I am shocked, surprised, overwhelmed and feeling this is happening to someone else but very very happy to say that on Friday we got a letter from the assisted conception unit to say that we have been booked in for our initial consultation in JUNE! Sorry for the capitals but considering we were told in our last letter it would be 6 months we weren’t expecting to be called to the clinic until end of September at the earliest.


This letter has brought with it, happiness but it has thrown things all out, we haven’t allowed ourselves to think/look into IVF too much figuring we still had plenty of time to try naturally. We have a break away booked for August and we had planned to have a wee week abroad before hopefully starting treatment in October/November time. Now the August holiday may well be in the middle of our first cycle and we won’t have any time to do a foreign trip before we start. I know these aren’t big things but it kinda throws your world upside down for a few days while you move your plans all around in your head.

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Though despite being thrown by the letter I have to be happy, this is something that despite never wanting – though let’s face it, is there anyone who actually wants to go through IVF?! I think about all the time, dream about having my own family, doing so much with my own little family. All my future visions have at least one child being with us. At this point that still seems like it could be a reality.

I’m not naive though, I’ve seen the percentages for successful pregnancies from IVF and they are by no means high but as with every other aspect of this whole getting pregnant lark I am going into this feeling hopeful and positive. I’ve started looking into it more to get some idea of what may happen and I follow an amazing bunch of ladies on twitter all going/gone through IVF so that’s really helping. There is no way I could do this on my own that’s for sure.

I just keep thinking this could be the start of our real journey to parenthood, IVF will mean (hopefully) getting an actual fertilised egg something I have no idea whether we have ever managed to get this far. Off course a fertilised egg doesn’t mean pregnancy but it’s one step closer.

Here we go…..

Claire xx

6 comments on “IVF the wait is nearly over”

  1. A lot to get your head round – especially when you had set a different timescale in your head. I like this quote – When the world says Give Up, Hope whispers Try it one more time. I wish you hope & happiness xx

  2. Great news! Good luck with it all and if you ever need to ask any questions to someone who has been through it and out the other side (and about to do it again!) just IM me on twitter đŸ˜‰


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