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Weight Loss Wednesday ~ Week 12

As you can see from my #JanuaryJoy post earlier, I’ve invested in a Fitbit which tracks all my activity but for the purposes of Weight Loss Wednesday and my miles walked I am going to stick to only writing down my long walks like I have been doing all along.

20140115-075540.jpg So this week I’ve not managed as many long walks as usual. I missed one 4 mile one at the weekend so my miles aren’t as high as usual.

I’m pleased to report this morning I broke another stone barrier and am now in the right stone bracket at least to make that important waiting list phonecall. Just 6lbs to go!

I’m trying to up my walking at work too to give a little more boost and I really need to stop nipping for a snack when I’m feeling stressed! (I still haven’t got that part stopped yet) but at week 12 I’m pleased to report ~


Claire xx

#JanuaryJoy ~ Make a fitness target

In my aim of losing weight to get on the IVF waiting list, I’ve been trying to up my amount exercise and have been doing this mainly by walking a lot more than I would normally do. Having the dog really helps with this as even if it’s raining I know if it’s my day for walking I need to take him out.

I decided though that I would like some more motivation and seen some people talking about a Fitbit and thought it would motivate me.

20140115-071839.jpgIt’s an activity and sleep tracker which you wear all day and can put into a holder for night time to monitor your sleep if you want. I’ve only done this once so far and did find it interesting.

There is a great app for your phone which will give you all the data so once you have your Fitbit in place you don’t need to touch it during the day.

20140115-072109.jpg You set up your own goals and the app will change colour and inform you if you achieve them.
Currently I’m starting lower with a target of 8000 steps and around 3.5 miles per day if I can manage it.

I’m finding it’s really helping me to be more motivated to walk during the day and have already found myself parking the car further away from where I need to go to grab some extra steps!


#JanuaryJoy ~ Plan a room

I am currently in the process of changing our living room and have ordered a new HUGE corner sofa which I can’t wait to get!


I have gone for this one but in a darker brown which you can see in the bottom right picture. I like neutral colours for floors and walls and they are currently both cream colours so I feel it will go well.

I decided to go with Teal for a contrasting colour which I’m hoping will look good with the chocolate brown sofa and have ordered some Teal curtains and cushions to go with the cream cushions I already have. Hopefully it will all come together. New year, new room.

Now all I have to do is wait the 12 blooming weeks it will take for the sofa to arrive!

Claire xx

Weight Loss Wednesday ~ The post holiday season weigh in

Oh how I have been dreading this one! I weighed in just before we went away for the holidays and had lost another 1/2lb bringing me up to 18lbs in total which I was over the moon with. Then we had the holidays….
We came back from Ireland on the 27th and I had only gained 1lb, fast forward though to Saturday 4th and I had managed to gain another 3.5!! Yes, 4.5lbs gain, ooops.

So from Saturday I have been trying really hard to eat clean, follow slimming world and not drink any alcohol.
I’ve also managed to get some walks back in and have managed ~

Damage limitation has worked and today I’m very happy to report being back to the same weight I was on my last official weigh in on these pages! Very happy Claire.

So I am starting again for the new year, with only 7.5lbs left to shift before I can make that phonecall to join the IVF waiting list. I can do this.


#JanuaryJoy ~ Make a calendar


The most important calendar of the year was made this weekend. It doesn’t include birthdays or anniversaries or any other special occasions and it may not look like much to you all but to me the little pink marks play a huge part in my life.

They signify each weekend I’ll be working this year, thankfully this is the 2nd year that I will only work one in three weekends instead of one in two which has made such a difference to the quality time I get with my little family.

And the purple marks, they are annual leave! All marked in my favourite colour to make me smile. They are definitely the dates I’m counting down too.


#JanuaryJoy – Plan a girls night in

20140102-213034.jpgimage credit

I will be going for a slight deviation from today’s prompt and organising a Girl’s day out instead of a night in. My plan is to get together with one of my close friends for a lunchtime get together and chin wag next weekend. It’s been a while since we’ve caught up so I’m looking forward to the chance and hopefully a few cocktails!

I’m not sure where we will be heading yet but no doubt it will be a great afternoon.


#JanuaryJoy ~ Make some resolutions


I have decided to join in with the lovely Rebecca from Florencefinds and take part in her #JanuaryJoy. I know I most likely won’t be doing each one and will probably end up mixing the dates around a little but I love the idea of bringing some joy to January.

Today is all about making resolutions, not something I normally do as I’m not so good at sticking to them or actually remembering what it was I said I was going to do a few months down the line. I’m going to set myself a few goals for this year though.

Lose Weight ~ As most of you already know I’ve been trying to lose weight over the last two months and have managed to lose 18lbs which I’m very proud of. I still need to lose more though to get myself down to the weight needed to join the IVF waiting list so this is a big goal for the next few weeks.

Spend more time getting creative ~ I taught myself crochet at the end of 2012 beginning of 2013 and managed to make a few items last year that I was quite proud of. I want to keep learning this skill and to challenge myself with new items to make this year.

Spend less time on the internet ~ I have fallen into the trap of always having either my phone or iPad beside me and always picking up to browse the internet. Recently though we watched the full 5 seasons of Breaking Bad and I didn’t allow myself to pick up either of them whilst watching. It’s amazing how much I actually enjoyed making myself just watch the tv instead of only part watching so my aim is to make myself do this more often.

Read more books from my kindle I have so many books downloaded and instead of reading them I seem to go back on Amazon and end up ordering more. I have been trying recently to read every night before bed to help me get into a good sleep routine and I’m finding it really helps so my goal is to keep this up.

So there we have it, nothing to complicated, nothing awful that I wouldn’t stick to and things for me. I want 2014 to be my year, not only the year I get pregnant but the year that I find time for me.


Happy New Year

As the year turns I wish you all the best for 2014. May all your wishes come true and may you all have an amazing year. It’s what we make it!

Claire xx

It’s the small things – looking back at Christmas

Time for it’s the small things Christmas edition! I wants to end the year looking back at the lovely month of December. I can’t believe we are at the end of the year. I know we all say it but time does really fly by.

We had the obligatory watching of Elf whilst wrapping Christmas presents.

And putting the tree up.

We had proseco and Edinburgh Christmas markets.

We had ferry trips to Ireland

Open fires.

Mulled wine by candlelight on Christmas Eve and of course REAL Guinness!

There was present opening

Mulled cider, Coca cola t-shirts and homemade sweetie trees.

And lots of cocktails.

And it was a great one! Thanks to both of our families for putting us up and putting up with us.
Hope you all have a wonderful 2014.

Weight loss Wednesday

Week 8 and the last Wednesday weigh in before Christmas. Next week my plan is to weigh in next Monday before I go away but I will probably miss a week on the blog.

I’ve had a bad week walking wise this week. I have a reoccurring back issue which is flaring up this week so I’ve only managed


Weight wise this week I can only report

Not that I’m overly surprised about this, I know though that I need to try extra hard over the holidays to not eat everything in sight just because it’s Christmas!!

On a more positive note I’m very pleased that after 8 weeks I have lost.


I haven’t quite broke into the next stone barrier just yet but my plan as I said will be to jump on the scales just before I head home for a week so fingers crossed I may manage it just before then.

Claire xx