Yesterday we set off in the car for the mammoth journey to the fertility clinic that we will be receiving our IVF treatment from. Our local hospital doesn’t offer IVF so they feed into one that does. Unfortunately for us the one they choose to pick is a 2.5hr round trip for us (I can already tell this travelling will be fun…NOT)

We will be looked after by the assisted conception unit at Ninewells hospital in Dundee and yesterday was our first visit after getting to the top of the waiting list surprisingly quickly. The unit itself is lovely, modern and bright and it has this lovely picture on the wall which is made up of lots of tiny pictures of babies that they have made possible. It was lovely to look at whilst we were waiting to see the consultant.


We were called quite quickly to meet with the consultant in charge of our care, he seems really nice and he ran through what we would expect from them as a unit. I got weighed again (all fine and under bmi) and he ran through which protocol he thinks I will be on, though final confirmation of this will not happen until my bloods which were taken come back. This is because they are testing my AMHagain and dependent on the results of that the protocol and level of drugs they will use will be decided. He showed us the expected process and gave us a slideshow of how you move through your cycle, different pictures of the rooms used in the unit etc and the expected amount of times you will need to visit them in Dundee (five) He gave us plenty of time to ask questions and said that the maximum wait from now to starting will be no more than two months.

After meeting the consultant we then met with the Senior Charge Nurse, she did all my Observations, blood pressure etc and then took bloods, these bloods can take 4-6 weeks to come back and we don’t proceed any further with treatment until then. Once the treatment plan is decided they will contact me and let me know what protocol I will be on – long or short and if I need to take the nasal spray which will be posted out to me. She was really good and helped to make the visit quite lighthearted.

They suggested that I will be on their standard protocol which is a long protocol so from start to finish we would be looking at the cycle running around 6 weeks. All their injections come in preloaded syringes which will make it all the easier and hubby was able to breathe a sigh of relief that he wouldn’t be required to inject me!

So now we wait to find out when the big guns come out!!

C xx

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