It’s the small things that have made the month of May. 

Booking an extra annual leave day to give me a lovely four day weekend. 

Spending the afternoon repainting my garden bench which was in such need of a makeover. 

Spray painting plant pots ready for some planting this month.  

  Yet more painting of garden furniture! 

  Digging my gloves out and holding on to the heat of my coffee cup in bitterly cold windy walks. 
  Cornwall trip planning. 

  Afternoon prosecco in the sun before a work day out. 

  International Nurses Day – recognising all the nurses out there. 

 Getting back into Slimming World. 

 Finally planting some bedding plants in my new updated plant pots.  

 Prosecco in the sun with the bestie. 

 Enjoying a much needed alcohol filled afternoon with the bestie.  

 Afternoon park walks. 

 Sunshine and bluebells.  

 Bullets bitten and a Slimming World Group joined. 

  Lovely Saturday afternoon new places for a dog walk found. 

What will June bring? 

Claire xx

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