I decided or foolishly thought it would be easy to decorate a cake for my nephews first birthday – before I start, let me tell you it’s not and I’m now in total awe of cake decorators. But overall I am happy with what I achieved and hope that my brother and sister in law will be too.

I wasn’t brave enough to attempt to bake a cake and ice it myself so I cheated and bought this decorate your own cake from Sainsbury’s


I also needed to buy some ready to roll icing to do the decorations with and some alphabet cutouts.


I picked up this mould from Dunelm Mill which is really easy to use, you just need use a small amount of ready to roll icing and press into the mould.

20140801-140456-50696182.jpg it can be used over and over again and you would be able to come up with different designs for different cakes with it.

20140801-140556-50756898.jpg This is my attempt at the bunting, excuse my messy tray as a back drop! Each pattern came out well.

I had wanted to do the candles but the cake wasn’t deep enough so I went for multicoloured letters on top with bunting around the sides.


I’m quite happy with the end result, yes it does have that homemade look about it, it is by no means perfect but I think for my first try it has turned out well. I am sure it will get a smile from my nephew on his Birthday.




Happy 1st Birthday wee man.

Claire xx

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