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Rejuvenating old plant pots


We had a lot of old plant pots, the typical cheapish plastic ones in green and terracotta that I really wanted to update. There was nothing wrong with them and instead of going out buying new ones I decided to spray paint them. 

There are a few YouTube tutorials but to be honest it’s really easy. I washed all the pots down with sugar soap and allowed them to dry, then I set up an area in the garden with a dust sheet and some bricks to set the pots on. Before spraying I sanded the pots slightly as it is meant to help the spray paint to bond better. 

It is important to choose a spray paint that states it covers plastic, quite a few I found where only shiny black or white and I didn’t want that. After browsing the shelves in B&Q I came across this range, which is a multi purpose spray that covers plastic. 


I went for Matt black and Matt Midnight rendezvous. At £9.85 a tin it isn’t cheap but from the two cans I managed to cover 6 of the size pots above, 1 slightly larger one and 3 smaller ones, so overall I really thought they were value for money and far cheaper than replacing all the existing pots with new ones. 

After preparing the pots it was just a case of spraying them, I found it easier to turn them upside down first so that you could do the lip then to right side up to finish. You do need to be very careful not to touch the paint so my advice is to not fully do the inside of the pots so you still have an unpainted part to be able to move them to dry. They were touch dry within 40 mins. 

I love the finished result and I’m really happy that I decided to go ahead with them. 

I can’t wait to see what they look like when we get plants in them. 

Have you any garden makeover plans? 

Claire xx 

Crocheted Jar Jackets


I picked up my crochet hook this week in what feels like forever and decided to ease myself back in gently with this lovely Pattern from Lucy at Attic24. It has been saved on my Raverly favourites for months so it is about time I attempted it. 


The pattern itself is easy to follow using UK crochet terms, only using treble crochet throughout, finishing with a line of Double crochet to give it an edge. 


I made two different sizes and my plan is to use the jars for holding my utensils and cutlery on our upcoming camping trip. I was even the saddo who has matched the colours with the colour of the tent! 


They are by no means perfect but as a newbie to crochet and not having done any in a long time, I’m more than happy with them. 


Claire x 

Some bunny hopes you have a sweet Easter

I made some Easter bags for my nieces and nephews last year and I thought I would do the same this year. They are so quick and easy to make and the bonus this year was I only needed to pick up the chocolate and print some new labels.

This year my littlest nephew is nearly 2 so instead of the soft toy he got last year I got him a small buttons egg and some small smarties chicks to go alongside. For the others I used the bunnies from Aldi again and mini eggs. 

I wanted some different tags for this years ones and good old pinterest came up trumps again with these lovely ones from

I think they finish the bags off really well and hope the kids like them.

Claire xx

Snowman Soup

I came across Snowman Soup when I was browsing Pinterest – the invention of Pinterest has a lot of answer for in this house that’s for sure! Though a quick google of Snowman Soup, brought up hundreds of links to different versions of this so I suppose I’m just late to the party.

I found a link to a lovely printable to attach to the ingredients over on Ginger Snap Crafts


* Brown paper bags – I picked up 10 in Home Bargains for 80p
* Hot Chocolate packets
* Candy Canes
* Hershey Kisses – I got a packet of these in Tesco in their international aisle for £3
* Mini Marshmallows
* Ribbon
* Printable Snowman Soup poem found here

I cut the handles of the bags I had as I thought they looked better without, folded the top over then punched two holes in to be able to tie with ribbon and added the Snowman Soup poem.

I think they look really cute and they were cheap and easy to make so a winner all round.

Claire xx

Christmas Printable O Holy Night Print

O Holy Night is my favourite Christmas Hymn of all time and when I came across this printable last year I knew that I really wanted to make it.

It is available via the lovely Emily Hope over at Hope Ink . Emily has very kindly set up the print to be downloaded and printed as an 10×8″ PDF print so it is really easy to print out at home. I decided that I would like to frame mine too so that I would have it for every year so I picked up a cheap 10×8″ white frame to put it in to match my living room.

I also decided that I would like to add a little bit of sparkle to it so that it would reflect when my Christmas lights were on. I felt the design really lent itself to adding some small gems which I had at home already

I loved the end effect of adding them, I didn’t put too many on, I just wanted a few to help set it off and to draw your attention to it.

I then put it into a plain frame so I could put it in the living room for Christmas.

