This week is MS awareness week. The hope being to raise more awareness of what Multiple Sclerosis actually is and how it affects people.

I have to be the first to admit that I never really paid much attention to it, I didn’t know anyone with it so why would I bother understanding what it was like for people to live with.

However if you are reading this then you do know someone with it! You now know someone that lives with this every day, slowly I am trying to find my way. I went quickly from diagnosis to pregnancy which brought with it lots of other things to think about. My MS has had to be put to the back burner quite a few times but it is always there. There is not much that others can do to help, apart from to understand that from the outside everything may look the same but from the inside things can be far from it at times.

Please take a moment this week to understand Multiple Sclerosis a little more, it will mean more to that person living with it than you will ever know.

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