This infertility lark catches you unawares, coasting along thinking I’m coping fine. Telling everyone I’m coping fine, putting a smile on, believing I’m coping fine.

Then bam, it hits you like a slap around the face, the feeling of being so overwhelmed, that maybe you’re not coping, maybe you’re just kidding yourself…. What’s the truth? Am I coping or I’m I just kidding myself on?

To be honest with you, times like this morning, I’m not actually sure. But what I do know, the coping face needs to go back on, it’s the only way I know how to survive.


Claire xx

2 comments on “Coping or not?!?”

  1. Oh Claire I’m so sorry to read this. You seem to be coping great but times when you feel like it’s all going wrong will be a normal part of that too. This situation sucks and you’re totally ok to feel that overwhelmingly – it doesn’t mean you’re not coping. Thinking of you xx

    • Thanks Claire. Its such a weird place to be, I know that it must be normal to be feeling this way but as most things when they don’t go right in life I just wish I had more control over things. The emotions that go alongside all this are crazy! Thanks for your words of encouragement, they are really kind xx

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