It now takes pride of place on our fireplace and I am so happy that I finally got round to printing it off.

I couldn’t blog about making a print from my favourite Christmas hymn without linking into my all time favourite version of the song. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Claire xx

Quick Christmas candle crafting

I had seen a picture of candles covered with cinnamon sticks on Pinterest a while ago and thought it would be a really easy Christmas craft that would look great on our dining table so I thought I’d give it a try.

You really don’t need much to make them.

* candle
* cinnamon sticks
* glue
* string or ribbon
* small decorations of your choice

I picked up everything I needed in Hobbycraft and set to work.

All you need to do is glue the cinnamon sticks on around your candle, tie with the string and allow to dry then add your decoration. Easy peasy!

I had a few cinnamon sticks left over from my bag so decided to make a cinnamon stacker.

IMG_9107.JPG I just cut enough string to gather them together then tied them up leaving one out to glue to the top and added some decorations.

Overall I’m really happy with the end results.


Are you planning any crafts for Christmas?

Claire xx

Homemade Personalised Bunting

Recently I was put in charge of decorations for a colleagues joint retirement and I put my printables Pinterest board to good use and decided to make some homemade personalised bunting.

I have pinned quite a few printable bunting’s but this one really jumped out at me for being nice and bright. You can get it here on the Ruffled Blog it is really easy to print off and has a few options for colours for the most used letters which really helped when the same letters run beside each other.

I found then extremely easy to cut out with them being traditional triangle shaped

And very easy to string together, I just used a hole punch in each corner and used string.


I was really impressed with the finished article and it took pride of place on the wall for their retirement party. The ladies loved it too and I will definitely be using it again to make personalised bunting for other parties.


Claire xx

First birthday cake decorating

I decided or foolishly thought it would be easy to decorate a cake for my nephews first birthday – before I start, let me tell you it’s not and I’m now in total awe of cake decorators. But overall I am happy with what I achieved and hope that my brother and sister in law will be too.

I wasn’t brave enough to attempt to bake a cake and ice it myself so I cheated and bought this decorate your own cake from Sainsbury’s


I also needed to buy some ready to roll icing to do the decorations with and some alphabet cutouts.


I picked up this mould from Dunelm Mill which is really easy to use, you just need use a small amount of ready to roll icing and press into the mould.

20140801-140456-50696182.jpg it can be used over and over again and you would be able to come up with different designs for different cakes with it.

20140801-140556-50756898.jpg This is my attempt at the bunting, excuse my messy tray as a back drop! Each pattern came out well.

I had wanted to do the candles but the cake wasn’t deep enough so I went for multicoloured letters on top with bunting around the sides.


I’m quite happy with the end result, yes it does have that homemade look about it, it is by no means perfect but I think for my first try it has turned out well. I am sure it will get a smile from my nephew on his Birthday.




Happy 1st Birthday wee man.

Claire xx

Easter gift bags

It’s been a while since I got crafty at all. I go through stages of wanting to make loads or just not doing anything at all. I decided I wanted to make my nieces and nephews some Easter bags instead of getting them an egg this year.

Pinterest through up a few ideas like this

Image Source

I really loved these and thought they were really cute, however when I started looking I couldn’t find jars big enough for the chocolate bunny to go into so I had to rethink. When I was browsing I seen a lot of ideas done in cellophane bags and I thought that I could make it work that way instead. I gathered together all the bits and pieces I thought I needed and started putting them together.

I used:

Fake grass (Asda)
Baby chicks and easter themed bags (Poundland)
Mini Eggs and bunnies (Aldi)
Tags from this great website

They were very easy to put together, I wanted to take the bunnies out of the wrapping as I thought they looked great just plain chocolate so I did that and think the finished bags look great.


And I also did a little chick for my baby nephew.

I’m really happy with how they turned out and I can’t wait to give them to them.


Are you making anything for Easter?

Claire xx

Getting my stitch on

After seeing one of the girls I follow on twitter making this cross stitch for her friend a few months ago I really wanted to do it for my sister as I really think this is her humour!

I haven’t cross stitched for a long time but it’s really easy to do and I picked it up again quite quickly.

I used a pattern from Etsy.

I decided to do it on cream adia and used brown thread to match the colours of her kitchen and after much searching I found a frame on EBay that I really liked and thought would set it of really nicely.

I am really pleased with the end result.


My sister loved it as part of her Christmas present.