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Yay we made it onto stimming, baseline scan at the end of down regulating went well, both ovaries were inactive and lining was thin so we did some injection training for the stimming drugs. It comes in an auto injector pen which I had never used before but after a quick demo by the nurse I felt confident enough. This is where my nurse training really comes in, yes giving myself the injections has been odd but the actually medical side of it all means I’m taking that part in my stride.

IMG_6347.JPG. I have been started on 150 of Gonal F. I’m not sure if this is the norm or not but from what I’ve seen it might be classed as a lower dose which I think is probably due to my high AMH. My clinic advise you to take your stimming medications in the evening so I’ve decided on 7.30pm, it seems to be when will fit in better for me and gives me a nice 12 hour gap between the two injections.

I had read so much about stims helping people feel better from the side effects of Down Regulating and I’d hoped it would for me too. It did, for the first day or two at least, even letting me have some motivation to plan things for the two week wait but it hasn’t lasted and day 4 of stimming was awful. I really struggled at work, constantly not feeling with it which is not good when trying to recall things and sort out other peoples problems, feeling exhausted, tearful and agitated. Not a good mix! And the bloat, let’s not forget the bloat, my tummy feels as hard as a rock and I look about 3 months pregnant every night. It does get worse at night and is mostly away in the morning so it’s definitely bloating. Am I selling it to you yet? Now is the time that you repeat the mantra *it’s all for a good reason **repeats all day.

Water and isotonic drinks are now my new best friend

IMG_0977.JPG Every one on twitter and the fertility forums are all for the drinking lots and lots of water and isotonic drinks, not just through stimming but through Down Regulating as well. It seems to be recommended for the fluid nourishing the eggs, for rehydration, helping headaches and it has been reported to help prevent Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome I’m trying to drink at least 2litres of water a day and one isotonic drink so along with bloating, I’m constantly running to the loo too, the price we pay for stimming!

One of the other things that is meant to help is a hot water bottle on your tummy to gently heat the area and encourage the follicles to grow. Now whether this works or not I don’t know but my pink furry friend is now joining me on the sofa for a while every night after my injection.

IMG_0979.JPG Even if it doesn’t encourage follicles to grow it does help with feeling that bit more comfortable in the evening. I can’t actually find any evidence to support using heat to encourage follicles to grow but it doesn’t appear to hurt either.

One of the things I wasn’t expecting so I thought it would be good to mention it here was getting EWCM and boy did I get it. Enough to send me into a bit of a panic that I was going to ovulate before I even managed to get to my scan. After a quick panic stop tour of Dr Google it appears that this is very normal and people even experience more than they would usually do on an unmedicated cycle. My clinic want you to stim for around 9-10 days on average with a progress scan booked in for day 8.

IMG_8603.JPG I had hoped for a good response at my first scan but was disappointed. The clinic though did tell me things were fine but I needed to stim for another couple of days and get rescanned in a further two days. I only had two follies on my Left ovary at 10mm & 12mm and 2 small and five on my Right ovary, 3 x 13mm & 2 x 12mm along with 4 small. The clinic need them to be around the 18mm mark before they want to trigger but they were hopeful that at my next scan they would be ready and egg collection could get booked in. It will be the full 10 days stimming for me then!

Claire xx

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  1. I’ve been a terrible lurker here lately Claire, but just to say, I’ve been reading your blog and following with interest – I hope you’re doing OK, and soon all this unpleasantness will just be a memory – you’ll be so glad you did it.

    I’m not sure how cheery you’re feeling at the mo, but it might make you laugh when you hear I didn’t know what EWCM was and just Googled it while eating my lunch…! Results came complete with images too!

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