I decided when I started down regulating to keep a diary of my thoughts and feelings, this post is a change from my normal style and is written in a diary style. I also figured that this part might be long so I have spilt it up so not to bore you all completly.

Day 1 ~

It’s 7 am on Thursday morning and today is the day that down regulating begins. I set all the alarms on my phone last night. It took me a while and a little internet delving to figure out good times to take it. The instructions only say spilt evenly during wakened hours. I decided to go with

IMG_8427.PNG these are the best times for me as I’ll be at home for at least three doses normally which makes it so much easier.

IMG_8432-0.JPG First sniff done, it’s not as vile as I was expecting, not nice either but I ate something quite quickly after it and the taste went away fairly fast.

Day 3 & 4 ~

Exhaustion beyond anything I’ve felt before, feels like a hangover without the alcohol x 20! Mild headaches all weekend that just won’t shift. Hoping this is my body getting used to it. Struggling to do much around the house, hard to motivate myself. Kept having to sit down on dog walk like I was an old woman. Twitter army all suggested ensuring in drinking at least two litres of water a day which really helped with the headaches.

Have been having ear trouble since day 2, thought it was wax or congestion but nothing clearing it. Wondering if it could be related to the nasal spray?

Day 5 ~

First day at work since the side effects hit, felt spaced out, no concentration and nana naps are now the order of the day. Can only partially hear out of right ear, constant buzzing. Really worried if it’s a side effect they will stop cycle, not sure whether to contact the clinic or not?

Day 6

First mini melt down, thankfully was in the privacy of my own car. Just feel emotionally drained, fed up we are in this situation and worried about my ear. Need to read up on the side effects.

IMG_8466.JPG Ouch what a nice list of side effects. Interesting to see that hearing disturbances are listed as a side effect. Wonder though if I should just put up with it or report it?

Day 8 ~

Called the clinic this morning even if this is just a side effect I need to report it. It’s really starting to affect everyday life, work has been so difficult, especially if there is background noise at all. Clinic don’t seem to think it is but have agreed if I go to the GP to check no infection that they will switch me to injections to see if it makes a difference.
Still feeling exhausted, managing to get through work though afternoons are tough, feel like I have no concentration and have no interest in things I normally enjoy. One of the things I’m pleased about is the twitter suggestion of drinking lots of water as since starting the nasal spray I’ve been so thirsty! It’s also helping to keep away the headaches, I’m trying to take a bottle of water if I even feel a twinge which seems to be making a huge difference.

Day 9 ~

GP found nothing wrong with my ear yesterday, called the clinic back and again they don’t think that it is the nasal spray causing it but have agreed that I can switch to the injection form. This is not something I’ve taken a decision on lightly, I mean who would want to inject if they didn’t need to? Not me that’s for sure! I feel though that this problem only started when I took the nasal spray, I may be wrong and if it doesn’t clear up then we will have clear evidence that it wasn’t that but I have to try to do something!

IMG_8485.JPG So this is my new medication, same as the nasal spray but in injection form. We did brief injection training, I’m fine with drawing up and giving injections to others so it didn’t take long, it will just be a matter of learning to give them to myself! Which will be happening early tomorrow morning.

IMG_8486.PNG And a new alarm has been set. I was told to do this injection in the morning as when I start Stimming I will need to do that one at night time. So from now on it will be early morning rises for injections and I doubt I’ll get back to sleep after that. Lol

Day 10 ~

I set up my injecting area before I went to bed last night, I wanted it to be a positive place so I have my little book of strength sitting out in front of it. I love this little book, it is full of pretty designed quotes and always gives me a boost when I look at it. I also have my ‘believe’ bracelet sitting on the side. This was sent to me by an old friend who has been through this process too and I love it.

IMG_8487.JPG. So it’s time to do the injection, drawing it up was fine, suppose the bonus of my nurse training is I’m well used to drawing up injections and that part didn’t bother me. I wasn’t going to allow myself to dwell on it to much as I knew the longer I delayed the harder it would be. I put on some background music to distract myself a little, pinched an inch, took a deep breath, closed my eyes and put it in. It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be either. I opened my eyes again obviously to see the plunger to put it in and that was it over and done with as quick as that.

IMG_8490.JPG the clinic told me I could either inject in the tummy or in my thighs. I choose my thighs this morning as I figured there is plenty of excess there and I shouldn’t feel it as much. I need to rotate the injection site each day which I think will be easier on my thighs. I’m just hoping that now the nasal spray is finished I’ll get rid of the ear problem.
All this ear problem and nerves about switching to the injection have made me not think too much about the other side effects which I suppose is good. I wanted to make sure they are written down though so I have a record of them. The tiredness still remains, it comes out of the blue at times as well, like yesterday in the car when I just had to close my eyes as I felt so tired, headachy and sick. My boobs also feel so heavy and about to burst if I don’t have my bra on. I lay on my front on the bed yesterday and that lasted all of two minutes! You do get a period at some point on DR so I’m figuring that this is the build up to that.

Claire xx

4 comments on “Our IVF journey at Ninewells Dundee ~ Down Regulating – Part 1”

  1. Writing it all down seem like a good plan – well done getting through these first 10days! Love your little book of strength & wee alarms some great ideas for keeping you sane – happiness & health x

  2. Thanks for writing this Claire! I am on Day 6 of Down-Regulating at the moment and feeling absolutely awful. I am having cramps as if I’m experiencing the most painful period ever, but with no bleed. But you are SO right about the water helping with the headaches – I spent the weekend feeling exactly like you did on your first weekend!!! Good luck x

    • Aww thanks for your comment. I’m so pleased you have found it helpful. I really hope that down regulating passes quickly, it was tough at times but strangely I kind of got used to feeling crap! Lol. Thank you for the luck and sending so much back to you xx

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