Month: September 2018

First Birthday cake smash

Right back from even before I was pregnant I seen others doing a cake smash for a first birthday and I always knew I wanted to do one if we ever had a baby and so we did!

The photographer who took Orans newborn photos also does cake smash photoshoots so back in April I booked him in for one just before his birthday so that we could publish the photos on his birthday itself. We had so much fun and I love the shots we got of him.

The one where the baby turned one!

How on earth do we have a one year old?

One whole year of this little bundle of joy and mischief. How time flies. I still regularly have to pinch myself that we were ever lucky enough to have him, we are forever grateful that things changed for us how they did and we wanted to celebrate with all our friends and family.

The last of the monthly milestone cards were used. I’m so pleased I took the time and effort to do these photos. It was so amazing to look back over the months and really see how he’s changed. It’s so easy to forget.

All his monthly photos looked great on the bunting on the wall and they got so many comments.

We had lots of fun opening presents. It was lovely to see him showing interest in what was in the presents, though I do think the wrapping paper still won.

His birthday was a Thursday so we just took a family trip to soft play as the weather wasn’t great. It was his first time in soft play and I definitely think it was a hit, he such a daredevil, just throwing himself into the ball pit and giggling.

On the Saturday we threw him a party at home with all of his friends (and Mummy’s) who we met right back in the early days and have been through all the ups and downs of the first year with. It was meant to be an outdoor garden party but the Scottish weather put a stop to that! We all had lots of fun though.

There were ball pits, toys and an indoor picnic and a cake made and decorated by me!

I can’t believe our baby is one! Here’s to another year of adventure. We love you so much wee man 💙

Its the small things ~ August Edition

And it is finally back!!! It’s time for the small things that made me smile in August.

August started as July ended with a trip to Ireland and the boy wearing his Ireland top for the first time.

Time spent with the extended family at this gorgeous lodge.

Finding Ladybirds

Dinners out with this cool dude.

Pre birthday celebrations before heading back to Scotland.

Becoming obsessed with the washing machine.

Time out from birthday prepping.

Babies turning one!!!

Birthday ball pit fun.

We survived a year!

Large gin to celebrate!

Making thank you cards.

Spending time with the fur baby.

Chilling on a Saturday morning.

Enjoying a lovely afternoon out with the family.

And that was August! Mostly spent preparing for our boy turning one! I’m going to do another post just got that.

Claire XX