It’s time for the small things that made my month of May.

Hearing my boy say Mama for the first time 💙

Relaxing at the in laws

Family selfies on forest walks.

Enjoying peaceful naptimes in the sun.

Feeling grass for the first time.

Finishing a lovely weekend in Ireland being thankful.

Getting nursery ready.

Waving 😍

Blossom spotting.

Ending the day with gorgeous sunsets.

Visiting little horses and big wheels.

Enjoying first settling in session at nursery.

Al fresco dining in the park.

Celebrating turning 9 months old.

Coffee and cakes enjoyed outside.

Enjoying calming canal walks.

Loving how cute crossed baby feet are.

Sunshiney evenings enjoyed.

Sending the boy off to nursery.

Being welcomed back to work.

Making my desk a brighter place to be.

Enjoying new book day.

Snack time in the park.

Bag hooks at nursery.

First masterpieces from nursery brought home.

Finally capturing all the teeth!

Finishing the month off at arty messy play 😍

And that was the small things that made my month of May. Bring on June.

Claire xx

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