March has been a difficult month for us. But despite all the heartache it brought, there still has been some small things that have made us happy.

Surprise deliveries.

Yummy doughnuts

Our constant companion 

Schnauzer shadows never fail to make me smile

Edinburgh visits to see my Mum and sister

Wine with a view

Spa days and bubbles

And the castle turned Green for St Patrick’s day (with my Mum & Sister) 

Mexican Cosmos 

There were solar eclipses 

Spring days with first washing of the year hung on the line

Human sun clocks 

 Never ceasing to be amazed by the walks on my doorstep. 
Schnauzer meet ups. 

The most amazing reflections. 

Claire xx

2 comments on “It’s the small things ~ March edition”

  1. I love this collection of happy moments. I’m so sorry to hear March has been difficult, but it’s great that through all the pain and heartache, you find those things that uplift your spirits. I hope that soon those happy moments will outnumber the unhappy ones.

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