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Working out and hiiting it hard

Did you see my little play on words there….hiiting it hard, or in other words HIIT training. HIIT training stands for High intensity Interval Training and it’s something that I have been trying to incorporate into my life since getting to my target weight with Slimming World. The only exercise I really focused on was walking when I was trying to get to target but I had long planned that when I got there my focus was to switch to fitness.

HIIT training seemed perfect for me, I’m not one for spending hours in the gym (though I did used to enjoy that) I wanted something that I could do at home, that was quick but made you work hard and boy have I found that with HIIT workouts. I have discovered a wealth of home workout videos on YouTube and have been chopping and changing my way through those.

My favourite YouTube trainer has to be the lovely Lucy Wyndham Read. Lucy gets training for women and tailors her workouts for a combination of HIIT and toning which is just perfect. She also has a website and blog where she posts Monthly workout plans that you can follow each month. I’ve not really followed the plans yet, though they do look good.  At the minute I seem to prefer to make up my own YouTube play lists using her selection of videos and each one makes me work hard.

So far I am loving HIIT training. I maintained my weight within the target zone last month and the big news was I still lost 1/2″ from my thighs which are my real problem area so it is getting the thumbs up from me as the perfect way to get fit not skinny!

Do any of you follow any fitness plans?

Claire xx

It’s the small things ~ February Edition 

It’s the small things ~ February Edition time! 

  There were trips away. 

 Amsterdam people watching.  

 Beers enjoyed.  

   Tourists sites explored.  

   Families reunited.  
 Crisp blue skies on freezing cold days. 

 Elephants cuddled.  

 Lots of dog walks to the Kelpies.  

 Valentine’s meals enjoyed.  

 Snow falling.  

 Lazy Weekends enjoying the little things.  

   Bubbling ladybirds, wine and candles.  
 Birthday presents to open.  

 Birthday pancakes to be devoured.  

 Enough cake to make you ill.  

 Bubbles to be drunk.  

 And birthday selfies to be taken!  

 Sunshine filled canal walks.  

 Saturday afternoon relaxation time.

  Peaceful reflections. 
   Resetting the soul for the week ahead with a waterside dog walk. 
I have had a lovely February. What will March bring? 

Claire xx  

Revising my Slimming World Target Weight

I hit my target weight with Slimming World in October last year, what I like about Slimming World is that you can set a interim target and you can then revise it (as long as your new target is 7lbs less than the first one)

I got to Target, went on holiday, gained a couple of pounds then went back to group and kept on losing weight. I suppose though, deep down I was trying to do this, I had thought I had set my target weight too high once I started getting closer to it and when I did get there I knew deep down that it wasn’t where I wanted to be.

In the run up to Christmas I continued to lose weight but didn’t want to reset my target weight before Christmas, I headed into the holiday season 9lbs under my initial target weight. Post holiday I had a gain of 3lbs and I reset my target weight at that point. I reset it 10lbs less than my initial which I felt was not only achievable but a weight that I would be able to maintain at.

It was in a new stone bracket too, which anyone who is losing weight knows, feels so good. I also wanted it that even if I gained the 3lbs allowed on top of target that I wouldn’t be entering that other stone bracket again.

On January 13th I hit my new and final target weight! Now though it’s the even harder part of learning to maintain.

Can I do it??

Claire xx

Happy 3rd Blogiversary!


Yesterday my little slice of the internet turned 3.  I need to get back into the routine of blogging more.  I still love this little space of mine and I still love that people are still commenting on my posts and getting in contact with me especially regarding IVF.

There are not currently much updates in the whole infertility aspect of things. We are still plodding along, trying naturally with no success so far but hopefully at this point this year we will look at going for another cycle.

Slimming world wise, I am now at target, still attending group and still cooking away but I haven’t been blogging many recipes, again something I really need to be looking at again as they always go down so well.

One of the things I am consistent with is my monthly ‘It’s the small things post’ they may only be small things but they make me happy and having a log of them on here is so nice to look back on so I am really pleased that I have kept up with that.

Thank you all for continuing to support me on here.

Claire xx

It’s the small things ~ January edition 

It’s time for the small things that made me smile in January. 

  House de-christmasfied and back to normal. 
  Bright coloured travel mugs to brighten the dull mornings. 
  Kelpie Selfies
  Planning, planning, planning. 
  Stumpy teapots and new tea blends. 

  Enjoying glasses of my favourite wine. 
  Snowy walks with my two favourite men. 
  Ice and snow covered canals. 

  Plenty of coffees enjoyed. 
  Memories of 6 years ago picking up this little man. 
  Getting my craft on and making some cards. 
  Fitting into a size 12 trousers! 
  Getting ready to head away to celebrate my brothers 40th birthday.
Claire xx

Resolutions…goals…new leaf…whatever you want to call them! 

I wasn’t going to make a resolution for New Year, I have some personal goals that I want to work on this year but I’m not going to bore you all with my mundane lists for life (though some may appear in blog posts through the year!) 

Over the last few days though, I’ve had a bit of internal revelation. There is something I’ve been doing, particularly over the last year. I knew I was doing it, knew I needed to stop doing it, I kept telling myself to do something about it but I didn’t. 

