It’s time to share the small things that made December (disclaimer, it’s santa pics heavy!)

Babies first reindeer feet.

Celebrating our baby boys christening.

Receiving our first ever santa letter.

Meeting Santa for the very first time.

Twinning for the Schnauzer doggy Christmas party.

Christmas trees going up.

Robin spotting on frosty walks.

Rocking first Christmas jumpers.

Turning 4 months old.

Meeting Santa for the 2nd time.

Putting the best pictures of all on our wall.

Seeing cards I never thought we would receive, with stockings I never thought we would hang and the baby I never believed we would have all in one picture.

Meeting Santa for the third time ?

Posing in the cutest gift.

Enjoying vegan Baileys

Carrying in Christmas traditions

Enjoying wine and twinkling lights.

Stealing precious kisses.

Espresso martinis by the tree on Christmas Eve.

Reading Christmas Eve stories.

First Christmas Eves enjoyed

Waking up on Christmas morning to the best gift ever.

Enjoying our first Christmas as a family of four.

Sunset canal walks enjoyed.

Coffee dates enjoyed with my boys.

First glimpses of snow captured.

New diary with New plans started.

And that was a glimpse into December.

2017 changed our world forever. I can’t wait to see what new memories we make in 2018.

Happy New Year everyone.

Claire xx

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  1. Claire you little one is absolutely adorable and I know must bring so much joy to your life!!! I wish you happiness, good health and many more fantastic memories for 2018!! Much love, Alyssa!

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