It’s time for the small things that have made my April.

Enjoying our first Easter with this little one.

Having Easter bubbles whilst enjoying my sister visiting.

Doing our first Easter Egg Hunt.

Making Adult and Baby portions.

Reading books.

Making the baby a playlist of his favourite songs from Baby groups.

Printing some family photos for the new hallway display.

Dressing the baby up (again!) at his music group Easter party.

Enjoying a little bit of playtime before getting dressed.

Falling in love with these blue eyes and smile more and more each day.

Being interviewed and appearing on STV news at 6.

Enjoying some down time at nap time.

Booking the husband is ideal Father’s Day activity.

Hunting for new cars.

Making this little ones day with a trip to the swing park.

Celebrating 8 months of O.

Making Daddy’s day.

Living his best back garden life.

looking up and only seeing blue skies.

Enjoying beers in the sun whilst the baby napped.

Collecting a hidden disabilities lanyard for travelling through the airport.

Stopping to admire the daffodils.

Spending Saturday afternoons riding horseys.

Trying to make the front of the house look pretty, next step repainting the front door.

Loving this boy more every day and wondering how I’m going to leave him in a few weeks to go back to work.

And those were the things that made my April.

Claire xx

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