November started with a holiday and then ended with another one. That’s what I call winning at a month! 

  There was plenty of coffees with beautiful views. 

  Sunsets enjoyed from balconies. 

  Cocktails by the pool. 
  Quality time spent together. 
  Cycling with a view. 

   A wet welcome home dog walk in the leaves. 
  An autumn collection of Schnauzers on a dog walk. 
   A schnauzer birthday celebrated. 
  And birthday treats enjoyed. 
   Freezing walks made easier with gorgeous blue skies. 

  Yankee candle advent calendars bought. 
  A night at the theatre enjoyed. 
  A girlie weekend in London enjoyed


  Lego train admired! 500k Lego bricks and three months to build. 

  Afternoon tea enjoyed. 
  Christmas trees admired. 
Bring on December! 

Claire xx 

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