How do you keep going when you feel like you keep hitting a brick wall? That’s what I seem to keep asking myself time and time again.

Here we are again, the beginning of another cycle. Not only do you have to deal with the disappointment that this brings, Mother Nature hits you with the hormones and emotions. Pain and tears don’t give you a reprieve on the whole thinking about it front that’s for sure. I’m quite lucky and don’t suffer to much pain, the odd cramp here and there, they probably hurt more psychologically though, each one triggers that sinking feeling that yet again this is not our month.

Gone are our hopes for a 2013 baby, this month was the last month that was possible and as much as I don’t like to admit it, that actually hurts quite a lot, when we started this journey we always believed whole heartily that we would have a baby in 2013 and now for that not to be happening is just another thing I’ll have to get over. There are so many things on this journey that I’ve just had to get over and it doesn’t get any easier that’s for sure.

Though there is nothing else for it, the only way to achieve what we want is to just keep on going, to approach each month with motivation and hope that it will be us soon. I just need a day to find it again.

Claire xx

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