The last post I did about my long running battle with trying to lose weight was back on the 22nd October not long after our failed IVF cycle. I had gained 11.5lbs from just before we started to 3 weeks after our failure.

I tried to restart Slimming World but to be honest I really struggled, I’m an emotional eater and I use food as a crutch and if there has ever been a time I needed a crutch it was the last 4 months of 2014. You can tell where this is going can’t you?

Yeah you guessed it! When I finally made myself get back on the scales on 4th January I had of course gained more, what with a week abroad, Christmas, New Year and comfort eating I was now 1 stone & 2lbs heavier than when we started IVF back in August.

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I knew it would be bad but that’s ridiculous and really not necessary. I know I have no one to blame but myself and I hate to admit it but it is a cycle that I have been in most of my adult life.

I need to stop this cycle and I do believe that if I fully stick to Slimming World that I would be able to, I just need to blooming stick to it!

So with a New Year and not to mention our next IVF cycle looming on the horizon I restarted Slimming World although I am making a few tweaks for myself to make it more fertility friendly. I’m not going to bore you with weekly weight loss posts this time, I’m thinking that posting monthly updates will be enough. I’ve also signed myself up to the #walk1000miles challenge which I had seen on Twitter in a bid to get me walking more.

I’m planning on posting some more Slimming World recipes on here too, to keep me motivated and I’ll be tracking my weight loss using marbles. Yeah you did read that right!

IMG_9526.JPG I had seen this idea a few months ago and thought it was good visual motivation.

There are 20 marbles in the ‘To Lose’ pot, how quickly can they jump to ‘Lost’?

Bring it on!

Claire xx

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