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It’s the small things ~ October Edition

The small things that have made me happy over the last month.

IMG_8693.JPG There was a double rainbow and a wish made.

Autum Schnauzers posing.

IMG_8772.JPG Saturday afternoon cocktail drinking.

IMG_8777.JPG Amazing cocktails drank, hair let down and all the worries of the last few weeks let go.

IMG_8784.JPG Seaside visits that were good for the soul.

IMG_8840.JPG Autumn batch cooking.

IMG_8844.JPG 3rd Wedding Anniversary celebrated.

IMG_8845.JPG and because I love our wedding photos an extra picture!

IMG_8852.JPG Amazing gifts from very special friends.

IMG_8868.JPG A well needed holiday countdown begun!

IMG_8878.JPG The last park walk done until the light nights come back .

IMG_8892.JPG Autumn holidays departed.

IMG_8898.JPG life celebrated with cocktails in the sun.

IMG_8894.JPG Beach sunsets admired and all troubles pushed to the back of our minds

Claire xx

It’s the small things ~ September Edition

Some of the small things that have made me happy over the last month.

Flat out Schanuzers

IMG_8529.JPG There has been plenty of daring to believe this month.

IMG_8537.JPG Sneaky little winter sun holiday breaks booked.

IMG_8555.JPG Important votes cast.

IMG_8563.JPG There was a mammoth meeting of Schnauzers at the beach.

IMG_8571.JPG New colourful crochet hooks purchased.

IMG_8575.JPG Wet but nice dog walks.

IMG_8591.JPG Amazing new chocolate found.

IMG_8604.JPG Sunday morning Starbucks enjoyed.

IMG_8624.JPG Sunshine and autumn leaves canal walks.

IMG_8646.JPG There were amazing cupcakes and best friend meet ups.

IMG_8660.JPG There has been plenty of wearing this and believing miracles can happen.

IMG_8681.JPG And Schnauzer sunny shadows.

September has been a hard month emotionally but we got through it and despite everything else that has been going on its great to look back at all the small things that have helped to keep me going and put a smile on my face.

Claire xx

It’s the small things ~ August Edition

Some of the small things that have made me happy over the last month.
IMG_8221.JPG There has been a week spent in the South of Ireland

IMG_8234.JPG Seaside visits

IMG_8242.JPG Quality time spent together.

IMG_8265.JPG Visits to wildlife parks for first birthdays.

IMG_8273.JPG First birthday celebrated and cakes eaten.

IMG_8325.JPG Old fashioned sweet shops visited.

IMG_8339-0.JPG Irish house blessings bought for the hallway.

IMG_8352.JPG Schnauzer loom bands given.

IMG_8349-0.JPG Picnics at the beach.

IMG_8355.JPG Seafront dog walks.

IMG_8379.JPG Football stadiums toured.

IMG_8381.JPG Dinners out and wine enjoyed.

IMG_8388.JPG Blow out pizza and movie night to finish our holidays.

IMG_8389.JPG Shaggy dogs appearing.

IMG_8426.JPG Peaceful coffees enjoyed.

IMG_8432.JPG Medication started

IMG_8446.JPG Disney movies watched.

IMG_8474.JPG Loch’s walked around.

IMG_8476.JPG Non shaggy dog reappeared!

What are the small things you have enjoyed this month?

Claire xx

It’s the small things ~ July Edition

The small things that have made me happy over the month of July.

There has been plenty of time spent at The Helix

Freezing cold beers to ease stressful days

20140726-211801-76681364.jpg There have been maxi skirts, feet out and sunshine days

20140726-211941-76781128.jpg Exciting but nerve wracking post received

20140726-212046-76846097.jpg My first ever loom band bracelet made by my gorgeous niece.

20140726-212230-76950033.jpg Sneaky Schnauzers sitting on cushions and making me laugh.

20140726-212715-77235802.jpg Practicing for a cake for a very special little boy who is turning one next month.

20140726-212836-77316863.jpg Schnauzer’s the size of The Kelpies

20140726-213009-77409659.jpg Sunshine filled days spent in the garden

20140726-213148-77508788.jpg Schanuzer’s in paddling pools

20140726-213216-77536366.jpg Quality time spent together

20140726-213240-77560879.jpg Al fresco dining

20140726-213440-77680907.jpg One of the hottest days of the year falling on my days off.

20140728-075949-28789432.jpg it’s nearly Festival time in Edinburgh which means a run of preview shows in my home town for half the price.

20140801-080210-28930690.jpg Ending the last hour of my working day on the last day of the month doing this 🙂

Claire xx

It’s the small things ~ June edition

July already! Here’s some of my small things from June.

20140701-075238-28358269.jpgThere was football sweepstakes.

20140701-075331-28411572.jpg First BBQ of the year.

20140701-075406-28446163.jpg Sleeping on knee Schnauzers (this never happens!)

20140701-075454-28494475.jpg Exciting/nerve racking books bought.

20140701-080018-28818550.jpg Job interview prepped for and completed.

20140701-080136-28896983.jpg A new job offered.

20140701-080206-28926104.jpg And a new job celebrated.

20140701-222129-80489393.jpg Queens Baton Relay watching.

20140701-222210-80530100.jpg Important waiting rooms sat in #ivf

20140701-222309-80589646.jpg Temperatures Rising.

20140701-222349-80629335.jpg Tents camped in.

20140701-222417-80657904.jpg Gorgeous scenery admired.

20140701-222500-80700057.jpg Cakes decorated.

20140701-222555-80755303.jpg And a fun afternoon with 20 Schnauzers.

So that was June.

