photo-17So at our appointment with the fertility clinic the subject of my weight came up, this didn’t surprise me in the slightest as I know I am overweight but now it will have even more on an effect as it could affect fertility treatment if we did need IVF next year.

I have battled with my weight for years, going through that cycle of losing and gaining weight many times, though the good thing seems to be when I put my mind to losing weight I am usually quite successful.  My problem is keeping the weight off, I wonder if any of you lovely readers have any tips for how to keep your motivation going to maintain weight loss.  I don’t seem to be able to keep it going once I hit target I seem to just think that I can eat what I want even though I know that I can’t and I know that I will gain all the weight back but for some stupid reason I can’t seem to bring this stupid cycle I have allowed myself to be on for years.

Now though I really need to reconsider my outlook on what I eat, if we need to go down the route of IVF I will not be eligible on the NHS unless I lose at least 1.5 stone. To be honest I would like to lose more and I know I look and feel so much better weighing a lot less than I do now plus it would be best to try and lose some weight before we manage to fall pregnant even if that wasn’t through IVF.
So from today, which will be now be called Weight loss Wednesday on these lovely pages, I will be getting back to basics with slimming world, upping my exercise and making myself accountable yet again for what I eat.  No more excuses, no more telling myself it’s okay to have a treat here and there because for me it doesn’t seem to just be here and there, one treat leads to another and I need to go cold turkey this week to get myself back into the weight loss mojo.
Wish me luck……….

Claire xx

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  1. When I do maintain weight loss, what works for me is thinking longer term. So a slice of cake with dinner does not mean I needn’t bother being healthy the rest of the day because I’ve already decided to have cake, a slice of cake with dinner means I skip that yoghurt for dessert tomorrow, or have to walk rather than get the bus today. But one slice of cake is not an issue if the rest is good.

    I’m finding this hard though. I’ve stopped snacking at work, but yesterday I properly crashed at about 3pm and actually had to get a snack to perk me up. I now know I need to not let that happen today so had a banana with breakfast to keep me going longer today and so far it seems to be helping.

    I also maintain better when I get enough sleep and exercise. Exercise of the right kind helps with sleep, and sleep helps with those 3pm slumps and with having the energy to have willpower.

    Finally having a water bottle on my desk helps me a LOT. I am very thirsty a lot of the time, and find that often having a drink of water when I feel the need to snack is amazing for keeping that need at bay. That and waiting twenty minutes. I often no longer want it after that!

    Good luck with the maintaining. I gained all my weight back over the winter during a period of stress and now am starting all over again. I hope losing and maintaining helps you out a lot xxx

    • Wow thanks for your great reply Siobhan, all of the things you said are spot on.

      I think my issue is I think I can have all the cake and forget all the healthy living stuff when I get to my target. I know I’m doing it as well so I really have no excuses. It’s not helped by the ability to stop by various shops when out on my rounds and there is not often healthy stuff, even when I have lunch in my car!
      I was very proud yesterday of only allowing myself a drink as I was so thirsty.

      Water is a major issue for me and I’m not really able to rectify it, I’m not able to drink too much during the day for fear of not being near a toilet (joys of community!) there are just some you would never ever use! I do drink a 500ml bottle over the day and try and top up when I get home too but that’s not ideal.

      Have a salad, fruit and water packed for today 🙂


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