reminder of the day we finally could announce our dreams came true.

Loving the bond between father and son that is developing.

Enjoying wine at the end of long days.

Scruffy pups

My little valentine

Turning 6 months old

Getting ready for a birthday weekend away!

Pre birthday drinks.

Enjoying Edinburgh Lumen

Fun with Birthday photo props

Enjoying long vodkas

And dairy free pizza!

Dressing the boy up and doing the obligatory laughing.

Getting teether stuck on faces and thinking it’s super funny.

Making snow angels but unhappy with snow in the face.

Ending the month with the arrival of the #beastfromtheeast

And that was February! I’m going to do a little extra edition post for my very special birthday celebrations!

Claire xx

It’s this small things ~ January edition

I must get better at remembering to actually publish these posts! I still love taking photos of our day to day small things, these posts got me through many a tough month, now though most of my small things revolve around our own small thing (who is getting so much bigger by the day)

Anyway, better late than never, here are the small things that made January.

Starting the year off by enjoying the Fire & light show at the Helix Park.

Moving up into the big boy pram.

Turning 5 months old!

Taking first flights in his stride as we flew back to Ireland for a long weekend.

Having basin baths on holidays.

Enjoying the taste of Home.

Having first food tastes.

Being surprised by great friends when times were a little hard.

Deer spotting at the canal.

And that was the small things that brightened up my January.

Claire x