In my aim of losing weight to get on the IVF waiting list, I’ve been trying to up my amount exercise and have been doing this mainly by walking a lot more than I would normally do. Having the dog really helps with this as even if it’s raining I know if it’s my day for walking I need to take him out.

I decided though that I would like some more motivation and seen some people talking about a Fitbit and thought it would motivate me.

20140115-071839.jpgIt’s an activity and sleep tracker which you wear all day and can put into a holder for night time to monitor your sleep if you want. I’ve only done this once so far and did find it interesting.

There is a great app for your phone which will give you all the data so once you have your Fitbit in place you don’t need to touch it during the day.

20140115-072109.jpg You set up your own goals and the app will change colour and inform you if you achieve them.
Currently I’m starting lower with a target of 8000 steps and around 3.5 miles per day if I can manage it.

I’m finding it’s really helping me to be more motivated to walk during the day and have already found myself parking the car further away from where I need to go to grab some extra steps!


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