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It’s the small things ~ October edition 

 It’s time for the roundup of the little things that have made the month of October. 

  There was visits to the Falkirk wheel
  Countryside hotels visited. 
  Champagne consumed. 
  Wedding photos posed for. 
  Beautiful cakes enjoyed. 
  Weekend cycle rides enjoyed. 
  Huffing jumper wearing Schnauzers. 
  Freezing starts to the day. 
  But followed by glorious autumn days. 
  Slimming World target weights achieved. 
  3 stone 12lbs lost! 
  Coffee’s enjoyed.
  Canal dog walking at sunset. 
  Holidays counted down to. 
  New Yankee candles lit. 
  Nails done for holidays. 
  Dinner out with the husband. 
  A trip to the Barrowland. 
  Christy Moore enjoyed. 
  New gym clothes purchased. 
  Suitcases packed. 
Hopefully November will be starting with some sun! 

Claire x 

It’s the small things ~ September edition

I’ll try and not make this months post too top heavy with photos but trying to only pick a few of our recent road trip is so hard! All of them make me smile. 

September seen us set off a road trip to Shropshire, Cornwall & North Wales.

There were bridges.  Beach huts  Castles explored.    

   So many beaches!  
 Clear blue skies.  

 Al fresco wines. 

 Time to think.  

 So much time with my two favourite men.  

   Coffee’s with amazing views.  
 Then time to come home (though the traffic jam did not make us smile!)  

 Blackberry picking.  

 First signs of Autumn appearing. 

 Great dog walking shadows.  

 Beautiful evening walks along the canal.  

 First signs of Christmas approaching!  

 Bikes dusted off.  

 Schnauzers getting cuddles.  

 Lots of Schnauzers meeting up.  

 Amazing sunsets.  

   Reflections enjoyed.  
 Slimming world certificates achieved and I’m in awe of this bringing me up to 3stone 8.5lbs loss in total! 

Bring on October.

Claire x 


It’s the small things ~ August Edition 

It’s the small things that have made my month of August. 

  A rare trip to the football with the husband…good news was they won! 

  Exploring local parks. 
  And meeting giant Schnauzers. 

  Getting the chop! 
  Seeing very rare blue skies. 
  Finally having a day that you could class as ‘summer’ 
  Plenty of these. 
  And jumping in the changing rooms when I fitted comfortably into these. 

  After getting my 1st award from Slimming World group and overall loss of 3st at home.  
 Booking this amazing hotel for a weeks ultra all inclusive in November.  

 Seeing just how far I have come when I tried on my trousers from before I started losing weight for IVF.  

 Treating myself to a new Fitbit Charge HR.  

 Enjoying some bubbles, just because.  

 Having an impromptu Schnauzer day out.  

 Enjoying the sun setting.  

 Only going and blooming getting this in my Slimming World group.  

 Preparing for a road trip.  

 Doing the most joyful work based task.  

 Engaging my inner child with a bit of Willy Wonka.  

 Smiling as I head away on our glamping trip. 3st 5lbs lighter.  


Expect next months little things post be full of glamping, Cornish beaches and adventures! 

Claire xx 

It’s the small things ~ July Edition 

It’s all the small things that have made me smile in July.  

 Tiny cuddles with our tiny houseguest.  

 Hedgehog spotting. 

 Getting back into exercising and feeling good.  

 Two pooches finally lying side by side after two weeks together.  

 Seeing these results on my monthly measurements!  

 Fitting all our immense camping kit into my new car and heading off for the weekend. 

 Managing to get tent set up without too many cross words.  

 Sitting outside as the sun started to set.  

 Being teased by the campsites geese.  

 Refreshing my soul with good seaside views.  

  Taking seaside family selfies.  

 Drinking coffee and admiring the view.  

 Letting someone get comfortable.  

 Discovering Northumberlands national park.  

 Being a little underwhelmed by the waterfall we climbed miles to see.  

 Getting ready for the most special little man in my life turning two.  

 Laughing in the face of summer! Once I lowered the umbrella. 

Now let’s see what August brings. 

Claire xx 

It’s the small things ~ June edition

 Some of the small things that have made up the month of June. 

  Moving down a size in my work trousers. 

Making a new calendar for my desk where the pink marks disappear! No more regular weekend working for me.  

 Enjoying some well earned wine. 

Gala days in the rain. 

 Looking at a comparison pic ~ 30lbs down.  

 Beach walks.  

 With lots and lots of miniature Schanuzers.  

 And beautiful views.   

 Lots of amazing Slimming World friendly food.  

 Coffee at the Kelpies. 

Making the garden look pretty… all we need is Summer to arrive.  

