April has been a busy and lovely month. Lots of sunshine to be had in Scotland and when it’s been out we’ve tried to make the most of it, you never quite know whether that will actually be the full summer so you need to live in the moment!

There was daffodil smelling

20140429-225142.jpg Easter bunny making

Lovely long 4 day weekends

With dog walks that required a sit down protest in the shade

Coffee in the park

And watching the opening of the amazing Kelpies structures

Walks on the beach, followed by the best fish & chips ever

20140429-225656.jpg Reminiscing on the stationary I made for our wedding

Visits to the beautiful Loch Lomond

Infertility awareness week in the USA which prompted me to be more open with family about my fertility issues

Girlie days out

20140429-230355.jpg and lots of catching up to do! We’ve not been together for four years!

Evening canal side walks in the sun


4 Comments on It’s the small things ~ April Edition

  1. What a wonderful look back over April! Your stationary was lovely, I really want to go to the Kelpies, we moved just as they were starting to come together! The opening show looked amazing!

    • I am loving doing these posts to be honest. I think that it will be so nice to look back over the year and see all the good things that we have been able to do. The opening show of the Kelpies was really good, we weren’t sure whether to go or not but I am so glad that we did! Now though we are just getting annoyed that our normal quiet for years dog walk route is now bunged as it is past the kelpies lol xxx

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