20140120-224909.jpgToday’s JanuaryJoy prompt is ‘Read something new’ I enjoy reading but I’m very much an all or nothing girl. I either read loads one after another or I read nothing for months. Well I do read, the Internet, blogs, the news but not books. It’s like I’ve overloaded my brain reading one after another and I just don’t have space to read anymore for a while.

This year though I’m trying to change that and I’m trying to read just a little bit before bed each night so that I don’t read too much and suddenly stop again. So far this month I’ve read

I remembered reading the others in the series and enjoying them and was eager to read this. I enjoyed it once I got back into reading diary style writing and found it an easy read before bed.

I’m now onto this ~

20140120-225523.jpg A little late to the party on this one and to be honest the jury will remain out! I’ve read so many mixed reviews on the characters and the ending that I’m not quite sure what to expect. Hopefully I won’t be too disappointed.

Are you reading anything good? Or any recommendations for bedtime reading to add to my list?


Claire xx

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