I thought I would do a little update in where we are up to in terms of fertility testing. As you know we are now under the care of our local NHS clinic and have had a few more tests done with them, one of them being a Hysterosalpingoraphy or HSG test which is basically an x-ray where they insert dye into your cervix to see if your fallopian tubes are clear.I had the test done at the beginning of my last cycle, my health board wants them completed between days 5-10 of your cycle so it can sometimes take a while to be fitted in, I was lucky and got a slot the second cycle after being registered with the clinic.

I had stayed away from Dr Google as much as I could with this, as I had seen some horror stories on Baby and Bump and I really didn’t want to worry myself more than was necessary before I went to the appointment.

The appointment itself was very straight forward, I attended my local x-ray department and was taken to a room off the main area where I was asked to undress (Just my bottom half) and put a gown on, I was then taken into the x-ray room and asked to sit on the table with my bottom on the edge, they then placed a speculum the same that is used in a smear test and passed a small catheter tube into my cervix. This part was uncomfortable but not painful and it passed fairly quickly with a few deep breaths. They then injected the dye into which I found amazing to watch on the x-ray screen, I had read that this is where a lot of woman experience a lot of pain but I was very lucky, it did cause some cramping but no more than cramps that you would get with your period and then it was done. That was it, in and out in 15 mins!

Thankfully for us, my HSG is clear, the dye showed flow from both tubes which shows that there are no blockages in either one, however this now puts us formally under the diagnosis of ‘Unexplained Infertility’ which is a bit rubbish to be honest.

I’m not sure that until you are in this position do you realise that for someone to say actually there is nothing wrong is in fact a horrible thing to hear, normally we are so wishing to be told there is nothing wrong with us and we are praying for those words but this time I suppose I wanted to hear that there was something, though of course I wanted it to be something that was fixable but something never the less that I could say that’s why it has taken so long, but that is not meant to be, we are just one of those unlucky couples who don’t fall into that small percentage chance of falling pregnant each month, but surely one month it will be us!

So the plan is now for me to focus on losing some weight before our next appointment which is scheduled for November so that if we are not pregnant by then I will be allowed to start on Clomid and I will be placed on the waiting list for IVF. The current waiting time in our area seems to now be anywhere between 6-12 months and we are lucky to get two attempts under NHS care. I am still very hopeful that we will not need this level of treatment but I am grateful that if we do the process is well under way.

Praying for a big fat positive inbetween times!

Claire xx

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