I had become selfish, not my usual way at all. I used to describe myself as thoughtful, caring, always wanting to do things for others, taking an interest in them. Over the past year I’ve allowed myself to be slowly stripped of those qualities, forgetting important things in my friends lives, not texting, even if it’s only to say hello. 

Well today I’ve put a stop to that. I’m making a conscious effort to get re involved with my friends, re involved with life. Thankfully they have all stuck by me and I love them for that! 

Claire xx

It’s the small things ~ December edition 

And this was December…. I had worried I was going to struggle this month but I made sure we had lots of good times. 

  Christmas mugs dusted off. 
  Christmas trees decorated. 
  Christmas movie list made. 

  Edinburgh at Christmas. 
  Schnauzers sitting on the Christmas duvet. 
  Presents wrapped. 
  Frosty dog walks. 
  With gorgeous frosty berries. 
  Baileys by the tree. 
  Christmas party nights. 

  Christmas jumper days. 
  Plenty of cocktails. 
  Couples Christmas Eve box. 
  Smooth Christmas soundtrack to driving back to Ireland for Christmas. 
  Christmas Eve spa days. 
  Christmas Day selfies. 

  Doggy present time. 
  The parents Mr & Mrs Clause chairs. 
  Hot mojioto time. 
  Hogmanay spent with our favourite people. 
  And the last night of 2015 with this man right by my side. We may not have had the easiest of years, we still have lots of hurdles in front of us but we have each other and for that we have to be thankful. 
Wishing you all health and wealth for 2016. 

Claire xx 

Couples Christmas Eve Box 

I wrote back in November about trying to create Ideas for a couples Christmas and one of the things I had decided to do was a Couples Christmas Eve box. We always have a night together before Christmas where we get all the candles lite, the tree sparkling and cuddle up to watch It’s a wonderful Life. This year I’ve added a few extras and got us a little box. 


His and her Christmas Pyjamas 

It’s a Wonderful Life & Elf DVDs 

His and her mini selection box 


Cider and mulled wine spices 

His and her Christmas (cider drinking) mugs

Christmas scratch cards 

We are not actually at home for this Christmad Eve but I’m not letting that stop us. Tonight is now Christmas Eve in the family S household. Bring on the movies and the mulled cider! 

Merry Christmas everyone. 

Claire xx 

It’s the small things ~ November edition 

November started with a holiday and then ended with another one. That’s what I call winning at a month! 

  There was plenty of coffees with beautiful views. 

  Sunsets enjoyed from balconies. 

  Cocktails by the pool. 
  Quality time spent together. 
  Cycling with a view. 

   A wet welcome home dog walk in the leaves. 
  An autumn collection of Schnauzers on a dog walk. 
   A schnauzer birthday celebrated. 
  And birthday treats enjoyed. 
   Freezing walks made easier with gorgeous blue skies. 

  Yankee candle advent calendars bought. 
  A night at the theatre enjoyed. 
  A girlie weekend in London enjoyed


  Lego train admired! 500k Lego bricks and three months to build. 

  Afternoon tea enjoyed. 
  Christmas trees admired. 
Bring on December! 

Claire xx 

Christmas ideas for Couples

There are so many blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts and God only knows what else posts about a family Christmas, traditions with your family, things to do with the kids, mainly things that revolve around your family including kids. 

But Christmas shouldn’t be just about the kids, we are big kids at heart even though we don’t have them ourselves. Shouldn’t we have Christmas traditions and activities too? I think so and just because we don’t have kids doesn’t mean we can’t get into the Christmas spirit and have some fun! 

I decided this year to come up with some festive things for us to do as a couple, to stop putting off doing things as we wait to see if we will ever be parents, so let’s get our Christmas on! 

This is what I’ve come up with so far: 

  • Decorate the tree – This one is something we always do together, heating on, our favourite Christmas Yankee Candle burning and the Christmas tunes on repeat.
  • Visit Edinburgh Christmas – there is so many different things going on in Edinburgh this festive season. New for this year is the street of light a synchronised light show set to music from different choirs. I’ve booked us tickets to go and see it and can’t wait! We will also be mooching around The Scottish market and not forgetting the European market. Making it a lovely Christmassy night out together. 
  • Christmas movie night – We have always done a Christmas movie night and ‘it’s a wonderful life’ is the one that we always make sure we sit down and watch together. This year though I’m making a Christmas Movie night checklist, obviously with a list of all the Christmas movies we own or have access to and my plan is we watch as many of them as we can in the run up to Christmas. 
  • Christmas Eve Box – I have seen the Christmas Eve boxes loads over the last few years and I have them saved on my love to do for our kids Pinterest list. However this year I’ve decided that I should go ahead and do a couples one instead. My ideas so far are a Christmas movie, ingredients for Mulled cider, personalised Christmas mugs, Christmas themed pjs, cinnamon popcorn & homemade cookies and then I would like to add the next thing on my list into it to complete each year. 
  • Our year in review – I found these year in review printables online and thought they were a lovely idea to look back on, to look at our memories, victories and changes in our marriage over the last year.

Anyone have any other ideas? 

Claire xx