And this was March! 

  Coffees and Daffodils.  
 Breaks to the countryside to celebrate special birthdays.  

 Coffees on balconies.  

 Beautiful blue skies. 

 Tea all organised.  

 Dog walking at the kelpies in the sunshine.  

 Tulips that brighten up the day.  

 Sunset dog walks.  

 Prosecco enjoyed.  

 Coffee and kindle time.  

 Scottish countryside explored.  

 With this little buddy by our side.  

 Hot cross buns demolished.  

 A little Kir royale or two enjoyed.  

 Mini Egg Cheesecake savoured.  

 Easter bags prepared for neice and nephew.  

 Easter Sunday lunch enjoyed with the family.  

 Proud selfies taken…finally I’m beginning to really see my weight loss.  

 Relaxation with this gorgeous man. 

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