Goodness, it’s bee a while since I posted about anything to do with trying to conceive. My last post was about my dilemma about going back to the clinic and seeking out Clomid I really was torn about starting it, I don’t know if it was because I was in denial that I was at that point or if it was because I had found evidence that didn’t exactly support it it’s use for unexplained infertility – Scottish Unexplained Infertility trial

It wasn’t a huge trial but it did look at 580 woman over the course of 6 months in three different groups.
Expectant Management – Which was no medical intervention for the months, couples were given advice on timing etc.
Clomid – A 6 month 50mg course of clomid was given to be used between cycle days 2-6 and
IUI – where insemination was carried out after a surge was detected. Anyway the long and the short of it is written in this conclusion below.

Conclusion – In couples with unexplained infertility existing treatments such as empirical clomifene and unstimulated intrauterine insemination are unlikely to offer superior live birth rates compared with expectant management.

I think you can see from that conclusion why I was wondering if I should even bother, but then the infertile woman’s mind is not one of a rationale person sometimes and I figured it doesn’t hurt, yes there may be some side effects and a small chance of multiplies but sure if I got two at once then I would be done….. So I agreed at my appointment to go down the Clomid route and am now nearing the end of my first medicated cycle. Now the weird thing is in my head I still don’t feel like I am receiving fertility treatment, I suppose in my head that is more the whole IUI or IVF route, but I am aren’t I? and again that still feels a little surreal.

Overall, Clomid has been kind to me, I haven’t had any mood swings, headaches or terrible hot flushes. I did get one major hot flush around ovulation time which resulted in me opening windows and turning the heating off, much to the disgust of my husband who was blooming freezing but that was it. I had one episode of really bad sleep and weird dreams which I blamed on it too but I have no evidence to say it was that. But apart from that it has been fine. I was recommended by my lovely friends on twitter who have already been taking it (twitter is just the best for advice from others in the same boat) to take it at night time so I did and think that is why I didn’t have many side effects.

My trust do one monitored cycle to make sure that your don’t overstimulate (end up with too many follicilies) and I had mine on cycle day 12, I only had one follicle that looked like it was going to mature and all looked well. So yes we ended up on the timed intercourse route, I know those who have never struggled always are like oh just enjoy the sex, it’s the best part… well, yes it is still good, we enjoy it yes, but sometimes we do have to make ourselves get in the mood, it’s not all about passion all the time but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy it!


I suppose the big question is do I feel any different? Well the answer is no, I had very obvious ovulation pains this month but that has been about it. My cycle doesn’t feel any different, I don’t feel pregnant but then again, I have never been pregnant so I don’t know how that feels but my weird infertile mind has convinced me that I will just know when I am (I think that’s probably more hope than anything) though every time I have been convinced I am not pregnant I have not been.
Anyway as usual time will tell, keeping everything crossed that 2014 will finally be the year that I fall pregnant.

Claire xx

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