July already! Here’s some of my small things from June.

20140701-075238-28358269.jpgThere was football sweepstakes.

20140701-075331-28411572.jpg First BBQ of the year.

20140701-075406-28446163.jpg Sleeping on knee Schnauzers (this never happens!)

20140701-075454-28494475.jpg Exciting/nerve racking books bought.

20140701-080018-28818550.jpg Job interview prepped for and completed.

20140701-080136-28896983.jpg A new job offered.

20140701-080206-28926104.jpg And a new job celebrated.

20140701-222129-80489393.jpg Queens Baton Relay watching.

20140701-222210-80530100.jpg Important waiting rooms sat in #ivf

20140701-222309-80589646.jpg Temperatures Rising.

20140701-222349-80629335.jpg Tents camped in.

20140701-222417-80657904.jpg Gorgeous scenery admired.

20140701-222500-80700057.jpg Cakes decorated.

20140701-222555-80755303.jpg And a fun afternoon with 20 Schnauzers.

So that was June.

Claire xx

2 comments on “It’s the small things ~ June edition”

    • It has been lovely Donna. Love doing these posts to remind myself that it’s the little things that make my life good. Xx

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