Claire xx


This week has been stressful, I had a really important interview on Thursday for a promotion in my team and as the blog title tells you I got PROMOTED!


I found out yesterday afternoon, I wasn’t expecting the call quite so early so was totally caught off guard when my big manager called. To the point that I thought I had been offered a different post with different hours! There were two jobs on offer, one Mon-Fri and one for the out of hours service, which is the team I work for now, covering weekends and public holidays etc. I got Mon- Fri!! I’m over the moon with that, no more 7 days on in a row 🙂

I still can’t quite believe it, I never thought in a million years that not even five years after qualifying I have been promoted to a specialist nurse post. Amazing.

Who says Friday the 13th is unlucky?!?!

Claire xx

It’s the small things ~ May edition

May has been a lovely busy month, here are some of the small things that have been making my month.

Hamish has been practicing what he learned in puppy school.

There have been plenty of coffee moments

Gardening time

Walks around the Kelpies

First attempts at crochet booties

Birthday present making

Woodland bluebell spotting

Wedding anniversary invite making for my in laws

Surprise travel plans

Remote island visits

Favourite drinks, drunk

Birthdays celebrated

Sunsets admired

Tall ships viewed

Important letters received

Sunshine enjoyed

New job interview prep started

And #marriedmay taken part in


Claire xx

This time ten years ago

I was tagged by the gorgeous Laura of Lifelovelaura to go on a trip down memory lane and let you all into what I was up to 10 years ago. You can read all about what Laura was doing here

I had to go and dig out the photo album to remind myself what I was doing 10 years ago, that’s shocking I can’t remember!

Ten years ago….I had just turned 26

Ten years ago…. We were just settling into our first proper all grown up, eeep we have a mortgage, what do we do now flat and spending hours gazing out the window to this view. Excuse the grainy pictures.


Ten years ago…. I lived in the Isle Of Man. I moved there for 6 months and ended up staying for 7 years.

Ten years ago…. I was 2 years into my relationship with my now husband. I knew then we would get married, though I didn’t know then I would need to wait another 7 years to finally be made Mrs S!


Ten years ago…. I had given up a good job with the bank to go and work in a Mental Health day centre, I didn’t realise then that this would change my career path completely and set me on the course to go to university and train to be a nurse.

Ten years ago…. We went on our first cruise around the med and totally loved it! This holiday made us fall in love with cruising, I only wish we could afford to do it more.


Ten years ago…. With the help of the best man in the world I was getting my head in a good place and taking charge of negative thought patterns. I did an online course on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and totally changed my outlook to life. I credit taking this step with changing my life. I know that sounds a bit crazy but honestly I was on self destruct in my head due to a really negative friendship and I dread to think how I would be now if I hadn’t of challenged those negative thoughts.

Ten years ago…. We had a great circle of friends, a great social life and were loving living on the Isle Of Man, even though we regularly had to make trips to the mainland to remain sane!

What were you up to ten years ago? Dare you remember?!?! I tag Clare at Bee Happy and Healthy, Laura at Never Entirely Satisfied and Gaynor at Our Day by Design

Claire xx

It’s the small things ~ March edition

Oops, I more than a little late with my small things for March.

We had a week away so expect a few scenery shots!

There has been gorgeous burger making.

And lessons learned in hoping

And plenty of lake viewing on holidays, in you guessed it, the lakes.




There has been Schnauzers blowing in the wind

Horses heads and canal side beach huts

And lovely sofas finally arriving after a long 12 week wait.


It’s the small things that make me happy.

Claire xx

Weight loss Wednesday ~ Week 19

So for any of you reading who didn’t see my post on Friday, this happened!

I was chuffed to bits to finally lose that 1lb to be able to make the call to the sub fertility clinic. Now my next challenge starts.
I have set myself the goal of losing another stone, losing the weight for IVF only just put my BMI to under 29 so I still have a way to go to actually be deemed the correct weight. I don’t like BMI though, I feel that it doesn’t take into account your shape etc and I feel if I actually slimmed down to where they want me to be I will not be myself if that makes sense? I will never be a size 10 and I am fine with that, I feel that another stone will just be nice to get me down another clothes size and I know I will be happier with how I look there. I’ve been there a few times before! The major problem for me is keeping it off, I am really hoping that Slimming World is the answer this time. It really is more of a lifestyle change, no counting of things, which in turn used to add to me making bad choices and using checks or points on the less good for you foods. Slimming world has ensured that I change the way I think and plan food and it has got me cooking from scratch. I recently shared a picture of one of my cupboards with my sister and she was amazed! I would have been lucky before to have had a few jars of spices, now I have had to buy a spice rack for my door just to hold the amount I have.

I’ve said it before but something needs to change and I think that through this process it has. Slimming World needs to be a lifestyle choice and I believe that because it is just that, simple and easy to adapt to your daily life that this will be my turning point. It needs to be, I need to get out of this yoyo weightloss world that I seem to keep finding myself in. My target weight this time is a stone heavier than was set before so I am hoping that that gives me the ability to stick to it and manage to find my happy weight around that amount.

So anyway, after that long ramble, here are the stats for this week.

Dog walks have gone well again, managing a nice.


And over the course of the week I’ve managed a very respectful 25 miles:


I’ve continued being good over the weekend and I’ve also started drinking green tea. I don’t know if this has helped but this week I am over the blooming moon to report a loss of.

Making my total lost so far 1lb shy of 2 stone!


There won’t be a weight loss Wednesday next week as we are off to the lakes for a little cottage holiday. Now my challenge will be to put some of my Slimming World approaches into practice there too.

C xx