 Canal side walking.  

 Pancake Saturday’s.  

 Coffees enjoyed.  

 New trainers delivered.  

 Orange is the New Black binged on. 

 Destressing with tea.  

 Vodkas and late evening sunshine enjoyed.  

 New toys purchased.  

 Herons spotted.  

 Loch side lunches enjoyed.  

 Suki tea found locally.  

 House guests arrived.  

 Tongues out Tuesday’s. 

What will July bring? 

Claire xx 


It’s the small things ~ May edition


It’s the small things that have made the month of May. 

Booking an extra annual leave day to give me a lovely four day weekend. 

Spending the afternoon repainting my garden bench which was in such need of a makeover. 

Spray painting plant pots ready for some planting this month.  

  Yet more painting of garden furniture! 

  Digging my gloves out and holding on to the heat of my coffee cup in bitterly cold windy walks. 
  Cornwall trip planning. 

  Afternoon prosecco in the sun before a work day out. 

  International Nurses Day – recognising all the nurses out there. 

 Getting back into Slimming World. 

 Finally planting some bedding plants in my new updated plant pots.  

 Prosecco in the sun with the bestie. 

 Enjoying a much needed alcohol filled afternoon with the bestie.  

 Afternoon park walks. 

 Sunshine and bluebells.  

 Bullets bitten and a Slimming World Group joined. 

  Lovely Saturday afternoon new places for a dog walk found. 

What will June bring? 

Claire xx

It’s the small things ~ April edition


It’s the small things that have been making me smile in April. 

Totally relaxed puppy feet.

A little bit of Disney. 

Easter spent with the family. 

Last minute frantic egg painting 

For the family championship egg rolling challenge. 

Mango prosecco Bellini’s. 

Posh burgers and gorgeous hand cooked chips. 

Walks near the Wallace Monument. 

6 mile bank holiday Monday walks to castles. 

Learning to embrace the natural curls. 

Picking up my crochet hook again after a long time. 

Sunshine doggy selfies. 

Chambord Royales enjoyed on a Friday night.

IVF notes received so we can move on. 


Crochet cushions started. 


 Quiet coffee enjoyed. 

8.5hrs of fence painting but the smile it put on my face the next day admiring it was worth it. 

Admiring the hard work. 

Walking in the sunshine to clear my head. 


Pub beer gardens enjoyed. 


Sunflowers and herbs planted.  

Spring walks after work. 

Attempts at being girlie. 

Running from the April Showers. 

Channelling my inner child and trying to practice mindfulness (or at least occupying myself so I don’t dwell on things) 

What a difference a week makes. Last week it was wine in the beer garden, this week coffee to heat me up after getting soaked in the rain. 

#walk1000 miles in a year challenge ~ update month 2 & 3

I decided back in January to try to complete the #walk1000 miles in a year challenge. It works out at 83 miles per month and I’m pleased to sit down today and work out I’m still on target! 


I use my Fitbit to measure my weekly miles and am still finding it really motivates me to get those extra few steps. 


It still amazes me when I see the monthly figures, I never believed that I actually walk that much. There is definitely more than one bonus to having a dog. 

Claire xx

It’s the small things ~ April Edition

April has been a busy and lovely month. Lots of sunshine to be had in Scotland and when it’s been out we’ve tried to make the most of it, you never quite know whether that will actually be the full summer so you need to live in the moment!

There was daffodil smelling

20140429-225142.jpg Easter bunny making

Lovely long 4 day weekends

With dog walks that required a sit down protest in the shade

Coffee in the park

And watching the opening of the amazing Kelpies structures

Walks on the beach, followed by the best fish & chips ever

20140429-225656.jpg Reminiscing on the stationary I made for our wedding

Visits to the beautiful Loch Lomond

Infertility awareness week in the USA which prompted me to be more open with family about my fertility issues

Girlie days out

20140429-230355.jpg and lots of catching up to do! We’ve not been together for four years!

Evening canal side walks in the sun


It’s the small things ~ March edition

March has been a difficult month for us. But despite all the heartache it brought, there still has been some small things that have made us happy.

Surprise deliveries.

Yummy doughnuts

Our constant companion 

Schnauzer shadows never fail to make me smile

Edinburgh visits to see my Mum and sister

Wine with a view

Spa days and bubbles

And the castle turned Green for St Patrick’s day (with my Mum & Sister) 

Mexican Cosmos 

There were solar eclipses 

Spring days with first washing of the year hung on the line

Human sun clocks 

 Never ceasing to be amazed by the walks on my doorstep. 
Schnauzer meet ups. 

The most amazing reflections. 

Claire xx